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The Curse of Soulmates

The curse of soulmates sometimes if not always involves a third.

Three people. One two and three.

Two people who were bound to meet, the universes love children, twin flames so on and so forth.

And a Third. The ‘unlucky’ one.

The one who was a steppingstone for the other two souls.

A foreign limb.

This person is more often than not, tossed aside either by accident or on purpose...

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And time goes on, my friend,
Your wounds that never heal,
Will grow an ugly face,
Your troubles never end.
And life goes on and on...
Your dreams that never came,
Will haunt you as you wake,
Your broken heart won't mend.

And I say
                howl at the wind.
                run with the river.
                drift with the clouds.
                burn with the fever.

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love's tempestdepressionangstbreaking apartprophecy

All At Sea

On a broken stone, in a wide wild ocean,
A breaking girl, in a sea of tears.
A broken heart, and half a notion
To break away the rest of her years.

But the breaking stone refused to split,
And the roaring waves refused to bite.
So all alone,
And lonelier yet,
For nothing would take her life.

She thought of sleeping
Till she drifted away,
And so she did - 
And so she did.
She laid ...

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love's tempestunrequited loveangst


Would you still love your daughter if she was like me?

Would you give her love and affection?

Even if she was yelling and screaming and being mean?

Or would you turn a blind eye and just say 

"Oh, she just wants attention!"

And ignore her cries for help.

Would you still love your daughter if she was like me? 

Would you kiss and hold her and tell her everything will be alright?


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The enemy

As I stare out this window

down to the little people of the world 

I wonder and wish 

what if i was the beautiful tall girl with the blonde curls?

can I see into her soul?

by staring out this tear streaked window?

can I have her life?

and trade her these frightening memories that float around in limbo...    

shes so radiant and thin

Everything that I am sadly not

she ...

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Angstlifepoemsad poemsshort poemdepression

Solipsistic Angst

She comes into the house unannounced

doesn’t bother a quip when asked to speak

slams the door shut

and takes to her room to retreat


Behind the locked door, music blares

her demeanor tells everyone she doesn’t care

her closeted persona is darkness deeper 

than her black eyeliner coupled with black hair


She’s never known love

never been the center of affection


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I once bought chocolates

From a place I've never been

carried it all back

as my mind carried a scene

of family around the table

sharing bites of foreign taste

But now, eight months later

they're all going to waste

I once bought chocolates

thinking I bought smiles with them

while sweetness burns my throat

and all chocolates now taste the same

even the sweet ones ...

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Let the anticipation build Let the angst grow inside your gut Allow it to rumble and tumble and wreck havoc on your insides Feel the magnetic pull when we lock eyes a little bit too long and struggle to break away Watch me watching you while trying to hide your prying eyes Don't you dare rush a thing

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Not Worth It

I'm not worth it

I am never enough

Always first dropped

The last to be picked

For once I'd like you to say no

But I know it causes you pain

And I am not worth enough

To put you through that

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What To Do

You are wonderful

And kind

And all the things

I thought I would

Never have


I am broken and cruel

And I fear I will

Hurt you with my

Dispassionate heart


Oh, what to do.

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The rusty door knob and the dilapidated door,
falling apart at its hinges.
Brown colour of furniture, unpolished
Left to rot in the corner of the room.
The showcase gathering grey dust 
like ominous clouds about to burst.
The grand old auburn piano 
playing tunes of doom and gloom.

The sea shell shade of dirt white walls 
peeling off like skin does below freezing point.
The spider we...

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I had a picture in my head of a scene unfolding one day when I was journaling, and jotted some details down. I have no idea what's happening, in what way the narrator betrayed this "Dye," but I felt like sharing regardless. Very rough, but hopefully you get something out of it! 

(So much angst).




    “I’m sorry,” I said over and over, s...

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Significance of the Nineteenth Autumn

As the nineteenth autumn has come upon me,
It’s a whole new world I see.
Treacherous creatures, so often, hush and hide,
And it seemeth to me, a change in tide.

The poetry of soothing sensation has gone,
The glimmering golden glow of the sun is now none.
Some say,’ The Head is battling with the Heart’.
Well ! All Logic has been torn apart.

As I gaze into the vast emptiness
The dawning...

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Eternal Moment

A  sky  for  a  blanket .
Blue  and  light   blue, grey  and  dark  grey.
Clouds  as  moths  wavering  to  and  afar,
Circling  natures  son  in  the  cradled  hood.

Ah!  Let  my  breath  catch  this  beauteous  scene
Could  I  escape  from  you?
I  hold  my  breath  to  capture  this  moment
None  would  need  nepenthe.
This slumber of nature has made me hold my breat...

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Reflective Debate

Living known paradigm fortunately unfortunate

With all dished copiously yet with an empty  plate


With situations definitive I am unable to equate

Only if emotional clutter  could get wiped off slate


Kin, cohort and siblings even closest of the mate

Now add on to torment thus sensibilities agitate


Far too long it has been for turbulence to abate

Must alter course...

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Confounds very purpose

 in the end what it ensues


Logic macabre it nurtures

plain irrationality accrues


Those closer tend to shun

all unknown you befriend


Despise meant well being

disinterest try to pretend


The time will pass you by

in  state sorry to repent


Unaware you’re of perils

uncertainties it’ll pre...

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these morphed illusions


What are we to do
about spectres in the mirror?

Pray tell, before they rise -
filling-in memories
of film noir and poetry,
dark or brooding -
states of alienation;
blaring piano forte
of shadowy symphonics:
inimitable contrivances.
Whip out the shammy & Windex;
wipe clean these morphed illusions.


Please make your res...

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Wait For The Flag To Unfurl


So you come to me and say 'I'm free'
And you claim all your words are true
Then you run from me, saying 'Set me Free'
Such confusion is brought through you
Some years I spent in quiet retreat
Without such strife if incomplete
Dont play these games no more with me
Far better I'm left to rot here in solitary
Each time you've run and turned again
And its ...

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In Shining White I Mean To End This Day


My whole day has been swallowed again, 
and I cannot view an end to this pain
that comes from such close quarters,
'ere I thought only to have supporters.

Who started all this anguish that inserts,
itself in every psyche till it truly hurts?
Why do some play these wicked games 
and laugh while we ponder - what's their gain?

I know no way of ...

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