Can you see me?

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Do you see me? Standing in the corner.
All black and blue like a Monet or Turner  
Hiding from view as to not make a scene
Whilst inside of me, is a silent scream. 
Childhood now gone I’m now an adult 
I ask, Do you see me? Do you see me?

Years of violence by the kindness of hands
How could I trust a mum and a dad 
I see you now but don’t look at me 
under this armour I’m vulnerable you’ll see 
You think that I’m strong but I feel I’m weak 
Can you still love me? Do you still love me 

I push and I pull, the people that care 
You could try living in my worst nightmare 
Teachers, fosterers, agree that they know
Why I’m so Feral, and cause them Agro 
I flirt, I bite and I slash and I curse 
Where is my family, you all made it worse 

Here I am now, stood back in the corner 
It’s too late now for me I have enough mourners 
It was all futile and altogether worthless
The social care changes I couldn’t care less, 
 Do you finally see. Do you finally see… me!!! 

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Robert Shersby

Wed 2nd Mar 2022 14:22

Thank you so much Ursula, John, Clare, Stephen, Holden for the likes, I really appreciate it 😃

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Robert Shersby

Wed 2nd Mar 2022 07:04

Thank you everyone for your kind words. For a first poem I’ve definitely felt the warmth it can provide. Hoping this continues with my next endeavours 😃

<Deleted User> (32907)

Tue 1st Mar 2022 20:38

Well expressed. Great poem, Robert. Keep up the writing. We surely can see you. Well done🌷

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Tue 1st Mar 2022 20:13

I see you Robert. As a care leaver (many years now) I see you. Love how you have written these experiences with such power.

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John Coopey

Tue 1st Mar 2022 18:35

Wow, Rob. This is a turn-up for the books! See you tomorrow.

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