She Loves Me

She loves me to the sun and back

moon, planet, stars

She loves me 100%

(which is as far as you can go)

She has a love chain

and I’m at the top

along with God and Jesus

Below me come family

then friends

then neighbours

then the unknown, who are nice

then robbers and murderers

who aren't

She tells me not to post this

because it’s cheesy

and I’m glad that she’s discerning

because she loves me   :)




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Fri 28th Oct 2011 23:33

Thank you Ray and Francine - I'm glad that you got something out of this. I think we all need to have a poem that bombs now and again - it keeps us in touch with reality :)
I had a feeling this would be too sweet for the WOL palette but wanted to keep it with the rest of my poetry cos it means something to me. My blogs on here operate much like a photo album...

The inspiration was a glorious morning cuddle in bed with my 8 year old. She is growing up fast and I doubt she will be wanting to do that for much longer. The poem plopped out very easily cos it wasn't so much about crafting. I agree with your suggestions Ray and I'm going to implement them!

Philip - you were lucky to hold the blog top spot for longer than a nanosecond :)

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Ray Miller

Fri 28th Oct 2011 20:53

It's odd, isn't it, what attracts comments and what not?I thought this was really sweet and charming, the last 2 lines lovely.You could be well rid of the holy spirit line, though, and maybe put "who aren't" after robbers and murderers.

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