Words of You

Searching for you

You’re the word

On the tip of my tongue

- tip - tip – tick – tock

You’re the face on my clock


You’re the catch in my breath

Like if I was to cough

Words of you

Would just tumble out

Like if I was to shout

Words of you

Would just rumble out

You’re built into my skull

You’re the clutch over my brain

You’re running through my veins

I cannot shake you

I cannot break


Are my train of thoughts

The tracks go on forever

My handwriting looks like it spells your name

I cried

And the tears were in the shape of you

Or maybe they just carried your reflection

But when I try to swallow my words

They are the words of you


You're inedible

I can taste the tip of my tongue

How is that so palatable?

The silence continues

But it is a cacophony of kitsch

Because I’ve decorated it in bullshit

Jokes, stories

To hide that I’m alive in a memory

It carries me

It cannot let you go

Because then I would be timeless



No one

My head is your home

My heart is your Broadway show

My mouth is your audio

Your personal narrator




You are inside of me

I wish I meant that sexually

But I need you expelled from me

The possession of obsession

My tongue wags

But my lips stay pursed

I’m scared of thirst

The mention of you

Could pour out into my glass

The mention of you

Could follow my breath

The mention of you

Could speak over my prayers

Neither one is worse

I just know

The mention of you

Will escape into my words

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Mon 19th Aug 2019 13:06

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Adam. Writing is always a good outlet, as I'm sure you'll agree

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Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 15th Aug 2019 15:04

For me...the lines

But I need you expelled from me

The possession of obsession

were the kernel of the poem and the way the poem rushed was perfect it felt like an attempted escape...

I hope it was successful the writing...i mean it was absolutely successful as a poem conveying the feeling but hopefully also a success in the sense of bringing the poet to a better place...healing I guess is what I meant. Glad to gave found your work.


Profile image

Alexandra Parapadakis

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 16:25

Thank you both for these lovely comments! x
P.S. I love perks of being a wallflower ?

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Mae Foreman

Mon 1st Jul 2019 16:16

Excellent, I do love your writing Alexandra, it's so original and fresh and new! Good work?
Thank you ?

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Sophie Morley

Mon 1st Jul 2019 15:07

Love this!!!! "I'd die for you but I won't live for you" theme comes up for me an how dangerous and trapping it is to let someone else define you. The reading rhythm accentuates the feeling of obsession and all consumption...fab x

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