I believe in fairies

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I believe in fairies
I believe in fairies!…… don’t tell me that you don’t?
You don’t believe in fairies?…… Is it that you don’t?…. Or wont?
Yes I believe in goblins, trolls and fairies
And pink and yellow polkerdot canaries
I believe in wizards and dragons and magic
And fairytales both joyful and…….. tragic
I can conjure them in my own mind
See them clear although you are blind
You may write my off as a raging nutter
But when was the last time your heart, gave…… a flutter?
With Magic?….Wonder?…..Innocence?
Or do you prefer to just see sense?
Live in the world of black and grey
See problems suffering and dismay
Yes!….I believe in fairies, don’t beg my pardon!
I watch them play in our back garden
Watch with wonder, give a smile
Then go back to your world a while
The normal world that you believe in
So grey, so cold, devoid of feeling
This world that you believe in……. Is it Bad?
So you prefer this?………. Now who’s Mad?
Remember as a child the world was sweet
And fairies played round at your feet
When all imagined became real
No time for science…Reason…Spiel
You could say, I chose my own delusion
YES!, I CHOSE IT! Over life’s confusion
The black magic that keeps adults bound
I shrugged it off and Fairies found
You see, fairies aren’t just real within my mind
They dance where hearts are warm and actions kind
If you dont believe , then, let your fairies die
But,  if the kids can see them…………………….

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<Deleted User> (11197)

Tue 8th Oct 2013 12:21

Absolutely amazing piece of writing my dear Ged. It is hard to pick a favorite line from this beautiful write of yours. They all are penned so nicely...Needless to say I love fairies and I do believe in them. Thank you so much for sharing Ged.


tony sheridan

Sat 26th Jan 2013 20:15

Love it. Take care, Tony.

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David Subacchi

Mon 24th Dec 2012 21:45

This is an excellent poem that works as well on paper as it does as a performance piece.

Well done Ged!

David Subacchi

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