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Poem in Progress E

Sometimes you just have to 
throw your cards 
against the wind 
and watch where they land 
six plus five is eleven 
shows me where to dive 
how to jump 

deep inside 
the mirror behind 
the future a wall 



©JM. Cole 

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free speechFreewriting

A Poem in Progress

entry picture

I stare straight into the sun 
a rock doesn't in the river run 
unlike the witch 
I sink like a stone 
as in the beginning 
to my existence 
in oblivion 
a round a square 
to triangle crowned 
no coming back 
the clown drowns 
there is no sound 
out in the clouds
upside down 
hanging on a frown 
my colour fogs 
to a clay like brown 
I whistle...

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PaperMate (explicit)

I am my own best friend, 
me and my burning pen. 
Together alone 
through everything 
we have been,
my papermate and I 
find myself, I lose my way,  
I lose myself, I find my way, 
I come back around again 
then square I go, 

Cut the nose, spite the face, 
I got pride, I got space, 
not a number, not a mistake. 
Slave never 
a sheep black as me 
so black I am the light, 

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3 Write

entry picture

3Write is a new free monthly writing event at the heart of the local community in Ashton-under-Lyne. It takes place every first Saturday at Ashton Library starting at Noon on Saturday 5th March, and is open to people of all ages and abilities.


The premise is 3 themes per session, and 3 styles of writing per session. We then 3Write. With the growing spoken word scene in Tameside (with big p...

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