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your eyes look so dead

you see the face that brought

so much personal misery


i just saved up enough

day by day

to play out this life sized mystery.





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How come building thoughts just crumble

the growing came from the end

no more self-reflection

empty black holes, a spot well hidden.




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One two.

Dont fall to your knees, it is the wrong message

just to please the screaming masses

Hold your head up and face the inner demons

that ruled your twisted little world

By admitting your guilt there is no saving

just the choice of last minute salvation

Who is your god now, choose wisely

Wide or narrow is the road

Abandon all hope





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How about a story?

Faded beauty

Memories dying by the break of day

Some would say

Push it away

I like my pain

Simply smiling again

Maybe next time.



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The shortest way to a heart, cold and lonely

A path painted with the colour of fall

This tree tells a story of every beating season

Where is the glory

Many steps


Everything will come together

In the end.


Every forest that i know

I count the rings

Somewhere in the middle


It is the truth.



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End of life.

Sometimes it just comes to this, the surprise, total surrender

You had to go, you had no choice, not even the stars live forever

Heaven or hell, maybe you get what you deserve my friend

Throw of the shackles, cast those stones from your shoulders

All of us are finally letting you go, gently flowing away on your own.



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