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New Year Addiction

Those few seconds before the new year

when the countdown begins,

my soul soars with so much hope and joy.

When the ball drops at Times Square,

there is a momentary

return to innocence.

As the confetti flies and music fills the air,

I imagine we are a world at peace...

no worries, no violence, no division,

just a few beautiful seconds of clarity and simplicity

that dis...

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addictioncountdownhappy new yearhopeinnocencejoypeacerealitytimes squarevision

The vision

Sleep ordains , the vision, at it's will, Nightly it dictates , my mind obeys. Futile are my efforts to impede, Powerless,  reluctant,  I concede. What meaning does this vision, hold for me  Concealing purpose, images won't tell, Yet comes the night;, Once more the visions spell.  

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entry picture

In the early moments of a day

when silence evaporates

some who treasure its cushioned cup 

ascend with it, are lifted up.



with that brief refreshment taken

rain back to earth

their peace forsaken.


Though its in the noise

that battles done

the gift of stillness

will see it won


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