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Abdul Ahmad on What light from yonder window shone? (1 hour ago)

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It was a strange

waking -

perhaps the wraith of a memory of a dream

lay with me,

offering some

hazed contentment


a waking


the pillow

beside me



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Short and Nameless

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All they want is me

In this late, slow morning

Dim and cool and simple

The lights off and show running

It's enough, always enough

And that should keep me good

So all I need is to ignore those things

Attacking outside my door

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Random Hero

The only person who can save me

is me

A Random Hero wont set me free

Violets are blue

Its time for you to save you

Mentalities can't fly

Yours wont admit defeat

Not that I ever wanted you to lose

But, my grasp is still so weak


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Digital Clock Blues

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Digital Clock Blues

the pulsing dots on my digital clock
are slightly out of sync
with my thumping heart and spinning head
I’m so drunk I can’t think

I see your face like neon taste
it makes me want for home
my hair’s a mess my clothes un-pressed
Oh Christ! I need a comb

my love’s shot down in rainbow ruin
I’ve played the game and lost
now the drinking’s stopped me thinking
and I...

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In The Arms Of Morpheus

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In The Arms Of Morpheus


drifting over

dew cast lawns

bare footed and silent

the silken threads

of spiders webs

lacing toes with frost

melting footprints

cross the path

lead gently to

a flowing river

where dreams

pop to the surface

in silver bubbles

before being lost

In the flowing eddies


the trees

gather close


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