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The hard part about all this is that you already found new love

You decided she was better than me that she is enough

The words you said, "to infinity and beyond" we're all a lie and you left me when all I ever wanted was compassion,understanding, and love

But the day you walked out, I learned the truth about life. 

I learned that the only person that could make me strong was God


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This is our mountain

If you and me
Are meant to be
We’ll make it to the top
Cuz way up there
In clearer air
We can reflect on what we’ve got
But the path we climb ain’t easy
There are things that stand in our way
Believe in what we’re achieving
And we’ll reach the top someday
We’re on our way

This is our mountain, this our journey
No-one knows the end
Reach for the summit, on the horizon
When life s...

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Some Friends are necessary for life. 
As the air.  As the water and food
Those friends, help us, to survive 
In our hearts running, same as blood 


They offer faithful trusted advice
And always keep the shining smile
Show satisfaction pureily, so nice
Have bounties tool, deeply as Nile


They never get argument to complain
They ever look for the cheerful talk to ...

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