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I want to shred my face
send it to the darkest corner of this tiny space
behind the stones of the black burnt fireplace.

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Nothing less.

It was you who sold us the idea of the sun is god
the light however so blinding to our eyes
permanent damage will occur when watching for way to long
lessons learned through those romantic songs
sing along showing us the inside job nicely done
evil fights to stay alive keeping its head above the rising waterline
fine sign of the times lay before us humans on how to so...

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After the vital harvest

these persons of interest

poor money wise

cast outs on the very edge of town

witches trying to be invisible

so not to cause a scene

search the grounds to feed

their ever growing family

towns people hate them desperate souls

for having a bad eye upon them high horses

forcing to act instant abstract.



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death laughs while he slightly brushes your cold shoulder

dont forget to look into this mirror image

of your former human self

hell reigns and awaits the hordes

nights of the living dead full speed ahead

spreading disgusting diseases

claiming a second solution

just to be certain

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A firm grip on the death machine

ammo belts are shining like copper

waiting for a sign of life thats about to end


Unleash thick layers of rain upon them

dont hesitate, ignore the intens sweating

its just part of your imagination.

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all that is out

--no past

that last a men made heavy burden portraying corrupted torched

vile low key demon


- screamed through the depth of -- sleep stages

---fatty bloody guess


what does anything mean?


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Sage 2.

Stones along the shore that is where i found you sitting by yourself eyes fixed at the moving horizon you tried to swim
through strong currents just to reach peace perfect beach
littered with golden dust
it could be yours
to hold its soul in your artificial hands
teach valuable premonitions to deep sea treasure divers
hiding the truth about the proof collected but vaq...

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red blanket spreading across the greatness of this unknown lake

green could be seen in the corner near the shore, nature's store

blue kept his head cool and decided to part in beautifull dreamy pieces

yellow kept creeping up to conquer sporadic traces of an empty skyline.


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how about some red yellow and green

it needs to be seen

cross that bridge

it would not take long

the beauty of a song

notice the sky

nature with all its life

this is not a sacrifice

not a politician filled with lies

just a snapshot, true to his own thought process.


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beneath the layers of reed
connected pieces hardened wood
steel harnas protects rods and pulleys
vital clockwork ticks harmonious

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When we locked on eye side i did see
empty fields soldiers buried trenches
built with great understanding of madness
felt up close and personal over the top
whistle there you go dodge that bullet
Mud rain shelling is this what we are telling
small children growing up without father
brother uncle war kills without any form of thruth
lost souls shell-shocked cry s...

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disturbing my singing
cup of wine, crucified at nine
traitors betting against resurrection
corpse pickers pirates soldiers prostitutes
everyone witnessed this crime
rhyme does not cut it anymore
floorfillers space takers vermin
toxic shocking poison talking
short circuit blew a fuse
darkness upon us at midnight precise
losing our religion spiritual demise.

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Roses and thorns, the devils horns
drew blood that dreadful day
red colours great, our date with pushed ahead fate
telling us in not so many words
it hurts to deep for the taking
breaking silenced crying
remorse for choking little miss flowered beauty.

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Evans to me and you.

overwhelming sensation hits
thruth in its basic form
shaped like a intimate masterpiece
something smaller
will do
if you ask me and evans
rusty nails
sandpaper cross
fatal flaw showed its ugly face
cracked clear coat
what lies
well hidden
for no one could have guessed
pressure builds...

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Stacks of hay in your line of sight

delight to a sinking sun

an offering to a nameless god

holding on to this feeling

reliefs you of wordly stress

think out of the box

as you lay your head to rest against this pile

straw sticking out of your curly hair

no more despair

a scratch to take a tiny piece of your smile away.



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Frame by frame.

Almost awaken, fluids give you
a shiver
everything is wet beyond repair
framed friends pay for this unpleasant
as far as i can breathe i see lights
paving a way through miles of reed
pajamas moist
sickness by emotional overflow
sharp sticks surround me
wounding me superficial
red death hunting me around the clock
never relax
pushing hard

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Disconnect, stray away from society
one step at the time
three to take you back
start thinking for yourself
dont fit in, so not to feel alone
burn bridges
never look back
history remains in your veins
part of a forgotten fairytale
replicating wheel of everlasting misfortune
prime time lies, buys you precious moments
from beyond came just one message

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Shut it.

Eyes is what they miss the most
figures standing against the wall
scared stiff, they buried feet knee
connecting with the dirt, offering
this as a holy sacrifice
to whom who'll guide them
feed them their daily curses
turn on each other, brother to brother
dont bother to lead a intervention
peace talks did not work
strange faces looking through wind...

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If this bass could talk
straight out of the rat-pack
what about nigel's plans?
is it as good as sealed
sounding less appealing
when you think it comes closer
just blood on paper
personal weight
unstable solved
by means of a hateful doctor
sterile talk

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Rider on the storm.

Death on horseback, slowly searching
through burned buildings
hunger took anything
light stays
but fades
weak candle
tries crying drops of wax
hell on earth
sounds muffled
background black
no lack.

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Hate the russians.

How to escape invasion
retaliation against our existence
those pesky russians
a leader that cant be human
hate runs deep, democracy a lie
scary thoughts invaded his brain
the world looks sane
nobody to blame.

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End it all.

Why would you kill children?

no sense of others living

poison clouded a pure form of adam's apple

snake induced, eve could not refuse

release the bear in it's darkest costume

urine perfume follows us, no matter what times

are reshaping






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Forever roger.

i do     miss those eyes

empty life passing by

loyalty, honestly without judgement

please release

they deserve understanding

running free, it has to be for me

honouring your name, i am to blame

happiness a gain.

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Dark wave.

I have scars to, cutting up my brain    slashing functions


looking around, poking my nose, everything

not even to be nice, surprise

just kill time, search weakness

industrial bleach



powerfull with               no meaning

     life supports regeneration

all ends generation

throw faith

despise control

we are not to be

silver-screen, dirty laundry


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Candy can.

Why did you leave the scene so hastily
is there something you want to tell me
explaining all this blood and its origin
you know the vessel its belonging to
lets talk what drove you to do this
share the pain that got hold of you
a misplaced childhood, a rendevouz
with fate so late it went straight through
cruel intentions solve only so much.

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System error.

Give it to me

maybe it will set you free

the sort of free we all know to well

make a change in someone's life

do not ignore the sound of desperation

reach out and speak loud against this system

a total lack of human understanding.




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Here today

gone tomorrow

where is my wife

searching for far to long

a length of a beautiful song

kate at her height

might dance all through my dreams

fills me up with every kind of hope

i suppose.


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How come building thoughts just crumble

the growing came from the end

no more self-reflection

empty black holes, a spot well hidden.




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One two.

Dont fall to your knees, it is the wrong message

just to please the screaming masses

Hold your head up and face the inner demons

that ruled your twisted little world

By admitting your guilt there is no saving

just the choice of last minute salvation

Who is your god now, choose wisely

Wide or narrow is the road

Abandon all hope





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The shortest way to a heart, cold and lonely

A path painted with the colour of fall

This tree tells a story of every beating season

Where is the glory

Many steps


Everything will come together

In the end.


Every forest that i know

I count the rings

Somewhere in the middle


It is the truth.



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End of life.

Sometimes it just comes to this, the surprise, total surrender

You had to go, you had no choice, not even the stars live forever

Heaven or hell, maybe you get what you deserve my friend

Throw of the shackles, cast those stones from your shoulders

All of us are finally letting you go, gently flowing away on your own.



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