He left

He left 

He left behind his broken wife and his scared son

He left

He left us cold, all alone with no one 

He left


The vows, they meant nothing 

The promises, broken 

I just wish we meant something 

More than just empty words spoken 


I cried for days at a time 

My young son wiped every tear 

Leaving us was a crime 

And now, it's been 1 year 


And I still cry all so often

My son still knows as to why 

He knows that his daddy leaving 

Is what makes his mum cry 


We are happy most of the time

Singing and laughing most the day 

But in the moments of silence 

There is still some dismay 


It still feels so empty 

With out the man of the house 

We still miss him greatly 

Filled with vulnerability and doubt 


Cos every wife needs their husband 

And every son needs their dad 

So we'll forever miss him 

And the lives we once had


He still sees him most weekends 

But it's not the same 

The bonds not as strong 

Though the memories remain


Now his dad misses out 

From seeing the smiles each day 

Because he's not about 

And he misses him play 


I'll always remind him

That his daddy was there

Throughout all the night feeds 

That his daddy did care 


But things have all changed now

And it's aching my heart 

I just wish he still loved us

Like he did at the start


Our family is broken 

But the love still remains 

And with all the empty words spoken 

I show every day 


That I never gave up

And that I never stopped loving

Because my son is my whole world

And he is my blessing 


His dad didn't choose us

Like he promised he would 

He didn't love and protect us

Like a real man should


So I took it upon myself

And I did the job of two 

With little to no help

Because my love is true 


Now after a year of great struggle

The time has now come 

I must let go of the hassle 

Because with heartache I'm done. 

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Joe Barrett

Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:35

Tear soaked eyes!
Torn up tissues!
Stretched out sleeves!
Clinched fists!
Sleepless nights!
Precious time wasted!
For who someone who broke your heart!
Waste no more tears or time for a heartless bastard!


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Connie Walter

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 22:42

Thank you both ❤️

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 17:56

nicely written Connie

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Mon 2nd Jan 2017 03:41

Its one of those things you read, & then are silent....such power & emotion - feelings laid bear. I'm deeply moved & so glad you could share it...Jeff...Take care.

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