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What is a day but a measure in time 

don’t you hear your own clock chime 

You might think it's not so simple 

So refuse to act on this impulse 

just to think of what others may say 

But now is the time to seize the Day 


Your future is earths worm food

For our life can’t be renewed 

Our ashes will be left behind 

That's how it's all designed 

So live the life you ...

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My Brain

My brain is like a chessboard 

Always thinking moves ahead 

I’ll never want to be ignored 

Even when I am dead 


My brain can solve a rubik cube 

And memorise a deck of cards 

I’ve nothing left at all to loose 

it’s written in the stars 


Friends often came and went 

But I really didn’t care 

As I was never present 

I simply wasn’t there 


So I’m sor...

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The Leaf

In the summer we were so strong

Inseparable from the vine  

I always thought that we’d belong 

And that you’d always be mine

So I continue on and on 

But winter came in on time 

Is it me or doesn’t this matter 

Maybe it’s a warning Sign!  


Torn from the stem we’re disregarded 

Now Different colours shapes and sizes 

We are Battered, bruised & separated 

Like a...

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The Liar

There’s a screw loose inside my head 

drilling deeper, not just when I’m in bed 

When in shame, feel low or afraid 

I’ll lie & keep up my pathetic charade 

I’m a conjuror of sorts, magic, my game 

But as in life…this deceptions the same 


I’m NOT a con artist, gambler or cheat 

Just a liar who feels he can’t compete 

As everyone’s life much better than mine 

So I lie...

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The Ridings

There’s a shopping centre that’s on the rise 

I’ll tell you what’s there… no I’ll summarise


Located in glorious Wakefield city 

There’s an indoor play area for all the kiddies

There’s also a cinema, escape room and bars

So you Adults don’t have to walk far 


From Primark to Belles, 

there’s a Toy land as well 

This really’s a shoppers galore

So what are you wait...

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Road Rage

The bike are riding two by two 

Hurrah hurrah 

The bikes are riding two by two 

Hurrah hurrah 

The bikes are riding two by two 

It’s the Highway Code, but I own the road 

So Ill just keep driving on 


The bikes are now riding three by three 

Oh shite oh shite 

The bikes are now riding three by three 

Oh shite oh shite 

The bikes are riding three by three

As ...

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Goole is where I’m off this week 

I’ve heard the fishing museums Unique  

I walk and stare at the ground  

Reminding me it’s a historic port town 

its special relationship  with Gibraltar Rock

Is the same as I have with my dirty…  sock


So... I’m on my way to Goole 

Under my arm is my best cagoule  

My Happiness  level never does drop 

But one things for sure the rai...

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The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled is convincing the world he doesn’t exist

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled 

Is making the world believe he doesn’t  exist 


I don’t know why but I don’t agree 

Let me explain I have an idea you see 

Conspiracy theories is fuel for his flames 

Brexit, traffic jams and gossip entertain… 

His hoards and minions cheer and go wild 

All waiting for the day that Johnson’s defiled 

With a rod up his buttocks fo...

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The Greatest Ever…. Cup and Ball Trick

The trick of the cup and ball 

Starts with a vanish and reappearance

From oranges, lemons and even a baseball

Teleport to a cup, that the audience cheer 

The magicians face says it all 

No wonder magic is a great career 


But instead of stopping he continues the act 

As he is now handcuffed, bound and strapped.

He repeats the words that makes himself... vanish once more...

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magiccupandballtrickpoetryhumourShort Funny Poems

Wonka Land

Wonka land 


Have you seen the land of chocolate 

Just £35 from your own wallet 

Promises of wonkas factory delight

But actually it’s a cooperate warehouse of shite 

Ompa lumpars are large not tiny 

I look and stare and think christ almighty. 


Is it not Wonkaland? but another place 

As I think of an excuse to this disgrace

Willy Wonkas now here and he’s complete...

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The Souls Of Three

What is it that drives my fear 
The way it’s Scaring me 
Is it my last breathe, with family near 
Inviting death to see 
With no other thought, than not to take
My family and their own souls of three 

I saw my life and my wife’s life 
In a kingdom of the light 
And angels wrapped their wings 
that held and gripped us tight 
With a choir that peacefully sing 
I could see my children wi...

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parental nightmaresNightmaresdeathAnnabelle Lee

The Hard Goodbye

How can we both, finally say goodbye 
When all I think, you’ll ask is why 
I gave up caring and supporting you 
When really this is all I do.
Now your gone, my hearts a flutter 
Emotions in words, come out as a stutter 
I think did I fail? Or did you prevail? 
My faults and mistakes are not yours to bear 
You have enough trauma yourself to wear 
I felt I was lost, like tears in rain 
I w...

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Fosteringgiving up on peoplelove lostsaying goodbye

Is this justice?

Is this justice? 

The beggar steals bread from a shop keeper 
He would of paid but alas he’s too eager 
To feed his family for just… one day 
The judge announced 5 years, they will pay 
It’s not like his family, could have their say 

Is this justice? 

The student who cares for their sick 
Plagiarises essays one after another 
To not fall foul of this important course 
But ...

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Speaking Up (Confidence)

Speak up now, speak up. I hear you cried 
why oh why , don't you say what's on your mind 
conforming like a lamb to slaughter 
not firm or rigid like bricks and of mortar 
I know it's wrong to stay in silence 
but fear alone tips the balance 
to my conformity and uncertainty 

The little voice cries again 
speak up now, m speak up 
Don’t be a victim let words be weapons 
Like arrows or ...

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Confidencespeaking upArgumentsDebate

Can you see me?

Do you see me? Standing in the corner.
All black and blue like a Monet or Turner  
Hiding from view as to not make a scene
Whilst inside of me, is a silent scream. 
Childhood now gone I’m now an adult 
I ask, Do you see me? Do you see me?

Years of violence by the kindness of hands
How could I trust a mum and a dad 
I see you now but don’t look at me 
under this armour I’m vulnerable you...

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