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​​​​​​Call the trade descriptions police...we've been sold the wrong spring this year!!!!


Like a metal coil


In a tense, uncertain


And when the pressure is


Many mere mortals, by then


They thought that


Was daffodils

Now life has fallen

Almost still

Invisible, silent, viral


The question is

Do we 


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Far Cough

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People must not cough near you

they must cough far away

If you hear someone coming

Tell them to...







           Po.   24/03/2020



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Masking the problem!

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Good morning Doctor, I have a nasty cough

Can you sign this chit, so I don’t get laid off.

How long have you it had it, I’m duty-bound to ask

and, since you are here, take off that silly mask.


I am just being responsible as we all should do

Unlike you, you silly arse, you haven't got a clue

Where is your face mask to protect you from the goo

I can’t f’n get one, because o...

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Herd (Co)Mmunity

Stir crazy, 
my mind’s hazy. 
Penned in like chicken 
that never lays...
e-mergency broadcasts 
and a merging of powers. 

When did we surrender control of the supply chain? 
I hear vegans got beef
with carnies, 
but you can’t get the show on an empty road.


Do we even know where our food is grown? 
Butcher, cheesemonger, greengrocer, and farmer... 
were stripped from our com...

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go on



while watching the tv tell you to remain calm

remain order

it's scary, it's real, but, the economy is crashing, so pause everything

pause the life support and admissions


as you argue

as you breathe, the numbers rise

400, 401, 402

closed doors to near corpses.

how long will you be silent, huh?

will you speak up when it's your...

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The Coronavirus Poem

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All too little, 
Too late 
As the Coronavirus 
Takes down the world by mistake.

Government officials standing behind gates
As it rains a blood of money
To keep the economy straight. 

Waking up the public to a doom
Which is highly frightening
For me and you. 

A war with the unseen.
Watching loved ones turning green.
Mortals inflicting pain and death.
Born from the innocent creatu...

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Music in me.

Music floats
Through my veins,
Brings me back to
What I am.
I sing and sing again
To kill the silence outside.
My songs, directly from my heart,
My hard chords,
A resistance
Of all what's forbidden.
My passion resists
In the middle of sounds
And chaos.

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Down with the sickness

I'm stockpiling the hand sanitizer
To be none the wiser
to build up hopeful Coronavirus resistance
Hoping to be blessed with  ongoing lousy existence

Like the police said 
"Dont stand so close to me"
As we breathe in this overfed media tripe
I guess chuck d was correct
Don't believe the hype
As if you Repeat a lie long enough
And said lie comes truth
 it scares the whole nation
It's ...

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End Of Days

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Ends Of Days


The fact that I’m quite anti-social

Is a blessing in dark times like these

When you’re treated like a pariah

If you develop a cough or a sneeze

When they’re telling us to wash our hands

And not just after we pee

When I’ve been doing that for years

Because of my OCD


I’m also a bit of a hoarder

It’s always been one of my goals

To ensure I have ...

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Chinese Whispers

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Chinese Whispers


We thought we’d done everything right


Taken precautions to self-isolate

Avoiding those risky types

Who would pass it on

Making sure we didn’t


Pass anything on ourselves

Fourteen days later

We thought


We’re probably safe now

Safe to come out

Safe to mix with friends and family

Once again


But no

We’d b...

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Corona Virus

Corona Virus is sweeping causing panic and fear

Many lost to it now. It's in the uk it's starting here

Pray that a vacine can soon to found 🙏 

Stop the corona in its tracks, don't hang around 


China god bless you, so many you have been lost to it 

Do something God, make it go, we don't need this sh..

Pray that is all any of us can do. Pray people won't you

Banish and stop...

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