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Love doesn’t come

In the glint of an eye

Love doesn’t run

Or make you cry


Love hides in mysterious places

Amongst a crowd of a thousand


Loves finds it’s home

In peculiar spaces


Love is content

With quiet moments

The saddest days

Are when love 



It strokes your hair

And dries your eyes

It listens and promises

To always b...

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Oh, how often had I played the fool

Yearning to steal but just one glance

At the liquid mercury, silver and cool

Mysterious eyes that induced a trance

Mesmerized even now after many years

I avert my eyes and stare at your cheek

I force myself to remember all the tears

But to no avail, I feel my heart going weak


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Wednesday was always our day

The only constant across the many variations of “us”

Drinking as friends in the pub

Drinking as “friends” in the pub

Your hand on my knee in the pub

Definitely more than friends in the pub

Kissing in the pub

Sharing our scars in the pub

Falling in love in the pub

Laughing less in the pub

Difficult conversations in the pub

Crying in the ...

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Also by Tales from a secret Love Affair:

The splinter inside me | Home is where the heart is | Oxymoron |



The more I see

The more I say

We seem seized 

By generational decay.


All around expediency rules

While politicians take us for fools,

And "isms" are trotted out by rote

And change is needed when we vote!


Essential services now seem filled

By those whose caring appears chilled

Compared with the dedication in other days -

Now firmly focussed on just what it...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



The world where our paths did not just cross,

But merged into one, a unified force.

Together, we tread this road as one,

Facing ups, downs, whirlwinds, and storms, undone.


Our souls, intertwined, did not merely meet,

But fused into a unity complete.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, we now align,

Filling up spaces, fitting line by line.


Cupid's arrow missed, yet our hearts di...

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Also by Watts:

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Rainbowed sight

Within our hearts overwhelming emotion's sway,
Tears flow as streams in graceful motion's play,
Through the windows of the soul, they gently dance,
Creating rainbowed images, the crier's chance.

Like feelings packed deep within a secret chest,
They find release through eyes, a vent, a quest,
Meandering, like molten mass, they roam,
Breaking all the dams that dare impede their home.


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Also by Ghazala lari:

Discovering oneself | Polygyny - a divine decree | India - 26th January 2024, 75th Republic Day | Misconception or Misguidance | This too shall pass | Divine blanket of love | Jannah or Dozkh | a hijabi's struggle |

The Very Fabric

Its start determines its end

There is one resolution from the beginning

When something is a foot

It is at hand

Pulverizing the foundation of time

That to be measured is to be understood

As we are bound beneath the heavens

As Adam's first words to Eve "stand back, I don't know how large this thing is going to get"

Billions of populous later

We've descended through "time"


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Also by New Shoes:

As a Crow Flies |

so the swan

and so the swan glides on. 

and the water molten around her. 

the carousel days wander lonely, meaningless clouds.

her neck, so slender and linen, can't turn to stare at the onwards.

at the rounding of the riverbanks, grass grows taller than time,

swaying in the cold air, breathing with the beating of her wings.

people stand on the mudded edge, cooing.

her eyes can see their w...

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Call it Dreamin'

I knew from the very beginning
that the sun would rise,
teaching me to cast my eyes to heaven.
Cloudy days are like sacrifices:
to compensate we had the green
and water worlds, tall trees and dappled sunlight.
Some would like the world to be clean again,
a pre-lapsarian garden of Eden. I would.


I knew from the very beginning that my heart was tender
easily broken. I learnt ...

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When Thought Meets Page

Our words are like ribbons blowing in the wind.

Quietly, they appear on the page,

written and then disappearing from mind's thought.

Oh, but that magic moment when the reader

reads and says Oh! 

Noticed, the words are happy,

grateful to be understood

grateful to be alive.

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Also by Hélène:

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You gave me an STD

So said the nurse in the pharmacy

You gave me an STD

Her proctoscope up inside of me

You gave me an STD

Sitting on the throne like His Majesty

You gave me an STD

So said the bloke on the BBC

You gave me an STD

Sitting on your throne on your lavatory

You gave me an STD

Sitting out the back on your balcony


You gave me an STD

So s...

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Also by Lee Campbell:

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1,000,000 Acred sky

This Fenland million-acred sky,                                                     

Perceivable vastness beyond mortal eyes                                                      

An atmospheric canvas of blue-washed dye                    

Souls unbound by expansive skies                                                   

This Fenland million-acred sky so wide 

That fluffed white cl...

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Also by JD Russell:

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Today my friend buries her mother

Today my friend buries her mother in a coffin she has painted by hand. Today my friend's father tells her that she has taken on too much responsibility in the matter. She tells me he made her feel like she did not have a choice. Today I will get my hair cut. Today by mid day my friend will have buried her mother. My friend is only twenty four. Her daughter is two. I ask my friend how she has been ...

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Also by ali:

I think this is denial | I unblocked your number | (untitled) |



Because I clean the lavatories,

I’m considered quite low grade;

In the last place on the list,

Overworked and underpaid.


Though down the pecking order,

At the thin end of the scale,

You rely upon my labours

With my brushes and my pail.


Do toffs and chief executives

Have to sanitise this mess?

I should get higher wages

Than the barons of the press.



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Also by Stephen Gospage:

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fairnessdirty jobs

Oi, Ref!

he played the man

not the ball


studs up, hard

worth at least

a yellow card

but he’s wearing

the armband

the grimace of authority

and nothing’s

going to happen at all


raw meat for the masses

and the physio’s on

run it off, son

run it off


he’s just letting you know

the big dog’s on the pitch

and if you get a bite

then you’re doing


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Also by Steve White:

Greene King vs St Kitts and Nevis | Refugees' Luggage | Unambiguous Shoes | The King's Piss | Wealthy People |




Can't stand.











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Love WOL!

Great newsletter - thank you!

Since Day One at Stockport Write Out Loud

I've been enthused: a better crowd you'll never see

Encouraging creativity

Without them, it is clear to me

My writing would the poorer be



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Also by Dorinda MacDowell:

Love WOL! |

True Colors

That’s the kind of girlfriend she was.
After a few dates she had me listening
to a little hip-hop, and some other music
I knew very little about. And going to nightclubs

on Tuesday nights in brightly colored shirts
she bought for me soon after we met.
Ensuring that everyone would see them before they saw me.

It was the same when she looked my way.

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The dirty waters of nationalism

Are flowing freely nowadays

A narrow-minded bigotry

Pervades the racist's ways.


The filthy pools of fascism

Rippling steadily outward

Craving invented purity

The racist feels empowered.

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Also by Jon63:

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What Period Poverty?

How do you fancy ripping tents up, Angie,

instead of nipping to the corner shop?

Here in the town of Stockport, Lancashire,

when sirens sounded, townsfolk gratefully fled

to shelter under arches stout and strong;

but now, the stench of death pervades the air,

the body politic is now corrupt;

no air raid shelters for the innocents

of Gaza under rubble, three months gone;


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period povertyGazaStockportLancashire

Back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board

When life itself drives you it’s always easy to return to the drawing board, start again take it all in but with a new outlook on things.

A pretty smile and bright eyes easy going like sunshine on the beat like sunrise on your feet in no time.

Knowing when is time to rest, undo stress, take out that tress, give yourself some tenderness and forgiveness and reset, ...

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Limitless and Senseless

Running down the list of eventuals

The trivial and the medical

I'm in the clear of everything external - all I control is whatever's left

On a cylinder en route to the sun

Ambivalent miles towards the outcome.

Hard wired circuitry disconnected

Stranded, rearranged, out of range of the source.

Inside the circulation of a volcano 

Slowly humiliating the earth.

All in graph...

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We have a standard bay tree now

That’s in our garden where it grows;

Our Gert puts leaves into her soups

But what it tastes like no-one knows.


In every book of recipes

For every dish in it goes

In curries, stews or Bolognese

But what it tastes like no-one knows.

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Also by John Coopey:


The man with five todgers

He was the man who had five todgers

But struggled to find love

He couldn't find a condom

To fit him like a glove 

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Smiling Eyes

I caught my first glimpse of her
As she glided majestically across the floor
She moved and swayed to the rhythm of a salsa beat 
I plucked up the courage and asked her to dance
She rose to her feet and put me in a trance
As our fingers touched She threw me a glance
Then we entwined in a Latin embrace
I felt so alive - which came as no surprise 
My heart began to pound - and made me realise...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

Coffee Mate | Hello Today | New World |

No problem.

a wall hit me like a ton of bricks

dont go any futher at this very moment in time

calm the nerves or trouble will await you

think again about the whole incident

act like an adult admit you were wrong

keep problems all to your self

walk away dont run just to cut some painful corners.


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Also by RudyardK:

If hell could tell. | Free from what? | Thoughts. | Girtin. |


To act to play 

pretend you're okay

Listen and enjoy 

Let go


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Growing up

Every decision I take

And every mistake I make

Always has humongous strife

In my life


This I believe makes me aware

Of life lessons taught seldom and rare

For it is true

That experience is the best teacher for you


Yet as I live by my choices

Ignoring the vilifying voices

I wonder

How far I’ve come to wander


Not too long ago

I clung to my mother


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Also by Nila:

Time freeze | The Boy-Who-Lived | The Little Pushover |

Finding the words

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history in the making

a wise history is a wise,
decision in the making
a wise decision is a wise,
point of decision
in the making is in the making, 
of a wise sense
history is a sense of history

a galaxy is a decision in the making
a galaxy is history in the making
a wise sense is a wise sense of history
a galaxy is a wise sense of history
history is a fact of history
history is a wise fact
a wise fact i...

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Also by godlucifer:

new year’s resolution |


To Find Some Meaning

I often think about the past.
Had it been too slow or too fast?
Then I ponder on what might have been.
What I might have done and might have seen.

I think about all the times I've wasted,
And how I took for granted the things I tasted.
Where am I going? What am I doing?
What became of the life I had once been viewing?

Now all I see is a fog so dense
That in this life I can find no sen...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Grinding to a Halt | Resolve |

Stuart VannerMeaningHope

Me and My God

me and my god 
go out for a walk 
sometimes she’s silent 
sometimes she talks too much 

about the state of the world 
her favorite perfume 
and anything else that 
crosses the block 

if I can get a word in 
I sometimes ask for 
small favors 
whether I deserve them or not 

my god likes to test my faith 
she hides my keys 
sends me idiots 
on Mondays 

to teach me patience 

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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I don’t understand you.

I don’t understand

The way you walk

Up and down restlessly.

I don’t understand

The way you dance

Around the dancefloor

Like a crazy Manic

Never looking at what I guess

Is your girlfriend

In the face.

I don’t understand

Why you don’t smile

instead looking at her

With what I guess

Is a look of hatred.

I don't understand

why y...

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

For Emily Dickinson | The Disappearing Wind |

Untitled 7

(Music: Max Richter - On the nature of daylight)

That feeling of watching 

Time lapse into sunsets

Above understanding

But still in a balance

Below the zenith of trust in tomorrow

A calling for hope

To rest down as mist on that morning

When nothing mattered

But presence extending to being

When everything mattered

But sense turning to meaning

Searching for truth


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James and Isabella - a love story

Once upon a time in the enchanted kingdom of Avalora, there lived a young man named James and a beautiful woman named Isabella. They had known each other since many years, with time their friendship blossomed into a deep and unbreakable bond. Together, they dreamed of a future where they would be united in love.

The day had finally arrived, the day when James and Isabella were to be wed. Excite...

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I want someone to look at me

Like I'm a dying flower

I want them to see how pitiful I am

With dried out leaves

And a broken stem

And my yellow petals falling to the ground

I want them to see the other flowers beside me

The flowers that face the sun

And sing with the wind 

The ones that dance with life

Instead of fight it

I want someone to see them 

And to see me...

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Also by purplemoon:

I Tell Myself | Broken Vase |

Parish Councillor

Parish Councillor (after Betjeman)


I am a Parish Councillor; no job’s too small for me

From facilitating Bonfire Night to lighting up the tree

In every avenue and byway of our village small and neat

You’ll find me surveying the highway and examining the street.


Who’s that? people say as I stride along the lanes

Frowning, nodding, peering down to investigate the drains


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Also by R A Porter:

Six Nations Time | The Prefab Garden at St Paul's | Time Travellers - 1775 |

english countrysidesatireJohn Betjeman

Where Hope Lies

for AAB

I no longer feel to voyage on, since I no longer feel

I no longer feel to voyage on this NICE pathway

That is no pathway but a rutted track that steers the wheel

On a golden course (for some) to where only dark shadows play.

And I know that once upon this path, largely for others' needs,

This chariot will charge forward with this form

(Only this supine body travels now...

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The Gift Of A Sea Glass Heart

There is no such thing as a flawless heart 
they get bruised and broken along life’s way
Shaped by the ebb and flow of time and tide 
constantly evolving with each new day 

This little glass heart may be imperfect
it may not be shiny, sparkling and new
Like mine it is yours to keep forever 
a symbol of my timeless love for you 

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Also by julie callaghan:

A Sea Glass Heart |

The Streets of Rome

When I Paint My Masterpiece ~Bob Dylan

Self Portrait ~BD © Wikipedia

There's trouble everywhere You look    You see? I'm at a station    Downtown    Just north of Bonneville Where the trains    Come in every morning Packing PPG    For the dying       You see? Maybe I shouldn't put it so bluntly    But the plague    Left Europe    And found a home In the golden glo...

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Also by Pablo Cúzco:

Handle Bar Tape and Pinwheels - A Haibun |

Bob DylanRamonaSad Eyed Lady of the LowlandsWatching the River Flow

Our Journey

Let's escape our separate towns together,
Away from prying eyes,
Where no one knows our faces yet,

And our love needs no disguise.


Let's camp out in the world together,

And I'll hold you through the night,

With your head upon my shoulder,

We sit watching stars burn bright.


We'll laugh and smile discussing hopes and dreams,

And make known all of our desires,


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Monster in the Mirror

They say that twin flames go through periods of separation

And this I know to be true 

For you were right, we did need this time apart 

However, I am praying it doesn’t last 

I needed to discover me and you needed to discover you 

Because even though we are one, our souls have still been split in two 

And we needed to work on ourselves separately

In order to reunite anew 


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Also by Paige JG:

Soulmate Symphonies | Last Lies | Desperate Despair | Lost Love |


Be You Do You

Just be you and do you

Whether the sky is grey or blue

Not thinking about anything else

Even if the hard ice melts

Enjoying life and doing your thing

Counting the happiness, it brings

Living it up to the maximum

To gain that full-on satisfaction

Making every moment treasurable

With experiences that are pleasurable

Working, partying, kissing or rolling

Setting yours...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Music |


This is my seat

From where I can feel the heat

The colours whirl and spiral

Exuding the passions and ideas of all

And the individual



I sit many ways here

travelling light years

Through fields and fears

Hoping tears clear

Comfortable and not



Alone in a crowd

I feel every sound

Hurtling to the end

Where danger transcends 




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He was a famous cricketer:

Scored a century on debut

Against Australia at Lord's,

And took 6 for 36,

Against India at the Oval.


Such things I found out later;

Back then, he was just the old guy

Who lived across the road,

And wouldn't let us get our ball back

When it went in his garden

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Goodbye old keyboard

you served me well

your presence is a ghost from the recent past,

a man in high viz went up some steps

to a council skip and placed you there. 

I'm here to give thanks on your final gig

an insult for a life well spent

in an intimate bond of give and take

a parting touch for old times' sake

before your final swift descent. 

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Also by ray pool:


50 cents

Every time you ask me a question I nod my head,

I’d rather be lying than dead.

“Do you believe in god, are your priorities straight?”

Stop treating me like I’m eight.


Every time you say “I love you” Is it really true?

Or am I dreaming of normal parents,

A better version of you.


The yelling is constant and won’t stop.

All the daggers you stabbed me with are sharp.


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Feeling Place

An oasis of space

my place


Conquer the mountain,

rest on top, and,



I want to be alone

or alone is the last thing I want

regardless, here I feel


a safe space

a place to


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Also by Hiddeninsight:

Crimson Anger | Cork | Pandemonium | Untitled | Untapped |

It burns

I've gone through bottles

Of your perfume

Addicted to its taste

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Inauguration of Ram Mandir,Ayodhya

RAM is the incarnation of love,
Fill your arid heart with the springs
Of tears.
He is the sword shining in the battleground,
Bend your head upon His feet.
The mind is the vast sea without shore,
Beg Him to have the divine flower.
The lifting wave is His spirit,
Let your sins off into it.
There is no more beauty than the flowers
Have it's said,
But Shree RAM is the beauty of all

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