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I'm Done

Why am I constantly the toy

of a man child's eye?

Then supposed men tell me,

I need someone like them?!

Something doesn't make sense...

Maybe it's me...

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Mountain flower

I was walking pushing my soul into the floor when i seen a flower something ive seen many times before

It was gorgeous a true beauty to behold 

And innocent much like me when i was 10 years old 

Its petals were like mirrors reflecting the truths and the past 

Its leaves were so well concealed they were one with the grass

But there was one thing oh so unique 

The center of the flo...

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Its so much easier

not thinking for yourself

To not be yourself

To not care for yourself.


You hurt less people

You don’t get in the way

You make people happy

Your feelings just go away.


Deep down inside

You know you are screwed

That one day soon

Someone is going to wake

Something inside of you.


Confusing how its not yourself

That opened up t...

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