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Shall We Dance

Ah, the magic of night 

when obligations are over, 

another adulting day in the books. 


I rest my weary body, 

set my boggled mind free 

with a little poetry...


Your words await

like a teen with a corsage

to take me to the prom,

where we twist and twirl

under twinkling dollar store stars

and a paper moon.


Happy memories pop up

among technicolor...

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Dark Lullaby

As this first night knows me

as my soul becomes its dream

I understand my small being

is one with time's vast scream.

Even now I know between

my heart's first aspen flutter

and its last soft ashen beat

endless dark passions must clutter

my every empty lonely night

and bear down to hold my mind;

only this one moment knows a calm:  

a velvet dark - a fusty smell - fi...

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Spanish Rose

My beautiful Spanish Rose, 

  the most fragrant flower

    in a crowded garden,

      withstanding harsh winters

        and choking weeds

          to remain




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entry picture

|           Love is deep as the road is long.

With every breath I live the day do what I can, this is where it begins.

Nobody knows how the story ends.

 Moments pass like moving cars on the freeway all trying to get back home.

Look back not to the darkness threw the door. We set out so long ago.

 Move my feet to carry on but it beats my heart when you are gone.

Freedom once grace...

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My mummy has a lovely pair

That's what my daddy said

And mummy loves his manly ass ;

I heard them from my bed


I'm not sure what it's all about

So I asked the kids at school

They said they didn't really know

But man it sounded cool !!

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Innocencemanly ass

New Year Addiction

Those few seconds before the new year

when the countdown begins,

my soul soars with so much hope and joy.

When the ball drops at Times Square,

there is a momentary

return to innocence.

As the confetti flies and music fills the air,

I imagine we are a world at peace...

no worries, no violence, no division,

just a few beautiful seconds of clarity and simplicity

that dis...

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addictioncountdownhappy new yearhopeinnocencejoypeacerealitytimes squarevision

Child's Play?

The first time it happened she was barely nine
it was a simple request
you show me yours and I'll show you mine
she had no interest in what he'd offered to show
but he was two years older and that little bit bolder
he wouldn't listen to her when she said no.
He offered to give her something for her time
she suggested fifty pence
he agreed with a nod and a smile and with that
he bought her...

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Thy arm; in twisted triggers tied,
To desolate the air,
Where glass in splinters, diamond eyed,
Rolls bloodied, stair by stair.
Young joy despised, as envy claws
Lest freedom take to flight,
But from the horror of its jaws
Will innocence unite.

Copyright © Simon Austin 2017

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entry picture

Memories of old,

flooding fast through my mind,

some tinged with sadness

and some, sweet sublime.


A fireside reverie shared

with eyes so bright,

an audience of innocence

and excited delight.


The crackling logs        

on the fires of time,

the little rapt faces as

you feed them a line.


Of thunder, lightning,

and rain as we run!

Football, toy...

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I believe in fairies

entry picture


I believe in fairies
I believe in fairies!…… don’t tell me that you don’t?
You don’t believe in fairies?…… Is it that you don’t?…. Or wont?
Yes I believe in goblins, trolls and fairies
And pink and yellow polkerdot canaries
I believe in wizards and dragons and magic
And fairytales both joyful and…….. tragic
I can conjure them in my own mind
See them...

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bed time poem for childrenbelievechildren's poetryfairiesinnocencemagicwonder

Leaked Truth


Flash of a camera.
Shot from a gun.
Click, a distant finger
Exposes the truth,

That you would have buried
Amongst the bodies in the sand.
Rolled over with aggressive force
So no trace could be left
Just red truth seeping into
The mouth of the thirsty beaten ground
Who will excrete the lies
Too hard to digest.
Deceitful coloured vomit
Is left on your h...

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Bradley ManningdeceptionexposureinnocenceMiddle EasttruthTruthful DishonorWar on Terrorwar poetry

Bonding Over the Argos Catalogue

entry picture

I’m stuck for what to buy for my 11 year old

So big sister prises herself off Facebook

to help spend my money 

(an honourable cause, in her books)

and suddenly we’re flicking through the years

as she remembers the day Santa died

a friend’s house, a dinner table

how adult and child laughed as they stuck the knives in

how she’d wanted to cry, but joined in

ten ...

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She Loves Me

She loves me to the sun and back

moon, planet, stars

She loves me 100%

(which is as far as you can go)

She has a love chain

and I’m at the top

along with God and Jesus

Below me come family

then friends

then neighbours

then the unknown, who are nice

then robbers and murderers

who aren't

She tells me not to post this

because it’s cheesy


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