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My Allotted Time

The winds of change will never cease to blow

And the rivers of time will never cease to flow


But my life is temporal it shall not go on forever

Existence has an allotted time in which to endure


Should I shout obscenities or just simply cry

Ball up fists to fight or just lay down and die


Can I sue my parents if life becomes too rough

Scream at the Creator and say...

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Waking Up

My eyelids slowly raise to darkness

I lay here and search the void

Wonder what the day will hold

Nothing here to be revealed


My lids slide shut over my eyes

The darkness here is just as black

Still, I wonder what the day will bring

Inside the bubbling pot of human soup


My brain now is active, I should rise

But the only movement is in my head

Like a game of R...

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Things Said To Be

My head was filled when I was small

By other people’s thoughts, not mine at all

It’s hard to believe a thought from so long ago

Things said to be, but I wonder who really knows

I contemplated all the things presented to me

Turned them about, crawled inside just to see

What makes them tick, what purpose they served

And how much I could handle before being unnerved

The brain ...

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Write Out loud Writers

I am truly blown away by the poems I have found

With provoking thoughts, emotions, or an aspiring phrase

Written imagery from people who absolutely astound

I wish to comment but fear the words sound like hollow praise

A tapestry of emotions woven with the thread of living

Raw beauty in written exposes originating from the heart

The culmination of our essence, the sum of our being


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Queen of The Wooded Grove


Sunlight peeks from the horizon to the hill

Upon which I sit watching the creatures below

Their constant passing appears quite unreal

I watch and wonder where it is they all go


The solitude absorbs me here on this knoll

As I wait, longing for just one mortal glance

At the radiant woodland queen upon her stroll

Through sheltered trees and flowers of romance



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One man sits in his ivory tower

Yells let us now go to war

He wants to show he has power

But he won’t go out to explore

The devastation and carnage

Brought to others lives

He will never be thought of as a sage

But rather he who sent youth to battle

Your delicate hands will never engage

As lives perish while you merely prattle

What is to be gained by this word vic...

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Who Are These Words For?


I string together letters and to what end I know not

For whom do I orchestrate the arrangement of my word

For what purpose I wonder, what is it that I have sought

I do not write for prosperity for far better things have I heard


The elusive letters just come at times and arrange themselves

Into words that fall in place and line themselves up accordingly

When they are fin...

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                                              My mind is but a suggestive maze                                           

Scattered opinions forming in a haze

Thoughts tumble from another’s mind

Impact my own thoughts I come to find

Entangled concepts develop new forms

That I must assimilate into the old norms

Somewhere in the mind it’s a daily routine

Sorting out the tho...

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blank page

a single dot

ten people see it

ten react


some similar

variations all

dot hasn’t changed

we all recognize it

the eye of conception

perception’s birth

the dot is

the dot isn’t

it’s look is bold

it looks ludicrous

i see loneliness

same dot

no change

it’s a great dot

worst ever

love the dot

hate the dot



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Shadows Between Words


There are so many shadows between each word

So many shades of your truth that sound absurd

Your sense of reality is so vainly skewed and bent

The honesty of practiced lies is hollow and spent

But you continue to sling crap just to see if it’ll stick

With the shadows between words murky and thick

Creating chaos by confusion is a dangerous game

Diversion is easily guided b...

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Old Friend

I have wandered through the empty space of time

I have traveled from here to there and back again

Accumulating treasures and never spent a dime

All my wealth I would give away for a simple grin

A solitary path littered with the jewels of a memory

Some sparkled with the empty lure of fool’s gold

While the glowing grace that others gave for free

Is what kept me warm when the nig...

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Dancing Leaves

Oh! Those dancing leaves.

Those darling dancing leaves.

I watch them dangle high above, as they do their daredevil dance for me.

One by one they dangle, sway, dip, and dive.

I watch with delight as I wait down below with outstretched arms.

Today the dancing leaves are mine, those darling dancing leaves.

They are mine to hold and smell.

I watch as others come dancing down to me...

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With a rock

Cain killed his brother Abel

Jealousy, rage

And so, it began

Violence between brothers

Person against person

Aggressive emotions

Unstable suspicions, mistrust

Group against group

Paranoia seeks power

Fear begetting fear

History is futures harbinger

Lust for wealth, lust for power

Reveals narcissistic roles in death

Sanity easily destroyed


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Face Facade

I could call you two faced, but that would be a lie

I doubt that I could find your true face even if I’d try

Some folks wear many hats to show they have versatility

But you wear many faces just to change your personality

When it comes to you, I rarely know just who I’m talking to

An acquaintance or a stranger, which are you friend or foe?

Must you wear a different face for everyo...

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Eroding Time

   Eroding time carries away our lives as we desperately cling to shifting sand. We grope for memories now beyond our grasp and unfulfilled dreams that have crumbled to dust. The years behind us are splattered emotions that flicker like a flame in their uneven clarity.  We try to touch the fleeting images. We caress and coax abandoned thoughts of who or what from memories we’ve tucked away in a bo...

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Love is…

Love that begs from a puppy’s eye

Love which aches for a baby’s cry

Love so subtle neither one knows

Love brushed by, touched their clothes

Love that’s gone, never to return

Love not found, forever a yearn

Love so young, innocent, and pure

Love grown old, tested, and sure

Love that’s twisted, ill and bent

Love that’s empty, just for rent

Love that heals, h...

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A Poet's Voyage

The poet navigates his symbolic words

Through the half-sleep realm of thought

To some his flight believed absurd

Others may marvel at what he’s brought

Sails billow with winds of fancy

An ethereal quest, a cerebral expedition

They close their eyes in hope to see

The dream weaver’s own conception

He works only in the cognitive realm

Where control is kept upon the helm


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Someone Somewhere

People are so strange wouldn't you agree

Was it by design, by God's decree

That our jigsaw existence is out of order

So, we spend our life framing in the border

At times the tedious work brings our spirit down

And we worry about friends yet to be found

Somewhere, someone is crying for you,

Somewhere, someone is dying to be near you

You can't worry what the world thinks of ...

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A Gleam in Their Eye

Quietly I press my fingertips lightly against the windowpane

Contemplating the chaotic world that lay beyond the glass

Strangers trying to convince themselves that they are sane

But with objective observation that thought shall come to pass


Society steadily moved beyond the frayed edge of normality

Excepting everything that they see and hear from lunatics on TV

Insanity and...

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A Brand-New Thought


A new thought has come to mind

Bathed in the light of a cerebral glow

Casually I examine it for any merit

Delighted I find that it has value

Encouraged by this new development

Firmly I grasp the concept at hand

Giving it a place to lay down roots

Hopefully waiting for it to expand

I rarely encounter a brand-new thought

Jaded, overworked expressions linger


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Poetry Park


You are invited to come and spend some time in my private poetry park

Stroll past words that have gathered there to commemorate a thought

Some poems are airy and light while others explore the mysterious dark

Fragments of ideas that once ran amuck are now in words I have caught

There are various pathways to investigate the depths of your mind and soul

A place to traverse the co...

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