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Ella's Fitter

Her pearly teeth gave me migraine

I was awed by her withering voice

Her feet bigger than dustbin lids

Ella was my one and only choice


Riddled with human deficiencies

None of us are perfect after all

Ella was well aware of her limits

She was less than four foot tall


Yet she boasted hidden talents

She could easily manage a top C

On piano she matched Rubinstein


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Better and Not Bitter

    Maybe instead of not being enough,

I was just far too much

    Maybe instead of a broken heart,

he left me so I could have a new start

    Maybe instead of “being left”,

I was just being pushed one step ahead

    Maybe he was the one with problems,

and he walked away to go and solve ‘em

    So instead of crying over you,

I will say “Thank you”...

    Because what ...

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Who said reusable resources are a modern invention? Rubbish!



It's said that no-one should ever die wondering

on which road to travel, how not to go blundering

in dangerous places, when it's best to be pondering

why the rain plays its tricks, why there's no distant thundering. . . .


As the years pass us by we add to our history,

little by little we work out...

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