Paper Friends

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Leaving seems so hard

Until you actually leave


The peculiar truth is

Leaving feels ludic, orphic, majestic

Leaving the places which seemed to matter

Leaving the paper people I once met

Leaving, forgiving & moving forward


What a trouvaille I encountered

To leave the paper connection

Leaving them as they are, incomplete & rustic

Leaving them in the ocean of oblivion


I go on a selcouth journey

Journey of letting go & moving on

Leaving the paperness the fakeness

And the bad places all at once


I go on an Elysian journey

Running on the moist soil,

Breezing through the greens

Talking with the soughs

Found my vivacious soul


I go on a journey through home

Home where I actually belong

Home where I was born

Along with me, home will keep moving on


THEME:  this poem is about leaving negative and fake (paper) friends and moving forward with the ones who care for you and love you. Home can be anyone and anything which makes you feel good about yourself and gives you hope.


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