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Eden bloomed on rubble, twisted iron and exposed cobbles,

out of the primordial slum, green with pride.

That heretics would ever stop their cruel and wicked ways

Would away with their being, we must pray for our holy garden.

Their heresy distorts the truth, they follow a precious weight,

worth every ounce. This leaves poor Eden up the canal without a yacht,

this li...

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City Manchester Poetry Nostalgia Alientation


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The analogy of paradise on earth is not far from the truth.

You feel like you have to die to get there.

A taxi, a 3 hour flight, a 2 hour wait, a 13 hour flight, a 3 hour wait, a 2 hour flight, a taxi.

You’re born, you walk, you talk, you fuck, you work, you rest, you die. Then you’re there.


From the minute I got there I was free of any hurdles, pressures, bu...

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Manchester Poetry Colonialism Philippines Paradise

A Crying Shame

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Shame - the greatest shambles; a sham

sex and guilt, beauty and modesty; molest

pitted in the stomach like acid,

spat swallowed pity, feeding starvation, an unquenchable famish, unsensibly sore

malnourished habits die hard, and lonely, resentfully

twisting and turning and diving, deprived


Lies for eyes, for ears and the nose; twitch

flies on the flesh of ...

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the world didn't end today, again

now we are stuck with those wasted lives

that cried and cried in 2012

and shagged and burrowed, bunkered,

pessimistic little shits ungrateful gobshites,

a million people died today some unaware while others pitied themselves in the face of impending imploding,

tito's got cancer again, real will play united, iain duncan smith has de...

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2012 end world manchester poetry


bleached faces red bodies of light african drum movement

sticky amphibians teeth taste tranquil tension amongst oscillations

the form of which is visualised in neon using both eyes to subtract from each other

brilliant contentedness, banal


everything is everything nothing is nothing is something i’ve been thinking and sharing and caring about flickers of recognisabl...

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Poetry Art Music House Manchester

The Formula for Art


Rejection is a strong word, apt as it may be, so my tongue, indented, objects to expertise,

Knowledge used as a tool for snobbery.

I object subjecting art to labels and records and history, you cannot attach history, it is not a footnote, if you cannot feel it or taste it or smell it it isn’t there, no caption or description can provide that, it’s in the fabric,


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Art Poetry Manchester

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