Mystic Blue

I think of you my ocean view, 
my sweet sunrise, 
my mystical moonlight blue. 
I think of you all the time, 
all the while 
drowning in my sleep. 

You drive me crazy 
with your absence. 
You drive me crazy 
with your presence. 
I love the chaos you bring, 
leaves me incomplete, 
open, breakable.

The less you give, 
the more I want. 
The more you give, 
all I want. 
I long for you 
to roam into my soul 
and make it your home. 

I see your beginning. 
I see your end. 
I see your beauty and imperfection. 
I see the light you have within. 
Moth to your flame 
I burn in desire, 
cannot help but to follow 
your glow, 
a shimmering light 
that leads me onward. 

The days are long 
but the nights are longer still 
how I wish 
I could get closer to you. 
You make my heart cry 
for the feelings you ignite inside, 
you make me want to try,
you make me want to hide. 

I can compare you 
to the moon at night, 
to the stars that shine so bright.
I can compare you 
to the sun, the golden round,
a beautiful spring morning, 
to oceans bluer than blue, 
deserts vast and wonderful 
but nothing really compares 
to the picture you are to me. 

You're all of those things and more! 
A glorious silver moon 
against the black of my mind, 
an alluring mirage 
in the desert of my heart, 
stars in my eyes, a blinding sun 
leaves sunspots on my mind. 

My heart is blind, 
stars illuminate 
sweet fire, one desire 
to woo the sun 
as the moon blue. 

I think of you 
my darling muse.



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