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Lost Love

Words cannot express the pain 

I feel at your hands once again 

My entire heart has been torn apart 

Smashed on the ground into tiny shards 

Like the Christmas ball that bore our names 

Scattered over the floor, all in vain 

And while I hurried to pick up the sharps 

I looked up only to watch you laugh 

In my desperate attempt to fix what’s broken 

For you to tell me I’m not the one you’ve chosen 

You no longer feel the same way 

Screaming at me to stay away 

Despite all I’ve done to be with you 

All the sacrifices I’ve made 

The losses I’ve taken

But this you knew 

Even writing is hard 

You have completely torn me apart 

My words are frozen and my mind is numb 

Trying to process all that’s been said and done 

But if I don’t write I know I’ll cry 

Or perhaps even worse, to myself I’ll lie 

That this was all for the best 

That this was just another test 

But I put you above all the rest 

No one ever compared to you 

How I loved you, I wish you knew 

But you did know and didn’t care 

Such an awful burden to bear 

Your scars on my heart I’m left to wear 

Every day I’m forced to live without you 

As this is what you wished to be true 

Me gone forever, you’ve set yourself free 

And I have no choice but to let you be 

I’ve lost my love and I’ve lost my heart 

The Sun in my Universe, my light in the dark 

You were my only spark 

When I looked at you I saw forever 

My love for you was beyond measure 

Every second spent with you I treasured 

And to watch you walk away 

Is an image that will forever stay 

Burned into my mind through all my lives 

You’ve cut my heart into pieces with your knife 

Crying and desperate I begged you to stay 

To make things work not walk away 

For you, I would have given my life 

But you only laughed at my respite 

I loved you so much that I lost me 

So blinded by love I couldn’t see 

Perhaps you and I are not meant to be 

There’s nothing I would not have done 

As to lay by your side is to feel like I won 

Even though you don’t love me I wanted to stay 

By your side

But you forced me to watch as you walked away

And I looked back with tears in my eyes 

Praying to God you’ll change your mind

And ask me to remain by your side 

As to go home with my tail between my legs 

It was so scary that instead, I chose to beg 

For you to love me, but you never cared 

So I shall enter my ultimate despair 

Tortured by your memory everywhere 

Plagued by all the scars I wear 

From this heart, you’ve bled so bare

The greatest pain that I have felt 

Is in the dirty hands that you have dealt 

My heart is racing in my chest 

Leaving me at a loss for breath 

Not allowing me to get any rest 

When will this torture end? 

For how long must one suffer 

At the cruel deeds of another? 

Before the mind finally breaks

From all the pain I am forced to face 

All the memories replay in my head 

From all her words and what she said 

Knowing that you took her to bed 

While I cried and waited for you 

All the while you could never be true 

As this was not the first time nor the last 

For you only know how to tear hearts apart

Why is it the purest souls that always ache 

From the harm caused by others' mistakes? 

For my pain sees no end 

And my will is beginning to bend 

My life’s been hard enough as it is 

I didn’t deserve what you did 

To lie and cheat and throw me away 

When trusting you was my mistake 

The pain you have caused me you’ll never know 

For I am filled with so much woe 

As this seems to be the final blow 

The one that made me lose my faith 

The one that tells me I’m just too late 

To ever think that you would change 

And I only have myself to blame 

For all of this, I already knew 

Deep in my heart, you can never be true 

But still, I tried even though it was rough 

I guess my love will never be enough 

For someone who doesn’t see my worth 

And someone who tells me that’s all I deserve 

I feel so foolish for even trying 

When the only effort you put was into lying 

I feel so lost and filled with despair 

I don’t see a way out of this anywhere 

I’ve embarrassed myself to no ends 

When all I ever wanted was to mend 

The grief I feel in my chest 

The anguish I feel in my head 

Yet you only forced me to beg 

For human decency and basic respect 

As if I’m worth even less 

When all I wanted was as a friend 

Your cruelty truly knows no ends 

I still can’t eat I still can’t sleep 

Instead, I feel sick to my stomach 

My knees feel weak 

At the thought of what you’ve done 

You may as well have had me hung 

For in death at least I’d find peace 

Be free from the feelings you’ve forced on me 

But instead, I’m doomed to wither away 

So trapped in my desperate despair I shall stay.



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