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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #19 {Living Death Traps}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #19} {Living Death Traps} 




Well for many year's

now I have a

reoccurring vision, nightmare, illusion

that has me living

out a hellish living

death trap that haunt's

me 🌃 night after

when I am able to




but most night's while

I am asleep I start

to have these dreams

or vision's that seems

so l...

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diary of the southern queendreamslifelivingliving death trapnightmaresOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloveroutside inspirationpoempoetryreoccurring dreamsreoccurring vision'ssadnessstoriesTina Glovervision'swordy queenworldly inspirationwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short storieswriting to write

Flash Backs `N` Nightmares

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{Flash Backs `N` Nightmares} 




The bad flash backs `n` nightmares haunt's my life `n` mind `n` memory today it washes over my whole body almost crippling it like the first time it occurred it's purely agony on my poor old soul that I wish would disappear from me because it's a wrecking ball to my life today 



`N` I can still see the flash backs `n` nightmares of the bu...

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flash backslifelivingmilitary poemmilitary poetrynightmaresOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryPTSDshort storiesstoriesTina Gloverwriting

The Traveller's Eye

This is an attempt to capture the alien strangeness of the Nullarbor Plain which borders the Great Australian Bight. Despite its name it has plenty of hardy trees in places, but no surface water whatsoever. It is a totally flat expanse of bedrock almost seven hundred miles wide, and I have driven every inch of it!


The Traveller's Eye

O the light flows quickly over this blasted plain,


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am i selfish?

Note: there is some strong language in this. it's not too bad. it's not too excessive, either. one word in here twice, i think. and if you're wondering, yes, the colors mean something. and yes, im genuinely asking a question to you, the reader. and to the person this is about. but i pray he never reads or finds this. anyway, enjoy.


Am I selfish for wanting another hug? 

I handed you the...

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Recurring Nightmare

I dreamt I killed, then buried deep,
The memories that slighly seeped,
Like pricking pins in eyes that saw
Me hurt, then kill, then hurt some more.

When I awoke I did not know,
If the cellar parts were true or faux,
My parts were there, sure,
Tacked to brick,
To prick,
To prick,
To prick.

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Night Scented Stock

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Night Scented Stock




unfamiliar room

in a strange bed

full of creaks

eyes heavy lidded

from restless sleep

shadows dance

in corners

at the edge

of your peering.

silence hisses

as the house groans

branches prise

at the window frame

scratching out

their insistent cravings

in regular tattoos

heartbeat racing


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bed wettingchilds fearfearimaginationnightmaresstrange housestrange room

Good Dreams, Bad Dreams


Dreams drifted freely through the atmosphere,
not knowing who would reach out to hold them near,
a random spice of vivid scenes there for all to view,
I wonder which were at one time picked by you?
Good dreams we flavour with images of our own,
making them personal as if by some seamstress sewn,
embroidered with pictures from our real life past,

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