I wasn't dead,

just never alive

Turner Prize

gold medal

all for a dive.


A dyspraxic in a speedboat

as I struggled to swim

in shark infested waters

but I won't let them win.


The rewards of success

for creating a mess

an unmade bed

for an economy's left.


People can study

and some even praise

others are starstruck

and walk around in a daze.


But the fact remains,

it's all made up shit.


One day they'll exclaim

“there goes the last note”

they'll turn off the generators

and die freezing since they've learned from rote.

But learning is discovery not indoctrination

my views on reality bring forth indignation

because I say it like it is

or at least as I see it.

So many want change

but me? I be it.



I'm the pulse of a whitepoint star

diamond cut from rough waters

still got far.


I cut through universes all timey-rhymey

so fast Usain Bolt can't catch me

and even Waldo can't find me.

When my consciousness is flowing

it's a fixed point in rhyme.


I piss rainbows and shit Rhodium nuggets

rarer than a Shiny Ancient Mew.

Throw a ball at humanity

because I choose you!

As for the banksters?

Gotta catch 'em all.


We'll rise from their ashes as their empires fall.

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tony sheridan

Wed 12th Dec 2012 19:35

I like this! Take care, Tony.

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