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Wrestled to girl

I wrestled you down


Into woman

I grew your thoughts for you

Lifeless of the party


You vacuum expression

And drain me,



I gave you emotions

Give me energy

Any kind just give

Give and give 

I must drink

Always thirsty am I

But I drink for you

So what’s this lull in your throat

Dip in your tone



You can’t hurt


Because I gave you everything

Give and giving

I’ve sacrificed





Too much

Are you

Who asks 

You, too much

Give me something I can-




I push you

More, more

Break into chunks for I


Hey, why are you shattering?

You shout?

Punish you! 


Punish you!

Cry, you must only cry


Into ball

Yes, there she is

No “why”

Here is why I push

That’s my girl

You’re so pretty when you cry

Mine and my

I wrestled you into love,


How to love, lover

But I’m above it

Speak it for us

Cry for us, cry

Stop crawling away

Stop reading into

Stop imagining 

You misunderstand

You must understand me

I invested much

Come back

I made you such

And now… what?

Wasted time

On a whore

Any loser can have you?

But you’re mine

And you’re so pretty when you cry

Not mine, just dirty then

Dirt on the shoe

Disappointed in you

How dare you do as I do?

Might as well use you

I wrestled my foot

Into your life

It steps, steps behind


Because I say when

Never you who is you

I control

Say no to me when I

Flummox and frazzle you

Say no to me when I

Romance and dazzle you

Say no to me at your window

Prying your locks

No? I call again, and again

No? I write here, and there

No? I come through your letterbox

Throwing memories onto your floor


Punish you!

You’re not mine?


I’ll wrestle you back to girl

I’ll wrestle you back to whore

I’ll wrestle you back to dirt

Tell me how it feels

Tell me, please

I need to know

Speak your pain to me



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Graham Sherwood

Sat 14th Oct 2023 17:24

My head hurts reading your work Katerina as I try to place it into a context (probably not a good idea) for me to get my head around.
I can appreciate its intensity. I only hope it is not autobiographical.
Always good to see you on here!

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