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My bad!

Foolhardy was I

And deceived by my eyes

Forgot all that glitters

Isn't gold;

Too late I realized

True beauty lies inside

My handsome prince

Turned out to be a toad!

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I'm really not fond of verbosity;

(Although the ex-hubby may not agree!)

Why use many words if you need a few?

A common expletive has only two!

Physicians use words we don't know;

Perhaps to soften the blow.

An attorney-at-law, we recuse:

He intends to mislead and confuse!

Politicians know not what they say;

But they're voted-in, anyway!

Him in the pulpit, I think I'l...

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(With apologies to Aesop!)

“Hurrah!" cried Tortoise, after the race;

“Now, who's the one, with egg on their face!"

Gloating and boasting; self-praising was he;

Failed to notice, a Lamborghini!

No time for life to, flash before his eyes;

Tortoise met with a speedy demise!

Hare hopped on by, with more swag than before:

“Tortoise won the battle, but I won the war!"

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Mother Knows Best

A mother summoned her kids, all three:

“Now, listen to me -carefully;

Your cellular phones, will have to go!

THEY CAUSE CANCER, don't you know?

Numerous studies have recently shown,

RF waves come through a phone!

Now give them here, without delay;

You'll be thanking me for this, one day."

Silly kids, to get so upset!

She frowned, as she lit a cigarette.

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Heartbreak and Toothache

An unhappy marriage is like a bad tooth;

At first you ignore the obvious truth:

Something is wrong; it's causing you pain,

But you have no time to consult your brain.

So you take a pill -or have a drink or three,

Hoping to relieve your agony;

But the pain escalates until one day,

You realise it's not going away;

You're gripped with a feeling of horror and fear,

It can't ...

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Two apes having a head-to-head:

"It's friggin' absurd!" one of them said,

"Eight million species inhabit this earth,

Balancing nature and proving their worth;

But look at those creatures that are called 'man':

Ruining our planet as fast as they can;

They've polluted our air and poisoned the seas;

Their revolting habits cause death by disease!

Some of them perish with nothin...

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To The Past

{To The Past} 



Here's to my 

past for the 

one's who 

thought they 

knew me well 

I can actually

say to you that 

you can kiss my

ass and please

go straight to 

hell for the 

last and final 

damn time




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 26,2018

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