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Getting acquainted with the moon 
behind glass
we exchange so many glances
and on my back
a thousand heart-attacks roll past
My fingers beside, cross and uncross
as you sleep, so black
back in the real world
paid up entirely
on your subscription
to actual reality

O would you bring me a souvenir
from the envious depths of endless peace
perhaps a child or a patient nurse
or some cont...

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The Almost Child

I remember exactly the spot

the place I sat

when she told me

I remember the cooling coffee


when I was told

I remember the uncertainty

in her voice

when she told me


I remember how I smiled

the joy I felt

when I first knew

my almost son

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Friday Night, We Walked Along The Beach

Friday night we walked along the beach
talking over a static sea
through all we wearily witnessed this year
still we speak in riddles
the way men often can
it only gets harder as you get older
weighted with expectation
You didn't turn to face me
kept your eyes fixed on the horizon
said 'she's pregnant' 
with a pregnant smile

Black boots kicking stones across wet sand
choking out cong...

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The Light

The light inside me shining,
Butterflies are flying.
My nerves are at their peak,
The thought makes me weak.

Like climbing a mountain,
The reward will feel so great.
The aches and pains keep shouting,
"Turn back," but it's too late.

All the pain is worth it.
At the top is where you see,
The beauty of the mountain
and all it's scenery.

Nature is amazing,
A type of therapy.
Though, the...

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I Am Woman

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                                                 For I Am Woman



          It’s not I be the narcissi

I sometimes see,

It’s not the sultry look

Of woman gazing on in disbelief,

It is not cold,

But worry of - Mother to be.


            I am with child!

My ‘first,’

And my state of being reflected

In this mirror surrounds my every


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