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I can see it in your eyes

I can feel it in your soul

The path seems so confusing and you just don’t know 

I tried to fight your battles

I tried to keep you safe

I tried to give you love but you just ran away

Then I opened my eyes and realized

The battle isn’t mine 

So I closed my eyes with a broken heart and cried 

And then I prayed to God that he shows you the way back ...

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BattleloveBroken heartsGodlightsadness

Loving Me

Your heart beats fast 

You’re love is so strong 

I can hear it like beating drums 

You love me even though I’m broken

You love me even though I’m weak

You’re love is unconditional to me

I fall on my knees crying, yelling , “God why do you love me!”

The voice whispers back to me, “ Because you are beautiful because I made you as a part of me!”

The light shines bright 


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LovefreeunconditionalfaithGodlightBroken hearts

Back to square one

i told my self i am safe
I said I'm safe because I will not let my heart be broken
be taken

too soon spoken
here I am ..once again ..broken

I thought I was tough
I proved otherwise
from me to me
I appologise

I thought I was ahead
and I wouldn't fall in love
walk away I said
rise above

I knew you wern't for me
a future with you I couldn't see

I should not have sta...

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Broken heartsLove lost

Words of You

Searching for you

You’re the word

On the tip of my tongue

- tip - tip – tick – tock

You’re the face on my clock


You’re the catch in my breath

Like if I was to cough

Words of you

Would just tumble out

Like if I was to shout

Words of you

Would just rumble out

You’re built into my skull

You’re the clutch over my brain

You’re running through my veins


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Through my bleeding heart I cry

My eyes only seeing red

Silent tingles through my body I see you

I see my once happiness through your eyes

My body begins to overheat

But then you speak

Your words feeling as a bandage taping up my heart

I see clarity

In order for me to reach normal temp again

I must forgive

Being angry you consume a lot of pain

So tomorrow I will he...

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Broken heartslove

The Pale Rose (extract)

Her broken heart scatters like petals in the breeze

As shards they sought and collected by the lowly,

guarded in vessels of hope,

awaiting the hearts spring that it may bloom anew


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Broken hearts

Forever Gone



the sun

With her wings.



A thousand times

He was never to be seen!!



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Broken heartsdeserted lovelovers


Millions of pieces lying around me
A deep gash slightly towards the left of my chest
I look up at the dark sky cursing Zeus
As toxic beads stream down my face

Another sharp stab to my chest when I hear her sob
Pouring out is black ichor
Call me a demon for shattering her heart
But for our best, I greased our beats

A couple of broken people
All of the gods above looking down at this ch...

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Broken heartsheartbreak

I Wish

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a betrayed me one too many times... I love too deeply. And care too excessively... Then I hurt! And the hurt is like so many hurts I have endured...yet so unlike any... Each time it's new...somewhat unique in its anguish...lingering... Stalking me during the day...and as night falls so does my reserve... Proclaimed by the world as a 'strong woman' if only ...

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lovehurtBroken hearts

The Last One

today we had a talk

and it seemed so long and higher than a hawk

it came crashing down so fast

i think my ode to you would be the last. 


you have taught me a lot 

of how to love again

to tell a lie and never get caught

to break free from my chains.


now that i am free

and you are not there

i go down on both knees

and at the empty wall i stare.



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Broken hearts

Bad Luck With Love

​​​​​​{Bad Luck With Love}



He was my love that cought my ? heart by the thing's he would say and show me but now he faded away like our love never meant anything to him 


But it did me for what it's worth now 


I miss the longing of his voice saying I love you


But now my bed is cold on one side as I lay alone tonight writing this hoping one day it might find it's...

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Broken heartsforgetting himlifelivingloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpast lovespoemspoetrysad poemssad poetrysadnessTina Glover


doesn't really matter anymore

which one I follow

soul blinded my heart

cracks like a cello

my art melts

absently full 

tipping flipping

upside down

and back in on itself

all the walls melt away

dreams obliterate my fate

with destiny I dance

take my chance

in the black of night

nobody ever

really holds your hand right.

I write every night

like it's...

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Broken Heartswriting

One Moment

I fell for you.

I loved you.

I opened my heart and soul to your infinite worlds of possibility.

I touched you.

I held you.

I felt safe and secure in the sacred silence of your arms.

But you were scared.

You were closed.

Meeting every tender word with thought rather than feeling.

You could have been the one,

But now you're just one moment.

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loveBroken heartsLoversLustPain


It all felt like it happened yesterday

When you and I finally stayed away

I love you is an empty word we say

When we have no intention to stay


We never stopped trying

Keeping us from hurting 

More than what is intended

From all the past lies

Beneath our shaking hands and hidden scars

Of broken promises and empty vows

Loaded guns that fires the bullet

To the st...

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goodbyesliessad poemsBroken heartsHeartbreak

Wicked Game

I lost
In the wicked game we played;
The distorted rules we make,
The empty words we say,
And the goodbyes in the end of May;

I lost
The lies of February's promise;
And the man I want to love.
Cruel honesty that got us in the beginning, and the only thing that's left for us in the end.

By June, a threat of winter's cold;
It wasn't even close to turn our hearts to stone
A teared ...

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broken dreamsbroken hearted poemBroken heartsemptyguessing gameLove lostWicked game

In the beginning

In the beginning he would wake at every peculiar sound that came from the babies crib 

In the beginning he would bring me a beverage as I fed his son whilst the moon was dimly lit 

In the beginning he would rush home from work eager to see the family he created 

In the beginning we were the people whom he could be himself and escape with 

In the beginning we were enough 


He wou...

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Beginningendloveheartbreakyoungsorrowfamilybrokenhusbandwifemarriagedivorceseparationbroken familybroken heartslostaloneafraid

Open Heart Surgery


Crack open my ribs
Pull out my heart and
While I gaze 
In wonderment 


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Broken hearts


The blade of lust cuts me deep, And u seem to like the sight of it, And nothing takes us by chance, Not even when I break and u just stand. Far off u see a pretty sight, You do everything and u slay me, But when u get there, All has gone to none, All was always dust. And now when u know u'll die, U run back. U touch. And u want our fire back, When nothing took us by chance, For a ...

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Broken hearts

Brittle Wings


This is the end of the Wings series, yes the Gods did play a cruel joke on both of us. We were incompatible.   The lady flew back to Sweden and I moped for a week or two.

Too Brittle

Wings for me
Feather so light.
Too brittle
For my rough way.
Yours from art
Mine from the mountain.
Flying bird
Flying high.

You escape from
A love.
Escape you have
Love will search for anoth...

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