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I’m not even angry at you

And I never was

Confused, yes

Hurt, yes

Frustrated, yes, but from confusion

I can’t be angry with you

Or at you

But I am angry

I’m angry that I put my best effort

That I tried so hard

I’m angry that this happened again

My best was not good enough

I’m angry that I ignored the signs

Such small flags

Warning me from the beginning


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     he met a force


            it held him



... and wonder drained the world of substance

            re-arranged the pages of his book to give more radiant a reading.


The light of new possibilities

pressed down on time.

The girl sang to him "You can hear the boats go by". He


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My friend hurts and there's nothing I can do. Time stood still for you… and I was sleeping Forgiving me is not in my scheme of things. Your world crumbled … I was not there. Through silly vibrations I awoke to a world so different…. So sad….so silent and empty. The news come and I SCREAM your name wishing… the loudness would shatter this nightmare But I am awake and it’s not a dream, “you lost you...

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