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Write Anyway

So it's cliche,
write anyway.

So it's not 
gramatically correct,
write anyway.

So it doesn't rhyme,
write anyway.

Don't let judgmental
"experts" distort
your perception 
of poetry 
or silence
the part of 
your soul that
longs to make
sense of life.

Just write 
any way! 

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first love.

She is a star; but she is not the sun
As people love to bask in her glow
But they dont need her
And she gets lost among a million twinkling lights 

When the city shines too brightly
She is hidden 
The city sins on the ground ease the need to look up 

So she'll burn with all her might
Hoping her light
Won't be outshadowed by the night 
And outshone by the bright 

But when a star bu...

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