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There I was,

Standing in the storm,

Walking through the dark world,


All alone. 

Light was dim,

Lamps burnt cold,

Silence all heard,

But my heart's wild roar.


Then there You came,

A gust in the storm,

With Your competitive smile,

And encouraging eyes,

"You done, already?", 

You said, with that smile.

"What more can I do?"

"Race till the t...

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left alonedark nights aloneLifeRealcaptivealonelonelypoetrylitcreativewritingfreedomstorm

I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same ...

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NaturepoetryspiritualityValentinesloveloversromanticromantic poetrygodcreativeastrologyastronomypaperromancecreation

The Wade

Cowards follow the crowd,

Cows follow the herd.


Lion comes sudden,

and wins the crown.


Timid follows the shown way

Night repeats after day.


Bees find the flower,

and bring honey to the hive.


Spite  spreads the rumour

Virus boons an outbreak.


Terns cross the oceans,

Prudent values vision.


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Withered The Storm

You were this horrible dark cloud
That came rushing in
disguised as the sunshine
Just with a slight dim
You spread Ray's of lies all over me
Washing me with a fairytale
That would soon end  tragically
When the truth was discovered
You began to thunder loudly
Making rippling BOOMS
That shook my entire body
You may have rainbows on you
But your not my pot of gold
Having issues standing

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Paper Friends


Leaving seems so hard

Until you actually leave


The peculiar truth is

Leaving feels ludic, orphic, majestic

Leaving the places which seemed to matter

Leaving the paper people I once met

Leaving, forgiving & moving forward


What a trouvaille I encountered

To leave the paper connection

Leaving them as they are, incomplete & rustic

Leaving them in the ocean ...

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Desolation of Z

Dark and bleak and empty and bare
This life is hard.. I hate it here.
Voided, eroded, saddened... barren of joy
Helpless, hopeless, soulless... a plain white wall
Mopey, lonely, gloomy...why even try
Hungerless, Sleepless, motionless...I might just die
Drowning, not breathing, cant gasp for air
Quiet pain, drenched in rain, not one care
Deserted, isolated, distressed and bored
want to, ...

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Dont ignoreDesolationdespairsadhopelessfutilityBe a friendDepression bipolar hopeless alonesave someonepainpoetrylitcreativewritingmiseryvoi


She was trying

Trying to be calm

Trying to mute the

Monologue inside her mind.


Full of contradictions to herself,

Full of arguments

Full of endless thoughts


She felt like being pulled

In a spiral

Down and down and down

With each breath she took

Swallowing her own soul


As if she split up

Into two halves

Halves against each other

She was he...

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She's Snow White

Not So White 

Little Snow White's daddy died 
Pretty girl cried and cried
Wicked Queen an ugly old tart 
Sent huntsman to take her heart

Huntsman took Snow for a ride 
But felt ever so guilty inside
Snow looked up and made her plea Huntsman said, ‘Go now! Be free’

He took his knife; he lit a cig 
Then cut heart out of a pig
Snow White ran he felt good 
She tripped over piece of wo...

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poetrycreativewritingwriting poetryhumour


Waves of colours cruising across the passage of time.. 
Crimson violent rages of youth determined to wipe out grime.. 
Yet xanthous cowardly and naive 
To unlearn safe lessons to
Uplifting hues of orange turns addictive.. 
Materialism and fame gets alliterative 
Leaden grey old age brings listful weariness.. 
Rainbows of life are mere shades of misery and ecstatic happiness...

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The Giving

The thought of you brings tears to my eyes

It fills me with anger the type of anger where

the hair on my arms stand at attention. 

My mind recalling all the times you put me in my place.

Reminding me I was nothing more than an ego boost for you.

If I gave you my blood, sweat, heart, and my tears 

would that be enough for you to love me the way I deserve to be loved?

Then again...

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Life in another life.

As I rush to the future the past hangs on

 like a long day on a summer day. The need for self endulgenment urges to keep going. Dont look back it say as a rush of memories go by . Times up it says.

 The outside is not connected with the

 inside and they are separated by decades of urgency . So much to change so much to do. so much to make up for with no energy to move ... 

rush rush! t...

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"Cry in Sorrow"

Broken and left in sorrow,
Through my tears I speak my fear for the morrow
Winding time back is the only relief
While this empty shell decays
And tears apart the last glimpse of life.

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Coffee Shop Blues

Bakers and coffee shops

Line the streets,

And I find myself

Nestling inside a few

To find a comfort

Only coffee beans and bacon

Can provide.

Warming cold hands

From frost;

Warming strangers to the

Idea of companionship

And togetherness.


Mugs and teaspoons

Hold a special place

In my heart;

Teapots and saucers have

A special kind of solac...

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My Mind Is My Own

My mind is my own

But it’s thought are foreign

Their nature is a conquest of deception

Forcing perception to be an abstract idea and a tangled question

Sanity is now an opinion within itself

 [no one in their right mind can understand it, and no one out of it can claim it.]

Truth no longer means

And anything is just a dream

Absence is more concrete

For it clears my mind ...

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In the darkness it was a shadow

Highlighted by the edges of the rising sun

Where in-between it began to gleam

As the son stuck its fingers through the seams

With her eyes on

The horizon


The dusk of the night


The don of the day

And with its light

It ended twilight


Oh Maddened Mind Of Mine

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Frustration and Boredom

Deep seated boredom and frustration
Grinding at my begrudged concentration
Slowly I watch my brain cells die
And slowly I can’t be bothered to try
My mind’s enraged like an animal caged
Today is another one of those days
Five in fact like a boiling pot
With the lid on while I keep getting hot
In my mind I overflow
In ways I couldn’t let them know
I contain an explosion of colours and wor...

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workboring timefrustrationcreativeCrazygoing insaneoffice

eat your meat

the brightest star in the darkest of light where
the darkest soul shines its brightest light
theres beauty in the dark
theres blood in my heart
you look down on me while
I look up to the sky

prove my self to my self and to no one else
I look into your eyes as I pass you right by
you sit staring and wonder why I wont fight
i wont fight all your ignorance i dont have the time

I fight m...

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The Soul of an Artist

The soul of an artist,

famine or harvest.

An exercise in extremity,

symmetric serenity.


Raw yet crafted

a tool made from bone

fleshed out by interpreting existence.


The soul of an artist,

famine or harvest.

An exercise in extremity,

symmetric serenity.


A fusion of real and surreal

a soulful symbiote

intertwined with their v...

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