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a lady of swollen years

sat knitting with glorious colours

she said her name was

saint something or other

I didn’t quite catch it

must have been the gum she was chewing

her lipstick was smeared

anyway I asked what she was making

she said stain glass windows

for the cathedral being built behind her

I wasn’t going to believe her

but I couldn’t help it

she rolled ...

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Pane of People

Pane of People

People break, 

some even shatter

Once broken they are no longer perfect

However using the strongest glue, 

 you can glue them back together

 The cracks are still there, of course

But they are strong

by the glue that holds them together 


But when shattered,

functionality is impossible

No glue can fix these tiny pieces 

An attempt can be made


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d i s s o l v e d

when my eyes close 

and the day ends

thoughts get so loud

your curvy silhouette disintegrates 

I lose sight of you

my world loses the right you

as your mediocre choices

blend you in with the crowd


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