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Waking Up

I still can't believe

That its came to be

You were my soulmate

It was supposed to be fate

Thought I was at heaven's gate

But wait!

You came disguised

I couldn't see past your deceit and lies

You took me on a ride

Caught me by surprise

Said all the right things

Didn't even need any diamond rings

Put me in a daze

Got me lost in the maze

Til all I could see is you

I thought it was true

You loved me and I loved you too

But then came the abuse

It snuck up. Boy! You had me fooled!

But then it was too late!

See it really was fate!

Just with Hades not St. Paul

But through it all

I can say at least one thing is true

It made me a better me

And you a shittier you

Your true colors they finally bled through

And there was nothing else to do

Your powers were lost

At a very deep cost

I finally could see

You weren't ever truly worthy of me


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Amanda Van Gorder

Mon 26th Oct 2015 23:50

Thank you. I often listen to music while writing so yes, it happens lol. It all just depends on the mood setting.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 26th Oct 2015 23:47

I like the hip hop trippy feel to this and some of your other pieces - reminds me a bit of The Streets - especially the line 'it was supposed to be fate' or as they sang 'it was supposed to be so easy' - not a criticism btw - I use song rhythms all the time.

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