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Don't judge me with your bitterness.

Don't care how you dress.

To me, it doesn't matter who you kiss.


Love is a philosophy, not an activity.

Don't force your adjectives on me.

My acceptance is on the content of your character.

Selfishness is the only way you know how to care.


The way you walk through life. 

It is like walking on the edge of a knife.

Cutting awa...

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Night On A Rainbow

arches and keystone

without one they fall

life sustained by you

or I had nothing at all


skies at time of damp

arch of hues on show

feast with brittle rays

grist for my rainbow


refraction bends light

you twisted my heart

with love's pot of gold

vowed we'd not part


rainbow but an illusion

your promise the same

capricious the crescent

not ho...

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they were innocent at school, bubbles

you got the tin and wand and blew

wet globules flew in the playground

we cheered at the squadrons we grew


they hit you in the face but harmless

we ran madly trailing clouds of glory

each bubble with its personal rainbow

to embroider some memory or story


trouble was that strong soapy smell

a reminder of the pain of bath nigh...

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Rainbow Stripes

Mami's little princess

Papi's pride and joy

Mami taught her to be a good house wife

Mami taught her to be a smart girl

Papi taught her to think twice before saying yes to any boy

Papi taught her to be a strong and to be an independent girl

Mami's little princess 

Papi's pride and joy

The little princess grew up to like girls not boys

And Papi's heart broke

And Mami's ...

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People say "Ewww, you don't write like you come from the Wirral!" And yet I can't write a better metaphor than this!



A bridge has the first clue

Not a single natural occurrence

Folklore is just the arguments

When enough blood spilt of "Promise"

And promised to whom until every paw

Daubed on crying babies watered

A crossing to where demanded?

Only fair to ask one question

If walk up across bridge

What could happen

If from other way 


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24 Carat

Waking up newly in love

Is there a more lyrical thing?

Mind focused on the one

Destined to wear your ring


Dawns depend on your mood

Roseate when things go well

Blue if you're feeling anxious

Black if you're living a hell


Rising slowly in sickness

Racked by aches and pains

Life teeming with negatives

Griefs but no sign of gains


Dawns depend on your...

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When you see a rainbow

A rainbow appears when there is sun and rain

The weathers equivalent of joy and pain

Grey clouds may come to darken your day

Sunshine and blue skies, will light up your way


A spectrum of colour created by reflection of light

An optical illusion, presenting an arc that delights

The rain subsides and the rainbow fades away

The sun breaks through, revealing a brighter day


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Imprisoned or Prism

This poem is a response to Cynthia B.T's. polite polemic, Mind in a Cage.


I am grateful to her for having incited me to use my mind.

Imprisoned or Prism

Our mind is the eye

By which we see, or not, all worlds;

The humdrum, the yet to come,

The mathematical, the fantastical.

By which we perceive, or n...

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Where I
See rain, you see

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Hiding in the dark

Sun beams through a rough parchment

Glimpse of a rainbow

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Black And White

A hundred thoughts in my mind

Yet struggling to pen down some lines.

There is this rainbow, all over me;

But I am all white

Just being black and white.


Bullet is cheaper than love;

Tears wiping away smiles.

Death winning over life;

But I am alright, 

Just being black and white.


A hundred arrows pierced my heart;

Haven't split a pint of blood, yet


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Rainbow Bridges











Rainbow Bridges


Rainbow bridges
and Ice Cream ridges.

A Cotton Candy cloud
Everyone is wowed.

A Chocolate mountain
flows into a Chocolate fountain.

Boy am I
gonna get fat!

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FatIce CreamRainbow



and show up

for your life

Have faith

Rainbows will come

with treasures

from heaven...


by Lynn Hahn

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She Is Love

She is a star in Heaven’s skies

God’s greatest creation

Made from the riches of beauty and love


She is the baby blue ocean

Filled with dolphins and mermaids

Glowing under the moonlight


She is the yellow sun

Shining on Mother Nature

Bringing plants to life


She is a red rose

Sweet as strawberries

With a ho...

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Firefly passion of heart
Burning courage of the blazing sun
The sweet taste of strawberries
A sugary scent from roses
The powerful will of a leader
A lovely attraction.

Spookiness of scary Halloween
The tranquil of fall
Flashing candles at night
Luminous light in the sky
Bliss of thanksgiving
Tango leaves.

Bright as sunshine
Joy of friendship
Warm hug from a best friend
Happy like a bunny
The f...

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Before She Came (The Girl From Kansas)

Before She Came (The Girl From Kansas)


before she came

I stood here

for what seemed

like eons

with a blood red sun

setting behind me

my head full

of nothing more

than sawdust


and dreams

a hole in my chest

where beetles



come rain or shine

my only fear

that crows might see

through me

be brav...

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We Visited A Rainbow



We visited a rainbow

at school the other day.

Every colour said hello

except for gloomy grey.


We visited a rainbow,

and used its arch to slide,

then when it started raining,

we used the arch to hide.


We visited a rainbow,

but never saw its gold.

Our teacher said it’s locked away,

but we think it’s been sold.


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Mixed Emotions

        The heart is such a complex thing

      It pumps and beats like a finely tuned machine

      But unlike a machine it feels emotions

      That can carry you down into the deepest oceans

      Or carry you upwards full of love and devotions

      What will today bring I wonder

      What does my heart want to feel I ponder

      Do I think of you and dive down so deep

      To the d...

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