Good Dreams, Bad Dreams


Dreams drifted freely through the atmosphere,
not knowing who would reach out to hold them near,
a random spice of vivid scenes there for all to view,
I wonder which were at one time picked by you?
Good dreams we flavour with images of our own,
making them personal as if by some seamstress sewn,
embroidered with pictures from our real life past,
are those randomly inserted, or picked for the cast?
Deep in those subconscious thoughts that permeate,
our sleeping minds with moments of both, love and hate,
we may have some choices that we don't usually make,
those can make us smile or trouble us enough to wake...
Dark thoughts and great terrors can be vivid indeed,
waking us in a sweat with a most desperate need,
for comfort that once our mums used to provide,
but if alone are not so easily shaken - I've tried!
We may reach for the light switch, and look all around,
are there any strange shadows, or some creepy sound?
If nothing disturbing is seen in a minute or two,
do you go straight back to sleep, or maybe do as I do ?
For I like to make notes before all those images melt,
which will be used in a poem that tells what I felt,
and once all those thoughts are expunged in some lines,
I can drift back to sleep with nowt to trouble my mind...
February 22nd 2012


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Fri 24th Feb 2012 22:05

Thanks to Mike, Pat & Stefan for your kind comments - glad you enjoyed this one. :) Best wishes, Dave

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Mike Hilton

Fri 24th Feb 2012 09:55

A really good read Dave, very clever poem.


<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 22:36

Brill poem.
Brill reading.
Brill beard!

Take care Monsignor!


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 18:38

Thanks MC & Larisa, the feedback on this poem has surprised me somewhat, but I am naturally pleased that it has 'struck a chord'. :)

Best wishes, Dave

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 15:15

Right on! On a number of occasions I've dreamt of a song and woken with it in my mind, scrabbling around for my portable tape recorder to hum the tune into the mike so as not to lose it. How quickly these things fade otherwise. I know even Sir Paul McCartney has had the same experience and it is a validation of the creative spirit at work even when its owner may be asleep.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 23:37

Dave! I can't really wait to express myself as ...I think this is your best poem. The very best!

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 19:02

Thank you all for your comments, glad these lines came across well. :) Best wishes, Dave

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John Coopey

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 18:36

Excellent idea to exorcise fears by writing them down.

<Deleted User> (5560)

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 18:02

Loved the rhyme, rythmn, imagery and perspective. A clever piece indeed.

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Shirley Smothers

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 16:42

Hello Dave. Very powerful poem. Nice imagery.
This sounds a bit like my life.
Very good poem


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