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The Oxygen thief

Look its 


Please look



I’m here so 

You can see


I’m loud 

And here


See me

And hear me

And see me

Its why

I’m me

Why I’m 


See me

Be there and look

At me

Hear me with

All your 


And soul

Give me it


All your belief

All your relief

Its me


The oxygen


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Friday Night, We Walked Along The Beach

Friday night we walked along the beach
talking over a static sea
through all we wearily witnessed this year
still we speak in riddles
the way men often can
it only gets harder as you get older
weighted with expectation
You didn't turn to face me
kept your eyes fixed on the horizon
said 'she's pregnant' 
with a pregnant smile

Black boots kicking stones across wet sand
choking out cong...

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Never plan anything

that’s my motto

And if you can leave something till tomorrow

then leave it

Don’t think about loved ones

-Love no one

And consider yourself first and foremost

above everyone and everything

Don’t get involved

and don’t feel bad about leaving something


Any money you make -spend on yourself

and don’t start thinking about...

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