They cause us pain and yet we pretend
That it's love 
love that will win in the end
Are we so blind by the challenge 
Creating a false sense to feel valid
To remain blind is a choice we carry
Self worth cast aside and buried
So we can hold on just a little longer
The random good times
Make us feel stronger
You really loose your sense of self
In a set of cards you chose to delt
So if pa...

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loverandom thinkinguncertainty

It's A Choice

Love is a tricky thing 
Working hard to bring
Two people together
But time shows
True colors sadly
Become normality 
Some don't see
What they sacrifice 
Continuing to give up
Their want's their needs
All to keep the peace
Not to displease
The one they say they love
Letting go of some
Isolating the ones
You miss
Dont dismiss
The feeling that dw...

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lovepersonal journeyrandom thoughts

In Memory Of....

Asking for something that I've been searching for
Something I couldn't predict
Isn't always what it seems
Not always something legit
You were something I couldn't fathom
You came with a price
Your heart belonged to another
Something that wouldn't suffice

I walked away with a heart full of pain
And tears running down my cheek
You're someone I felt so calm with 
Where I even lost words ...

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monsters people past disappointmentmy past experience


Past pain learned
Burned within our hearts
Anything related
We set flames 
Our inner demons
Slowly seeming
That anything that provokes
The insecurity 
Fixated on the remote 
Event that occurred
Reliving the feeling
The heart's been concealing
We push away
The one we think is causing the pain
When it's our own projection
A reflection 
That we need to heal
Slowly start to ...

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Learningnew experiencesold ways


She spoke such pretty little lies
That hypnotized 
Oneself to bend at will
Slowly became to wilt
Like a rose without water
The beauty of red
Began to shed
Into a shattered brown
Cut down 
Till there was nothing left
But a dead rose
And it's thorns.


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Brokendepressedsad poems


To some degree 
we all enjoy a little mystery
Developing a sense of curiosity 
The whole "what could be"
But sadly 
That's not reality
Creating our own world
Regardless of incompatability 
Tunnel vision ensued
Rose colored glasses
In full bloom
Despite the apparent 
You created confinement 
Within your own lie.


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A different point of viewsad poetryshort poem

I'll Be There

Don't be afraid to get close
I understand your heart has been aching from the cold
Life can be so cruel and your heart has been scorned
But some love isnt worth remembering
Some not meant to be mourned
I'll ease your pain and hold you when you feel down
I'll touch you so tenderly
And dissipate your frown
Words can mean little
But I don't say what I don't mean
I save my loving words for s...

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lovelove poetryromance


I saw the scars on your arm
And wondered
The story
If you needed somebody
Felt lonely?
Like nobody cared
I'd still be there
If you'd let me
Because there's a story
And I'd listen
To the words you speak
The sarcastic remarks
Tongue in cheek
The sadness behind the eyes
A friendship compromised
Something behind the silence
Word's never spoken
Connection's are hard to find
I tend to ...

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love poetry Love lostsad poems

Withered The Storm

You were this horrible dark cloud
That came rushing in
disguised as the sunshine
Just with a slight dim
You spread Ray's of lies all over me
Washing me with a fairytale
That would soon end  tragically
When the truth was discovered
You began to thunder loudly
Making rippling BOOMS
That shook my entire body
You may have rainbows on you
But your not my pot of gold
Having issues standing

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#poetry #lit #creative #writing #freedom #storm


When tears run down your cheeks

When your heart seems cold

And the world seems bleak

When life seems so hard to face

When life brings you to your edge

That moment you start to break

When you feel you cant handle anymore

The pain inside wont subside

The Inner voices beginning to roar 

Know that ill be there for you

To wipe away those tears that shed

holding you clos...

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#poetry #poem #love #devotion

A Nights Journey

Twinkling twilight of the night sky

Encased in your delicate stare

Holding love of two souls

Romance filling the air 

Rose petals falling slowly

Resting delicately at our feet

Wind blowing softly 

Red and white petals dancing in the street

Time stands still in those moments so dear 

A bright light shinning through the night

While a smile is cast upon your face


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#love #romance #night#moon#story

no one wins..

Two lovers lost in a sea of endless rough waves

Detatched from shore and far off course

Fighting fits to which both enslaves

Drift away from the loving warmth of true lovers heart

Moment by moment words rising

Tearing eachother apart

Fights enclosed happiness feelings faded flow

Bitterness deepens soon you'll be reaping

The actions you began to sew

Arrows whistle through...

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#relatedable #heartbreak #heartache

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