Reality Shock

Malaysian students raised on BBC

Fables of eternal stately homes

Tidy village greens, leather on willow

Regency costumes and croquet


Were astonished to find no one

Riding horses, twanging lutes or

Reading the Book of Common Prayer

In their malodorous Bradford slum


And even more surprised to find

Grey lunar rows of satellite dishes

Track-suited, feral drug de...

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Irregular Apocalypse

“Got 10p for a cup of tea?”

“If you show us where you can get one for that price,

I'll give you a quid”

He never did...


Irregular Apocalypse.

Lonely and irksome.

The bitter glow of jaundice

tears at society's rustic chains,

one tragedy at a time.


The Freemasons took my children,

they took my baby.”

Now she's hopping magic buses,


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