Not-So-Happy Father’s Day

Jealousy pokes at me 

like a schoolyard bully,

as I scroll social media greetings 

professing undying love, 

to fathers here and above. 


I can’t help but feel cheated 

to not have a father’s love.


I cringe at the dissonance

between my children

and their father. 


How can fate be so cruel,

to curse multiple generations 

with dysfunctional fathers. 


Father’s Day reminds me

of not-so-happy truths,

but it also shows me

there are fathers

worthy of the celebration. 


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Fri 10th Jul 2020 02:29

Awe, thank you Anna. ? I love poetry and music that makes us feel the emotions we so often try to suppress. ?

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Fri 10th Jul 2020 02:27

So sorry for your loss Nicola. We do indeed have our crosses to bear. Thankfully, writing helps!


Wed 8th Jul 2020 04:47

This made me cry. You're so amazing. How you open up with such ease.


Nicola Beckett

Thu 25th Jun 2020 23:14

Oh, we all have our cross to bear as my gran used to say,
Fatherhood Is not easy I guess and men get trapped, I lost two boys 3 months into pregnancies, I always wanted 2 boys xx god bless

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Thu 25th Jun 2020 04:47

Thank you Martin. Bless you. Father’s Day has always been a tough day for me. Thank goodness for poetry to help me scale the mountain of emotions over the years.

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Thu 25th Jun 2020 04:43

Thank you Shifa! I appreciate you reading and leaving feedback. ❤️

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Thu 25th Jun 2020 04:41

Po, You are amazing! Thank you for your compassion and caring. You are a treasure here. Always making an effort to greet newcomers and post thoughtful, heartfelt comments. You my friend are the inspiration! Bless you. ❤️?

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Martin Elder

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 17:08

My heart goes out to you and anybody else who has found themselves in being fatherless. Sadly we live in a society that great undervalues what it means to be a parent not least a father.
Thank you for being brave enough to share this.
Blessings to you


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Shifa Maqba

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 09:10

Poignant, honest and delicate!

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