Soldiers In My Mind

I am at the pit of my breakdown

Saying goodbye to sleep I once loved

Food I could once eat without nausea 


That once allowed rest


Help me 

I pray 

Sitting on the floor sobbing 


Do I allow this pain to make me human

Or wish it away?


I bring these matters to You 

I cannot do it alone 


I’m still processing 

Picking out the safest parts in the debris

My mind is a war zone 

My feelings caught in no man’s land 


Do I run and fight

Or retreat 

Back behind those safe walls that were once indestructable 


My only option is to sit and wait 

Pray this armour will protect me 

But it isn’t the weapons that harm me 

It is the fierce rains that derive from my tears 

Soaking me from within and leaving a chill in its place 


I pray 

That one day I will breathe again 

Before I am returned to the depths of the earth 


-one day I’ll make a decision and the battle will truly begin

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New Shoes

Sun 17th Nov 2019 03:11

A breakdown is natures way of forcing us to deal with the emotions that we have been suppressing. It can feel as though we are back tracking in our road to recovery, but we are given the opportunity to clean are wounds and let go of those poisons that keep us from healing and being free. Only hold the walls up as you need to while working on dismantly it. Be strong, do your best, and work for a positive future. you are closer than you think


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