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Soulmate Symphonies

If you desire to heal, let yourself fall ill 

You desired peace

So undoubtedly, with every hardship, there comes ease 

If you only have the strength to believe 

I forgive you for doing as you please 

I am proud of the changes I have seen 

It’s making me believe, perhaps you are changing into the man I knew you would be 

I believe you may have read my words 

And I want you to know that you still deserve 

All the love I have for you in my heart 

Despite our distance, you know our souls are never apart 

And to you, I would return if you asked 

I forgive all of your mistakes 

Because I believe all you’ve done will lead you to grace 

And for you to discover the man I see 

The man who I believe is my destiny 

“And he created you in pairs”, I like to think 

He made you for me, we are forever linked 

Maybe my purpose was just to see you through 

Your darkest times, and lead you back to you 

The part of you, you buried in hurt 

The part of you, you believed never deserved 

A love so deep, a love so divine 

But you should know, my love, 

You’ll always own this heart of mine 

For I’ve seen your worst, and it made me love you more 

For how could I ever hate, the one I adore? 

How could I ever be angry with the one I was made for?

I look at your picture and tell myself one day 

Perhaps, my love, you’ll learn from your mistakes 

And if you never do, that’s also okay 

For in my heart, you’ll always stay 

Right person, wrong time 

Right scene, wrong line 

A piece of you that was never mine 

And a wish to turn back to the beginning of time 

Where I think that your heart was a part of mine 

Two souls, fallen from the same star

Found two separate bodies, far apart 

All of my life, I have looked for you 

And all of yours, you have been searching too 

And then we met, for a second-first time 

On the ground, instead of the sky 

I didn’t know it then 

I was too blind to see 

That meeting you 

Was meeting the other half of me 

I yearn to love you so deeply 

That when we meet again in another life 

You remember our time spent together in this one 

I learned every terrible thing you had ever done 

And I continue to love you, only more 

I will love you until the stars stop shining and the sun no longer rises in the sky 

I vow to love you until the day I die

If I cannot be in your life 

Then at least let me live in your heart 

My only request is that you remain strong 

And never allow our ending to lead you wrong 

Stand firm in your faith, for it is there you will find me 

Because I believe in who you are, and all you can be 

You are not defined by your flaws 

They only make me love you more 

For in your wrongs, I see a man 

Who was scared of love 

But I understand 

The reasons behind what you do 

You’re intentions, I won’t ever misconstrue 

May you return to me in your own time 

And I’ll again be yours, and you’ll again be mine 

Oh how I long to look into your eyes and kiss your head 

And put all of your fears and worries to bed 

We share the same star signs, which helps me understand 

Why we are flooded with these emotions 

Like a tsunami crashing upon the land 

I write about you, as you are different 

Look at everyone else; they are merely words, whereas you, my love, are poetry which speaks to my soul 

Everyone sleeps, except me 

I stay awake talking to God 

Praying for him to mend all that’s been lost 

As my love for you does not die

And I pray for your love to bury it alive 

I have made terrible mistakes 

But please do not think my heart has been misplaced 

As I have never acted in such ways 

Unless my heart was touched 

So your forgiveness and grace, cannot be rushed 

For I see the light inside of you 

No one else seems to see 

So now I remain longing for you 

Looking for what’s left of me 

If you came to me with a face I have not seen 

With a voice, I had never heard 

I would still know you 

Even if centuries separated us

I would still feel you 

Somewhere between the sand and the stardust

Through every collapse of creation 

We still found a home in each other 

You will always be my final destination 

There will always be a pulse that echoes of you and I through all of creation 

For you are the Sun 

And I am the Moon 

Without your light, I am nothing 

Yet without my light, you are still everything

Whether we meet again, or if we never do

I want you to know that for me, it will always be you. 



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