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Domestic violence

Here we go again with this abuse

you slap me down you say i'm yours to use

you also result to hitting me

taking advantage of my generosity

then you pretend you done nothing at all

When it's time to explain the bruises i'l say "I had a fall"

what do you want me to do ?

Pretend to care about you...

Guess what i don't love you anymore

you're rotten to the core

you dont m...

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Poetry is a Mediocre Diary

There is no good way to really start a poem
and by far
This is the third time I've tried to find a line to begin this
Which will never be the line that could best cooperate with myself
to get what I want. 


So I could start my push
into talking about several things
Like how literary poetry is so different in nature to slam poetry, and why I think
both are good
But one is fine art,...

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AbuseConnor LannesconsiderationDiarydomestic abuseThoughts

Written whilst listening to Ghost Poet: Dial Tones

Tick Tick Tick
You're leaving
You're leaving me alone
You're leaving me lying here
You're leaving me with the memories 

Tick Tick Tick
I slowly return to my body 
I slowly start to feel my skin again
I slowly feel the bruising on my lips begin to swell
I slowly start to feel the shame seep into my body

Tick Tick Tick
I lye there thinking of you
I lye there thinking of them all
I l...

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Growing Up

I am fifteen years old and I think I own the world.

I have a boyfriend and he loves me.

He yells at me but that is okay, he loves me.

He shoves me but that is okay, he loves me.

He slapps me but that is okay, he loves me.

He holds me down as I yell and scream because it hurts but that is okay, he loves me.


I am sixteen years old and I escaped my first abusive relationship.


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abusedomestic abusegrowinggrowing olderinternal struggleslam poetry

The Island of Misfit Boys

How is it

that even someone
that clings to broken toys
with a mix of
nostalgia and remorse
that cradles a chinadoll
whose chipped fingers slip through flesh
to the infantile heart at the center of
Could still
be held in the cradle of arms
owned by someone whose own skin
wields their own patterns of 'horse play'
And brazenly still
Refuses to let go
Of such an uncoordinated ...

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AbuseConnor LannesSupportToys

Domestic Drama (Part 1)

I know better
so why don't I do better?
Be angry and sin not 
that's what the word says
obscene language, 
that's what the world says 
I'm tired and cranky 
and frankly,
I just want to lie in bed 
but lo and behold!
She is sleeping there 
like Snorlax or Goldilocks 
and I'm suppose to bear this?

too tired to fume 
want to sweep this away
'Bring the broom, take out the trash,
feed t...

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Temporary wounds did form,

Above the ones I had ignored.

And the thoughts you had bestowed in me,

Are nothing but a memory.


Where you were weak, he is so fierce,

And where you lack, he comes in first.

The boy I thought I craved before,

Is nothing but a closing door.

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She cried until she died
The court stole her cry

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entry picture

Engorged in the pit,

its jerking head 

penetrates the foe.


All around excitedly men watch,

expectantly calculating gains.

Reaching climax now, 

nearly there

one last thrust to strut and preen.


Victory sealed,

the spattered sawdust matts clawed feet,

and the conquered is cast for meat.


The voyeurs too

are spent.


Entertainment has not evolve...

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abuseinequalitymisogynismpornQuestionable entertainment


entry picture



Inanimate, not insentient.

Sitting there

in sodden chair.


Receptors flooding now

they have recoiled from being,

given up, they are closing down one by


last one, gone.

Contact lost, burned through.


Strapped to the gurney,

zipped and labelled for the fridge.

The carriage nonchalantly siren-less, 

as it passes a sellers pitch.


A cold m...

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entry picture

How can a lie

make the whole world cry,

yet they claim there is nothing to see,

where nefarious knaves

and the covetous crave

beneath covers so stealthily, free?


No thought for the plebs

as they weave dangerous webs

in a world already complex,

where the sins of the saints

have done nothing but taint,

confuse, deceive and perplex.


To forgive and forget,


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A soldier stands among the crowds, No longer strong, no longer proud,
He risked his life for the country he loved,
For those he cherished for all of us.   He went to war, and he fought hard, His body bruised his memory scarred,
Now his rights have gone away,
He lives alone, uncared for, abused every day.   He was lucky in some respects, He made it home, he survives yet...

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Cigarettes placed neatly on the table
An apartment's chaos now firmly removed
A stillness in the air, no sense of urgency
If he could see her now, he'd surely disapprove.

A smile creeps across her beaten face
Her beauty hidden behind a lifetime of abuse
In that moment she made peace with her decision
She knew that she had nothing left to lose.

In her hand she held a picture of her daughter

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Amores Perros

There's a famous quote by Billy Bremner that says,
"Every time Leeds concede a goal,
I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart"

Now you don’t need to have stepped much further than your own front door to know what the man was talking about
And you don’t really need to be a football fan either
This is when you’re nothing but a vessel
and nothing in existence compares to that one thing that...

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abusealcoholblythlovenorthumberlandnorthumbriapoetryself loathingunrequitedunrequited loveviolencewhitley bay


entry picture

Father's very strict, mother's very weak

Beatings too harsh for a daughter of only 3

You wished that I had died Daddy

You even said it out loud

but i loved you anyhow

Forbidden to walk on the carpet

I was just not good enough

I've tried to fulfill your wishes Daddy

Fifteen times I tried somehow

I ran under buses, in front of cars even.

I took hundreds of pills Daddy


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abusebeatingschildhoodchildrenemotional painpainsuffering

Turning Over Tables

entry picture

(Poem dedicated to the Liverpool Tate art gallery which has chosen to buy and display this piece of abusive exploitative art)



Sometimes I wonder if I'm wearing the right glasses

wrong glasses

wrong lens

or  wrong vision?


All around me

people see things

differently -






the unfo...

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abuseexploitationintellectualised art gone wrongloss of humanity


No longer do we slice, strangle

bludgeon or burn victims

upon our godly altars

live offerings for appeasement or power.

Death for personal gain.


Yet behind intimate walls

with calculated cruelty


we sacrifice child, partner, parent

upon slabs of self-interest.

Not much different -

‘Death for personal gain.’


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The Addict

It’s only one more
What harm will it do?
If you really loved me like I do with you
Then you’d let me just have it, no fussing or fighting,
Not sitting here giving me daggers, me lightning
And watching me suffer; I’ll make this the last,
I promise from this day forward I’ll fast
I’ll become a new man; just you wait and see,
But for now will you not be a bastard to me
And just h...

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Incredible by Matthew Stuart Derbyshire






To the kid who's terrible at maths;

the one who thinks he's never going to pass;

the one who always seems to be at the bottom of the class:


you are incredible.


To the kid with the disability;

the one who has the ability

to be whoever or whatever it is that he wants to be:


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Grimm und Grimmer

could  there  ever  have  been

aught  but  harm

from  such  shrew  whipped

an  abusive  storm


where  it  lead  through

the  corpse  grass

crumbed  trail

of  bloodied  path


stumbled  upon  weather  torn

enduring  pile 

chimney  stacked

nefarious  smile


that  leering  promontory

single  tooth

like  fabled  hag

who  feas...

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abusegrimmhansel and gretelmodern fairytale

Starved to Death, for Jovonie

entry picture















If only I had known

what was happening,

If only I had known

where you lived.


If only I had known,

I would have gone

into your home.

I would have

taken you out.


If only I had known,

I would have taken

you into my home.

I would have fed you.


If ...

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Message Body

You're nearly fifty years of age, you have your gal of your dreams. You use your power love over her to bully her into submission. Tell me, do you feel a man? Getting her to cry and wish she was dead? Your beloved galfriend sent a fraught email to your enemy, The Manc. He's got your number and text you and tried to call you.

What do you think of that? She turns to me ...

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abusefriend helping outlove gone wrong

Silent Critic

Silent Critic   Unmissable

in letters three feet high

across the bridge

they wrote


and before

the paint was dry

Kelly carved

her sharp reply

in a deeper crimson shade

just two

short lines

as double edged

as Kelly’s blade

exposed the lie

that gave offence

- and their careless

use of tense.

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