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A Strange Journey

A Strange Journey/Michael Kwack

Entering a souvenir store on the road, 
I realized I’d lost my luggage.

The wallet was well-kept in my back pocket; 
​But money for the remaining days,
And passport, business cards, party clothes, etc.,
All were in that suitcase I'd lost.

I didn't remember
Which roads I'd been walking along,
And at which store I'd let go of that trunk.

I turned...

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This Stranger in the Room

you crawl yourself forwards

wearing their feet

among spindled legs,

those limbs are anaemic

and cannot amble

the room into a door,

boughs teeming with another’s blood

it’s soft tissue from another’s film,

I follow it now-

see this copied onto

your corpse I might watch,

and see this stranger in the room,

and feel a stranger feign their face,

claustrophobic bre...

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Deed done

The deed is done and guilt and fear come with it,​​​

what am i hoping the effect will be?

I'm not sure to be completely honest..

it's a slight tad of happiness i get from it 

but now  i'm bitter and sad 

Always something makes me immediately regret my actions

perhaps their is something i can prescribe myself to stop

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‘Ribbit!’ said Tiddles
As he sat in the grass
At the bottom of the yard
Not looking like a cat at all.

For one thing, he was green
Whereas this morning he’d been
Tabby and warm and furry and purry
With ‘Miaow!’ his favourite word

‘Here, puss, puss!’ I cried
‘Ribbit!’ he replied, as he spotted
A spider, caught it with his tongue
And swallowed it in one gulp


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Creeping through the undergrowth a shapeless black beast hunts and lurks waiting to strike, a young couple out walking disappear in the blink of an eye, gone.

Slaughtered sheep rot in a farmers’ field, it was the creature of the underworld feeding its bloodlust.

No one knows why screams echo through the forest startling the wildlife, this is a supernatural mystery ...

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