Ongoing Situations



Ongoing Situations

And so the loving owners of their pets turned upon them

The reasons were mundane and generally the same

The animal pissed off the owner who took action

This resulted in harming or killing the pet


For example a Dachshund dog was thrown 5 floors to his death

The owner photographed this and posted it online

His dog looked like he was sleeping but was dead


Next there was the case of the animal rescue centre

9 pussycats were murdered for no real reason

Except they were living in the centre


A woman cut the foot off her dog with a machete

Because the dog annoyed his owner

All this was filmed and posted online


Most bizarre of all was the small dog

Who was partly skinned alive by his owner

This dog was rescued and given treatment


And a man drove his car and threw out his dog

Like a bit of trash with duct taped up feet and muzzle

The cops rescued the dog and jailed the man


All this and more adds to the animal cruelty list

It always grows and never reduces in size

There is obviously something wrong

Only justice and education will change this


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