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Follow You

I miss before I was numb
Now there's just a body of blood
In a rainstorm that's washing that away
To remind myself on the absence of life
So cut the center and fill it with your desire
I'll always be fucking empty
I was beaten into bloom
All the petals gave to the Firefly
Just to watch her use them to open up
It wasn't me it was the snake in the garden
Something about the glimmer in his ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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A home I never had

Serendipity came my way, on a blowy Lancaster day

Blown in all the way from Cal-i-forni-i-a, an idea of a girl

That I kept in my head, long after she was dead 

Except in great extremity when I'd gamble all that I had

On her not being sad. But, maybe, I was wrong and Jenny

Had sung a bitter-bitter-song. A song of her declining days

Drifting into a frustration-opoid-filled Palo Alt...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Cityscapes (Alien Buddha Press, 2019)

entry picture

My first poetry collection has been published by Alien Buddha Press. It can be purchased here

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poetry collections

Bob B Saxx

It was a stupid thing to ask,

how is the pain?

your reply, 

“it’s painful, that’s all I can say”

delivered with your trademark wit,

so close to the end of things.

As expected, 3am this morning

you took your leave,

quietly as usual, understated

the text message brief,

like a wartime  telegram.

Me, left behind to grieve

somewhat disingenuously

hope you’re walki...

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Food banking

Samaritan minded volunteers

stockpiling in the wherever's

heart and soul provided provisions

for the life shadowed

the many struggling of today's society

who would prefer to be someone else

further up the food chain of life

not chained to the lower levels by circumstance.

I'm a hoper, that their lives reparations

will begin here.

Food the main factor, but not the only...

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Slate quarries | optimistically rallying non-defeatist rhyme | Night struggle | last let down | who stole the fucking STOP RIGHT FUCKING NOW! sign? ( eco rant ) | Credence | Again the fall out | Struggle of the unwanted |


entry picture

History repeats

Consequences known

It's what has been reaped

From all that's been sown

Connecting the threads

Of this 

Karmic maze

Building afresh

On old foundations laid

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

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My Catalyst

My Catalyst

Drawn together, as two like souls
Each suffering our own pains
Each just starting to carve our own path 
In the uncertain journey of life

Fate and her forces that be 
Brought us together
Broken hearts, Broken dreams
Afflictions and Addictions

We met head on
We bonded and soothed each others hurts
We gave each other support and strength
We became lovers and friends


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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Don't Sell Your Soul Part I (re-post) & Part II | Trouble | Whoa |

The Choice

Death, dying, passing, departure, dissolution

The fear of the end, but why

For some the end is the only answer

For some the darkness is the light

For some it is the saving grace from the hell of the light

This world can be so cruel, so cold, so unfair

For some the only answer is a bottle, a pill, a blade

Those are the people we push away, we judge, when they may not have found...

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If you peep at them now via

the distance of modernity

there is something rather

quaint about the old steam

boats that belched black smoke

through painted funnel tops – or

had salt-caked smoke stacks and

crews ate their hard tack biscuits

in more challenged times like war

Life-boat drills were moments for young

ones like me at the time, and meant scaling

down the lo...

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Also by Philipos:


visualization 1.33, promontory (topography in the digital age--I know this place like the back of my hand)

lock away every sin against fragility stack upon stack
inside great towers like time compartmentalizing
the compounding sounds of nascent hostility
from the acrid smell of fear


I am building a city, you know...

hemming in every needling derision that slips subtly under thickened skin

binding up every bludgeoning chill that hits the bone and ensures I'm broken in


In the hea...

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Also by elPintor:

rare birds |


entry picture

Poem 54 of 230: HOBSON’S CHOICE 

During a daytrip to Cambridge,
My uncle showed the confined space
That left punters no choice to face -
Using Hobson’s trade of carriage.

(C) David Franks 2003 - 


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August’s more reluctant dawns mark shorter summer days

and darker dusks on beloved Blackdown Ridge, splashing

heatherspreads of violet blue and myriad hues of

purples, pinks midst random sprays of mottled mauves;

as if to mark the Northern reaches of the nation’s

newest Park, its endowment designed to accommodate

its spine, the ancient South D...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



Come all you groaners - get in line...

To take your turn at the Shrine of Whine.

And take comfort that you're not alone

In your urgent need to have a moan.

Never before in the human story

(now a sort of Jackanory!)

Have people known the opportunity

To whinge and cuss with such impunity,

With the righteous feeling of self-pity

That assumes this life is sad and shitty,


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


No Conspiracy

These lies are real,

They live on

While the truth is killed,

Murdered right in front of us

Honesty bleeds,

In freedom we trust

Addicted to the game,

You can’t get enough,

Stab yo brother in the back

To feed your lust,

Everyone’s an enemy,

We’re all addicts

Looking for a fix

Doped on fiction

We’re all high

Cause ignorance is bliss,


It feels good ...

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Heartbreak and Toothache

An unhappy marriage is like a bad tooth;

At first you ignore the obvious truth:

Something is wrong; it's causing you pain,

But you have no time to consult your brain.

So you take a pill -or have a drink or three,

Hoping to relieve your agony;

But the pain escalates until one day,

You realise it's not going away;

You're gripped with a feeling of horror and fear,

It can't ...

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Also by Chrystel Roberts:




Have you heard the latest rumour

About the Vicar and his Wife?

They got stuck in the crypt

no one there to assist

And it changed their whole outlook on life

You see with no one there to help them

And Devine intervention not seen

The Vicar chose not to pray to God 

But sought solace in a few G and Ts

So is the moral of this story

As we amble along in life's race

Is ...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Rats | My Kind of Life |




As if being pulled toward a force,

free will became delusion.

Greeted by ashen faces in the shallows, swallowed whole,


powdered with fine crushed bone,

they parted ranks to let me pass.

Stairs of Hyacinth garlands pressed my feet.


Skulls spun on bamboo scaffolds, jaws agape, sockets black,

lemon grass malaria,

Incense spiralled fun...

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Also by Wolfgar:

The Tree in My Garden | The Lazarus Tears | Lanterns | Beyond The Fringe |

Inspire and get inspired

entry picture

Inspire and get inspired

Saturday,17th August 2019


Blow your own tune

and create heaven

for yourself and others

shun the fears


you show

and grow

by one belief

your actions must provide relief


not the hatred

but be led

by own conviction

and strengthen the relation


it is you

who can sail through

the stormy weather

with an offer o...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

Peace ambassador | Towards sunset | O,My holy land | Flowers with fragrance | No time for change | Holiest of the holy | Action and actions | let the wisdom | For the centuries | Inner voice | Dissension within | Sanctity of life | Love happiness | Love the nature | The sword | Her unforgettable nature | Poemhunter | Waves rise | The difficult art | Peace drive | No fault with self | Her voice and | Dreams are | Earn the respect | By history | As true human | Peace-real moment | Smell sense |


The F Word


When you don't know what to say

use the F word

when your vocabulary is limited

use the F word

when you are a celebrity and famous for nothing

use the F word

if you are a comedian

a rock star

a movie star

a so-called activist

use the F word

it will fit any occasion

just drop it in like a bomb

it is used so much

it has lost its power

it's cool


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Also by d.knape:

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The Drawn Curtain Ways

I like burnt coffee,

the black half cup in the pot,

evaporating into syrup,

tongue-rejected but swallowed hot.


I like bent smokes,

cracked at the filter,

pinched and squeezed,

dispersing joyous poisons,

some to the lung demanding:


Each day begin bitter, imperfect,

stiff into addictions of dawn,

into the drawn curtain ways

of waking.

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Also by Devon Brock:

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the way

The road

It is a long highway

Trees on both sides.

I walk

No cars or busses my way

The road seems never-ending

Will I find

My approach to the little cottage

Also, happiness.

A vista opens

A warm summer day

With my tribe

We understood the unsaid.

They look at me

From a hazy distance

Moreover, ask

What took you so long.


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Let's Just Be Together!

Today is Sunday Paul, let's 'get lost'!
Let's escape the City smoke and frost.
Put Martha on the back seat of the car.
A destination unknown, drive away far.
We'll ignore all road signs, left or right.
I can walk in the woods, you can write!
Let's 'get lost' today, drive anywhere.
We can just be together without a care
No other place today do you have to be.
Just feel the freedom and be w...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Rainbow |

I feel . . .

I feel . . .
I feel life
I feel loss

don't know death
so can't feel it

I saw bright flowers,
picked blue berries,
(a mixing bowl full)

visited my VA doctor
ordered a creamy breve,
served by a sensuous woman.

walked around the garden
ate a few cherry tomatoes
looked at the dogwood tree,

a living memorial to life
here breathing with us all,
gifted by two dear friends...

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Also by Fred Nicholson:

a Bloody Tune in 1968 | the Space Creep | Superstition | Eye Peace | Your Worst Nightmare | a Blank Page | Bullet-Ten Questions | We will outlive them. | Because | superstition | Forget 1 |

The Americanisation of Australia

entry picture

The Americanisation of Australia


It's not that I'm anti-American

But there's something I just do not like

It's this Americanisation of my country

My daily Australian life that I like


The use of this 's' or a 'z'

Confuses me (no, frustrates me more)

Australian English says to use 's's

While American 'z's are appearing more and more


Let's look at this closel...

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Also by Don Matthews:

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Night waterfalls

In the darkness

Streams fell down 

An emotion came ashore


It was shielded inside 

A box with a lock 

There was no key.

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Divine vengeance

What you sow, you shall reap

If you sow the cactus seeds

Don't expect a thorn free leaves

The nature plays its role, in due course


What goes around, comes around

The things you give to others

All the abuses, criticisms and troubles

Will silenlty find itsway back your home


Patience and faith is all it takes

To fight a battle against oppressors great

Never los...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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Summer's End

A translucent blossom 
caught in a last sunbeam 
sang softly to me …

of dewy morning 
when rain bound droplets 
slid along arched anticipation 
of winged visitors 
that brush softly 
past sticky stamens 
the pitch of their audible flight 
rising and falling 
as beating wings 
gauzy in motion 
buzzed gently 
against alabaster anther...  

of high sun heat 
when colors blend 

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

Good Night Moon...not that book. | Pronoun | Olympic Mountains | Desert Landscape | Dedication Page | Travel | Upon Hearing of an ICE Raid: we want the country back | Thank You | Consequence - A Sestina | Weightless | A Question | Dance |

Wild Insomnia

Rain skitters ‘cross rooftops,

Fleeing rodents into shadow.

Wind ruffles ‘cross feathers,

Flighting owl into silence.






Swift execution.

Darkest dreamless thought.


Rain restarts the clock,

Ticking talons gain traction.

Wind restarts an ascent,

Launching flaps gain elevation.






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Also by Rob J Mann:

Suicide Note - Death of Insomnia | In Cahoots | Dear Roger | Wildflowers | Billy the Hero/Bedtime | Silent Witness and Silent Witness 2 (Supernova) | Get Real | Revolution | Yes Minister | Spin on This | Primeval | Indian Summer | Phoenix | Leaving My Love |


16 months between us
everyrhing was between us
we look so different have you seen us
not a bad bone between us
well our intentions are the best
that's a start
we care..Love in our heart

I say one heart
there's two
thers me and my heart
then there's yours and you
if your heart was to break
less than seconds it would take
for me to rescue you and share my heart with you
and if mine was...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

Put the fire out | Extra Large Sized Men's Padded Hooded Parker |


I speak of Julia the Peculiar

whose female subjects could not

have been unrulier.

Their grievances and demands

were more than met

with macho men under permanent threat.


The tables were turned on the male elite

who were under the thumb

and under Julia if the fancy took her

but commonly spat upon,

jeered at in the street.


Parlament was held uner party whip


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Also by ray pool:



Here is my set recorded live today in memory of Peterloo at Manchester's Peterloo Soapbox (outside Manchester's Home) containing two new poems


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andy npeterloopeterloo massacrepoetry

Upside down

The night stars came down
into endless horizon

Like the falling leaves

The stars came down on the waves
and reached the shore

Sh- Sh-

The sounds of them floating
all the night through on the beach.

A poor sense of direction dog sticked
herself on the sand carpet

And often pricked her ears up 


when they swam splashing 

into the deep blue sea.


Like a forbidde...

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blue eyesstars


entry picture

Burned out, hidden from the crowds inside of stranger's minds,
there are things to be found
in a time after time...after time.
But look,
not always you can read the last memories
inside of the universe book,
you always share what it takes
but now it gets more than you took.
No, stranger!
Nothing left to be undermined,
simple, eternal, contagious,
chasing ashes from those emp...

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Also by Dragan Bozilov:

Escape |

love poetrynostalgicpoetrysad poetrySpoken Word poetrywriterwriting

Go for the Glow

entry picture

Go for the glow
of good health.

Go for the glow
of a clear conscious.

Go for the glow
of forgiveness.

Go for the glow
of dreaming fearlessly.

Go for the glow
of giving generously.

Go for the glow
of loving unconditionally.

Go for the glow
of a life well lived.



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Also by Vautaw:

Third Eye Blind |


You're power

200mph  howling winds

Vicious down pours 

Hurricanes strong enough to permanently remove her ,

 in that moment : the same moment her life' no longer felt like she was living 

She realized ; she was drowning herself. 

Her own limitations ' covered in fear 

Her eyes closed

Unable to really see how it was all an illusion.

Curtains opened 

Colours fly

Heart beating franti...

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TAKE BACK MANCHESTER [on the anniversary of the Peterloo massacre]

Innocence died the day they marched to St. Peter’s field

under banner and pennant they laughed and sang


while all around a murderous gang; their red coats

camouflaged with blood that ran like a river after the flood


We’re here take back Manchester, for those who came before

and bore reprisal in the name of God and King and Law


We’ve come to stand with folded arms ...

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cleft (08/12/2019)

behind a banner 

woven with us

a strength greater than us each 

now living in us all. 


our bodies may go ashen

'neath the rigors of our peril

but the masts of what we stood for

shall sail our souls far beyond 

where we fell. 


and lo

tho widows wept 

we are the history of runes 

tracked nameless in the mud 

burned true in a crucible

carried on wit...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

witness bourne (Ray Charles Jr, 08/09) |

Honor bound ballad Saga pour one out

Black man's burden

entry picture

We clap some Blacks, 

them entertaining Blacks, 

 on stage, in film and racing tracks 

tho' we mow the shacks 

and dish out smacks 

to those working blacks.    


We clap some Blacks

  and forget those whacks 

and the blistered backs 

of hands that buy 

the music tracks 

and then we clap them 

Blacks them stand-up Blacks   

  but not them bent over blacks 


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Puss in milk | Faraged | Daughter in 2020 (Dementia onset) | Schematic phrases |


entry picture

Living in a state of confusion is unbearable, Where the micras and the micros complains. **** I'm a living body, But the tears of the world draws me backward. **** Leave the living body to dominate the entire city, But the obstacle mindset grave the hindrance of the people.

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Life = Expansion of the mind... Ever increasing possibilities!!


The human mind is the ONLY thing in the entire universe that does not decay with time!


Our minds grow in size, strength and possibility all the while wadeing against the eneviatable decay of the vertical, the physical body they are carried through their moment in time in. 


As our intelligence expands and our library of experienced knowledge grows, it becomes a race against the...

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Also by Tui Dragonfly:

Fingers of God - Meditations of a little cat | Heading towards 50 with Stardust and Atom Light as my guides | Autumn Stardust - Time is ours to control, we just gotta let go |


entry picture

(Been thinking)


It came to me in a flash. Or rather, a slash.

How old men seem inexorably drawn towards wearing beige and then how unsuitable that is, given their lack of equipment control and subsequent piss stains down their front.

So (PATENT PENDING) The Slash Apron.

Made of pliable and washable but impervious plastic, when not in use it tucks neatly inside your kecks where it ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Celebration Day

Its good to be goods,

In the invisible hands.

As if we are in a cheerful mood

to celebrate of being a puppet.

The concocted movement

all that forcible dance.

They can not restrain

they succumb.

I was labelled.

And adorably ostracized.

I hope you are celebrating

your anniversary of bondage.


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these children of mine are gods finest pieces 

no discoloration or unwanted creases 

a true artist masterpiece of such fine taste 

so smart strong and beautiful didnt leave nothing to waste 

the first months of your life were painful but boy it made you strong

and for those who said you wouldnt make it i know youll prove em wrong 

i hope one day you will forgive and uderstand 


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Also by Danny Giesbrecht:

the strength of a begining and a end |

Fragments "Unto The Kingdom Of Perpetual Night"

Now the news presenters are like frightened animals we keep as pets.


I've slipped so far below your standards I can't even see you anymore.


She came as a murderer to me killinjg with pleasure my human innocence.


You can spit in my face but your spitting into the sky.


God is giving birth to deformed angels. The reign of the fallen is close at hand.


The imagin...

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Also by Daniel King:

Fragments "Learning To Drown" | Fragments "Lost But Not Known Yet" | Fragments "The Procreation Of Space" | Fragments "I See You Swimming In The Canvas Of Closed Eyes." | Fragments "She Pulls Away The Fabric Of My Flesh" | Fragments "To Undo And In Undoing To Become" | Fragments "Falling Into Form" | Fragments "The Desire Of Ghosts" |


a somewhere else of me

here is a planet that could be my mind

valleys bottomless, mountains that defy measurement

there is a wrong sky overhead

presently brimmed with one of its multitudinous disagreeable moods

the ground belonging to my feet alters shape

as if I had committed a crime against it

sentencing me to stumble after stumble


from the home of my sad internal sight

I can see how shado...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

evaluating you | boarding school regrets | to a great inspirer | stitches in time | GENTLE JESUS (or) jEaLOuS jIM | resolutioner | age disbeliever | last in line | Aesop's inspirations |

A stitch in time!!

No Offence meant to my fellow human friends : 0 )


Being a woman of today’s time

Let me brag the same old tale

But let’s look at it in a woman’s way


A woman of today needs a virgin man

His piety intact, never strayed in prohibited way

Looking for such a man is a difficult task


Some may laugh and some may resent

It does not bother the women of today

It is no...

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Also by Ghazala Lari:

Hold Your Fire | Women Empowerment |


entry picture

There are times your dancers undermine
the humanist in me. In that northern
Cockaigne, you viewed with a realist's eye,
their heartiness tramps to raucous tuning.
The couples are casual, blatant;
the heaving trestles piled with plates.

Such carouses, what were they to you?
Did you celebrate, despise, or pity?
For there is shown mere lumbering daftness,
feet clumping across the floor. No...

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Also by David Cooke:


Peek-a-Boo Blue

'Oooooh – a curve of breast

In a blue blouse?


'A sliding slit up the thigh

Of a tight, blue skirt?'


'A curly male chest

In a skimpy, blue vest?'



No! No! No! No! No!


'A glimpse of sky

Through the bending boughs

And trembling leaves

Of summer trees

After rain

Sluicing down -

Running rivers on the road

Pounding puddles on the driv...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

The Steepest Street In Town | Social Respect | Old People | 'She's a Prostitute' |

Will you be mind?

My time

Is not mine

But our time

You’ve made your bed in my dreams

I lie in it


this isn’t me


I would part with my skin

If it weren’t attached 

And never look back


Each night when I close my eyes for sleep

I see you in my head

Your feet poke out one side of your bed

And oh,

It makes me giddy for you

And so,

I end up crawling in bes...

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Please don’t make yourself at home |

attachedBrainDistancedreamfeelingsheartbreaklovemindMissingMovingon my mindroutineSleepsubconsciousthinkingwake


Tranquility in your presents

doves pecking as our kiss is tending

lips lock our mind in a spell, as the doves sing their song, letters spelling in the air.

clouds draw me close for a better look

fractals in the nooks, lump to lump, baby rainbows extend their hand and shake with glee

telling my lover she is the best mother to be


She see's the beauty in my beastial nature, cal...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

Cipher's Guilt |


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