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A conspiracy for Corona life

A conspiracy of Corona life!


Contemplate this all - as the truth

Then try and prove it as a lie

Corona 19 is but subterfuge

A test - for us all by and by



How would the World masses react

To being ordered to stop-in every day?

No more flying here, there nor to anywhere

Due to the virus, they must GO home and STAY!



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The Bridge Of Broken Bones


Take a broken barrow and load up with stones,
Wheel it ‘cross the broken bridge made from broken bones,
Heave it to the hall of kings sitting on their thrones,
Leave it at the wall where rings of paupers cry their mournful moans,
Let them build their crumbled cairns in honour of the Gods,
Fill the air with empty prayer and hopeful eyes from knowing nods,
Let the lightning strike the gro...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Paint | Amor Fati |

Out of reach

I wouldn´t even know
if you lay sick
on a hospital bed

I wouldn´t even know
if you went all in black
to a loved one´s funeral

I wouldn´t even know
if you sat in that bathtub again
with a razor blade
at your wrist

I wouldn´t even know
I couldn´t help you



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entry picture


He made a cosy nest, protected from the cold

In a grey stone wall, in a steel pipe, very old

He could carry the post

He could race to the coast

He was a pigeon, who could not be pigeonholed


Photograph credit to local photographer Robin Ree


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Also by julie callaghan:

The Memorial | Nothing Lasts Forever | The Simple Life | Gym Bunny | After The Storm | Heroes In Blue | Lucky Cow | A Moment of Madness | My Purple Hat (Inspired by the original by Erma Bombeck) | A Ladybird or A "Beatle" | Should We Stay Or Should We Go? | It’s Raining Cats And Dogs | Attempting Poetry | The Vampire Virus |

A History

Divination by the flight of birds
is the order of the day, he sees doves swoop
from the right, and his love is emboldened.

The world is flat (and whatever happens
at the edge is no concern of the boy),
to his horizons she is the centre.

The eye of eternity has been found 
to be blind, the amber clear as aspic.
He vows to weave through these days for her sake.

To make of Mars a peace...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Something About Hands |


entry picture

Poem 94 of 230: MOROCCAN TEA

Here’s a hint
Concerning mint;
It’s very brief:
Just pick a leaf
From the backyard,
And wash if marred;
Leaf, bag, in mug,
Boil the jug,
Pour in and stir,
Oust the former,
And add sugar.
It’s easy, see -
Moroccan tea...
Well, 'tis roughly.

(C) David Franks 2003 - 

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Maybe its not so bad?

*this is a little bit happier than usual i guess idk when i wrote this i was just vibing i guess*

maybe not everything is so bad

yeah im still sad

but I cant be mad

Because the sun is on my skin

Im writing poetry

And drinking tea

So right now i think i win

And while tonight i may cry

currently im not asking myself why

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Also by Youngdumbpoet:

God vs Satan | how do you see me? | 'it' |



Now I'm back on my feet

Completely healed

Mind, body and soul

Are all now normal


My heart plays a song

I love its rhythm and lyrics

It's a divine cosmic mix

Which Angels are singing


Life is but what we make

I had too many dreams

Wishes and desires extremes 

With someone close to me


He went on another journey

With a fair maiden made for him


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Also by Bluesky.girl:

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All to come

Amid the intensity

of summer,

when I meander

through afternoons

chaotic with crowd

and colour,


I see the barefoot freedom

of the young,

who will discover,

when the shell

begins to crack,


love will leave

them flapping,

like a turtle,

on its back.

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Our Pain

Our pains - there are many kinds;
Some of body. Some of mind;
And so when we feel distressed
In many ways it is expressed.  

With body pains we scream or shout; 
And let people know what it's all about;
So they understand just how we feel,
As tis often short and soon will heal.

But our mind's problems are complex,
As they may have some strange effects.
And with such troubles we may retre...

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Mental ilnessPainStuart VannerTroubles



Tommy Licester went to Bicester
To see Sally, his little sicester
But on her door was a note
That Sally had wrote-
It seemed that Tommy had just micester

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doggerelhumourword play

Sirius Blue

Sirius Blue

     How else to make a possible union, implausible,
How else to besmirch a positive gtraduation,
How else, but within a coma?

     There within realms of Sirius, a Blue Sun grants
A helping hand to an old planet where fledgling concepts
Are denied expansions of thoughts, feelings, futures,
     For the 'old' deception for new babes
Does not want of realization, where withi...

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Rooms cleared

merely at the sight

of him when at

reunions with his

former army chums


Such a dashing lot

too, he served with

many of them at Puna,

riding with the Dragoons


After he was demobbed

they offered him a job

at a bassoon factory

tuning in instruments


He never told a

soul about his

passion for eating

high fibre prunes



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Also by Philipos:




We can never go back

now that we have learned

the new way

we can never back to work

or back to school

or resume our normal lives

until every last disease is eradicated

and human suffering and death

completely eliminated

all ailments and sickness must end

every stubbed toe

every bee sting

every cold and sniffles

every headache

human experience must be ...

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Also by d.knape:

When I Write A Poem | MASKS | Retrieving The Morning Paper | Managing Your Beard | Free Speech | REFERRAL ORDER | Mirror Image | Wiped Out | Salt Of The Earth | BEING BRIEF |

A Wholesome Girl

Many times he'd been round the block

To prove it he still had the scars

He'd mixed with a host of bad women

Yet even now he aspired to the stars


A wholesome girl was what he wanted

He needed someone clean and refined

Not the hard types that had fleeced him

The worn-out bodies his had entwined


Then he met Martha who wore no perfume

Her contours she carefully dis...

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Also by simon lucan:

Never Praise A Lover | The Quiver Of Fond Lips |

hard typeswholesome girlworn-out

A sad and happy reunion

Jane was adopted at a very early age.

Her birth mum,an actress, with no work on the stage,

Became homeless and onto the streets went,

Made a living begging in Margate Kent.


Jane was fortunate her upbringing was stable,

She shone at school became bright and able.

To an university in Kent Jane went,

Qualified as a doctor and to a hospital went.


Jane decided to try a...

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Also by hugh:

Silence is golden | "I'm going to have to put him down." | An embarrassing few words | A knee change operation | Don't drink and drive | Didn't they dig well | A postal error | A thongful arrest | Don and the swan | A nice ride | Confessions of a fly |

"When the Face you Detest is You"



"When the Face you Detest is You"


It is easy to stare in the face of sinners

with holy anger streaming from your face,

Smirking gleefully at their foulness,

And priding in your self-bequeathed sacredness.

Because your robes are white,

And your titles high

But, hey, what of your heart?


You leap on every wrong turn,

Crying the law and its damning co...

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Also by Emeka Collins:

"Bound for the City" | "Conversation with an atheist Lover" |

Instrumental Anti- Racism and Terrorism"

Be vocal and informed on World opinions,ease your self through life, don't fret over things,that are out of your control. If your feeling blue,stick your ear to the ground, and listen to the thundering bass of Mother Earth, to remind you of her kindness. Also her wrath, if you try to plunder her. Stay wired and wary of what news and sources you take in. Plug into your inner thought...

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Also by Ed Kynaston:

Cotton candy land | The neural river flows | Drones in the sky | Voice box for Buddha |

Endless Possibilities

Confidence comes from self-knowing

Knowing is to journey within

Within is the source of all wisdom

Wisdom is to truly master life

Life is about self-knowing

Knowing oneself is growing

Growing is the true path

Paths all lead to inner wisdom

Wisdom is an acceptance

Acceptance is to know oneself

Oneself the true source of knowing

Knowing yet never knowing all

All ...

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Also by deanfraserofficial@yahoo.com:

What About Me? | Tales To Tell | Some People | Observed On My Travels | Dragons | The Jacket |

#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Why Would You Do That?

I’ve got callouses
I’m covered in scars
I’m broken inside
So loving me is hard

You kissed my fingers
My heart pounded so hard
You bathed me in love
And now i can’t get up my guard

It just seems so easy for you
Even after all we’ve been through
You told me you didn’t want to lose me
So how are you being so cold
You washed away the armour that i hold
I wish that this hurt you like i...

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Also by Maddie Wilson:

Green Eyes |

angerheartbreakhidden feelingshurtlostmoving on

The best poem never written

The following is in reply to a private message to a fellow poet this morning who ending by saying...


..."I don't even know what poetry is! I just write the words in my head as I reflect on a life spent/misspent"...



######  I do exactly that.

In fact, I have written a few poems here that do say just that... Life is poetry mate.

Some of it is hard and challenging. WOL ...

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Also by poemagraphic:

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AbuseAll of usDeathMental illnessPoReligion

World's most dangerous place - Aksai Chin

 The world's most dangerous place

strategically important a location

Countries hankering to gain control

line of active control dividing Nations apart

The most dangerous place a person could visit

in News over the globe in covid times

pandemic issues are being overlooked here

soldiers are being murdered by ambushed ones

who holds the sway over aksai chin?

isn't an issue ...

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Blissful ignorance


I open my eyes in the morning, hoping to feel better

Instead I feel dread and loneliness waking back up in my heart

If there was no sunrise I know that I would die

The sun lights up my veins and kisses my skin

But if there was no end to my sleep I would rest in blissful ignorance of the fate that is to always come

Every time

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Also by VHH:

Woman |

Who are we?

Who are we if we don’t fight for equality?

Equality of every race and creed. 


Who are we if we don’t stand for what we believe?


If we were built on freedom and justice for all then tell me how you can stand tall. 

While mothers fall to their knees begging for mercy. 

While you speak of walls and greatness. 


JESUS give me patience cause this man’s ignorance is compl...

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A Sufi saint prepares to meet his death

Goodbye my Sufi friends and lovers
Nothing now exists to connect you to me.
You are free. Tayyar can be trusted.

I will rise from the trap of this world
I will ask you to be my servant in paradise.
You are my dancer, I am your poet, we laugh
Together on days when I taste rain-drift-clouds.

When you sew I can watch you and fall in love
Again, I remember our first meeting, fleeting

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Also by John E Marks:

The speech of angels | Vestiges | INDEPENDENCE DAY | FOOTLOOSE |



doubles the crime

of a doubled life

just like the last time

I held you


I have you

but I don’t

I love you

but I don’t

I search for what I’m missing

in between our intense kissing


Stimulating conversations

beautiful words that lift me up

impassioned exchanges

stories with deeper meaning

culture, music, political issues

let’s excha...

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Also by kimberly:

Choking | Unwell | A keen eye's woe | Deconstruction Site | Chasing Sunsets | Did I Ever Tell You... |

A Fight In The Library



Asked if she knew anything about poetry;



Threw the complete works of Tennyson at me.


Now, had she chosen Eliot,

The blow would've been far less horrific,

For though Eliot was the better poet,

Tennyson was the more prolific.

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Also by branwell kent:

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The possibility of endangering a gentleman's genitals


with demonic profanities daubed on every wall

before I knocked another short back

I knocked a scrubber off up against the filthy s**thouse wall


she only charged a quid a screw, this was my lucky day!

but when she added ' that's plus VAT '

I said ' yer wot! no ! way!


so I had to watch this crafty cow, thinking she had the measur...

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A words inside words hunt with my new thinking albeit ( as yet ) unsuccessful self | Praising the old Masters | Dreaming of a dream | Those ever useful off-cuts! | Downturn | The old unanswerable question | Bombshell of suddenly imposed singularity | And in the right hand corner Leon ' raging bull ' Stolgard! | Back into the realms of madness! | Barefaced cheek! | Condoning devilry | A poem from the book of me |

To the Lost Trawlermen of Hull

entry picture

O' if you could see the Devil's grin, would you trespass on his mortal sea?
Thy is no sanctuary to those perils, bound phlegmatic men;
whose hands labour in enemy boundaries.
O' trawler men, who art thou unite in brethren, fight incoming battles; torrential weather.
Many address the danger, huddled together; trying to keep warm
but we know death is no friend and is always hungry for more.

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The Bailaora of the Ball |


With sturdy silence

entry picture

With sturdy silence

Friday.10th July 2020


She spoke nothing

as woman being

but heard the words

and looked towards the sky


why human beings are so intolerant?

she had no glorious moments

she was praised all the way

but she had found the safe way


"I won't stay with you"

my journey shall not be smooth through

the comfortable  company

so I shall be...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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A Drowning Dream.

To learn everyday was what taught to me,
Sinking in a ocean, moving steadily;
It was the ocean of knowledge and believes,
Suddenly the world changed, and power came to cease.

'Look at him, look at her', comparing to the whole world,
Trying my very best, to win in every word.
Becoming a good son, a dear brother and good friend,
But that 'I', was lost in the end.

I became what you want, ...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

A battle with self. | Trapped | A new Family | To the best mentor he ever had. |

anxietybrokenbroken dreamscompassiondreamsdrowndrowninglow self-esteemself hateself worth

Absolutely No Desires

I would rather aspire to the inspirations that bring shame than the virtues of the just.

Evil does not exist save as a concept. Yet we are greatful for the concept as nothing is more delightful than being wicked.

The pungency of decay has a bouquet that clings tight like a lover or a memory.

Nothing excites the senses more than the extremes of experience. Life must be sacraficed in some d...

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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

The Skeletons Of Impossible Forms | The Land Of Nameless Children | We Create Our Definitions Having None Of Our Own |


The Candle and the Thread

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal, India, July 10, 2020

I'm burning but why are you shedding thick tears? said the Thread to the Candle.
Whose heart is full of pain, he must cry, the Candle

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Also by Ujjal Mandal:

A Frustrated Lover's Pay | Yesterday is Better than Tomorrow | Maa, the Maker of the World | Mother, My Loving Lotus |

Life is pain


he was so kind, 

so gentle 

even as his daughter entered her preteens

he honestly was her best friend

all of her friends loved him, teased her

about his appeal to them, 

but really ... they knew

he was a dad to some who didn't have one

or whose ones just honestly sucked at being a Dad.


i met him a few times

he came to my home

he drank his tea black, no milk


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daddy issues

Someone I used to know

You were somebody I used to know.
You meant everything to me, not long ago.
I remember everything and I know.
I'm not longer a thought in your mind anymore.

You were the ray of light in my darkness.
The calmness to these violent storms.
The shelter to the hailing rain.
The comfort behind closed doors.

You lit up my world ablaze.
Spoke truth into my soul.
Inspired me to be a better man.

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Also by Zhar2020:

Adam and Selina Part.1 (poetic story) | Why does it terrify me so? |

Botanophila discreta

entry picture

Replanting my soul into a bitter bowl of charcoal
Poking holes in muddy soles to let stagnant water run
Up to our knees, up to our necks, screaming steel tomb
Algae will one day bloom on my bleached bones

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They are a hopeful breed.


My grandfather quotes Pope’s ‘An Essay on Man’

As he tells me that “hope springs eternal”.


My mother points at a patch of crocus and bluebells in the Spring,

“A few months ago, this land was barren,

And now there is so much beauty.”


My father references his favourite Cohen song,

When he whispers to me, “There is a crack in everythi...

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Also by Isobel O'Donnell:

A Broken Mirror | Fever | The Fawns |

familyhopehopelessno hope

The Cost Of Your Hand

I awake on a bed of roses, 

Whose petals crunch like orphaned autumn leaves.

A ray of sunlight towards me approaches,

Dancing in the light are muddy speckles aplenty.


I can feel the air around me toy with my locks,

Which is as feeble as your grasp on my hand.

But I hold on

To you, this very second, this very moment.


The mere sight of you sugarcoats my disill...

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Also by Shifa Maqba:

What Lies Above And Below Us |


One Hundred Days In Plague Town

entry picture

One Hundred Days In Plague Town


I met a man in Plague Town

With bird’s beak and a long black coat

He carried a cane in his left hand

He spoke to me and I quote:
‘Don’t travel far from your fire son

Go runaway and hide

For Fear stalks the streets of Plague Town

Some are ill and others have died’


So I went back home as he told me

And I sat and counted the days


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

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100 poems in 100 daysday100. covid-19museongoingpassing timepoetry writingwriting


entry picture

Idling evening on the terrace

watching the light on the bay

saw a swirling whirl of wings

zigging, zagging, desperately spiralling

up down over round and above.

A ravenous rapacious raptor

chasing a frightened fledgling.

Just when all seemed lost

the victim, as a last resort,

dived under the table, and crouched

quivering, heart thumping visibly

half dead  with shee...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

A visit to Vulcan |

The Pianist

Dominoes are hanging, like 88 wind-chimes, inside a

Record shop window;  whereinto an old Irish priest, once a dreamer of becoming

Michelangelo, or Liszt the virtuoso, today called

'Father Manyon,'  is peeping;  recalling the scented

Solitary pine, on the hillside of his home town; whereunder he used to recite

La Belle Dame sans Merci, often wishing to

See the pale sighing face o...

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Also by Michael Kwack:

From the Garden of Afternoon |

Equilibrium of mind

if my mind should

ever aflame

to a deserted

place in nature

I shall retreat


there free

and devoid of attachments

I shall be happy

by my self


here cocooned inside

natures comforting womb

the fluid depths

of my futile concerns

will be laid bare to

to see


then mother nature

with her hyptonic potions

shall  melt

my anxieties away


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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Rosy future | A banquet spread out in the night sky | The mirror only now reflects | Monkeys filled the vacuum | A well planned return |

Little Doll

I seek you moth girl,

there are hopes masked

behind doors in our mind

touches, intrusions

that felt like Fear 

Frozen Little Doll


It’s where you still solicit,

Part Me, Part Him

God’s Steward dismantled

drowning under sheets

and adult whims

Fragments of sin


I ask you to come home

dance with me again, 

you are swimming of reach

in the same mind


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#psyche #childabuse #personalities

The Lockdown Spring Renga Project

entry picture

March - June 2020 :

During the early months of the UK lockdown, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic - I've been organising and running an online community writing project through various Facebook community boards, but in two different communities: Fakenham, in north Norfolk, where I live & work, and the Isles of Scilly, which I've known and loved for over twenty-five years. The two poems produ...

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chain-poemcommunity poemcoronavirusCovid-19haikulockdownrenga


I was given the earth

not to keep but to sow and to share

such a beautiful mine like a beautiful yours

no wrath from some mouth

no pursed scorn from some upturned lip

just elements

truest in soil under our fingernails

just elements

of the most perfect rose

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Also by Clive Culverhouse:

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entry picture

An attempt at mid-line assonance and end-line consonance. A re-post from 2012. (I no longer require a penile cage to restrain me!). 


In the mind and on the flesh sense the crop’s keen edge

Hear the swish and feel the thresh; Mistress will oblige.

One’s for you; the second’s mine; the third is born in rage

Three red welts in perfect line; Mistress will oblige.

Pain and pleasure ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Artex Walls and a Union Jack flag

The year is 1987
the Artex walls of number 11
the union jack flag left in the loft by the owner before
Ted and Helen who lived next door

close to the school, a walk away
summer days on the wreck we'd  play
we had the coal bunker cellar underneath our feet
my great uncle sonny lived across the street
no bath, only showers here
the broken bedroom door, closing fear
tiles on the floor and...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

The doctor will see you now. | Let The Music Play |

Childhood memoriespunk poetryworking class

Today's Mission

entry picture

Johnny stood in a shop

With his parents ranting on

They couldn't decide

Which leaded to a fight

Daddy asked Johnny

" Which one do you choose?"

Johnny quickly replied 

" I like Daddy's choice."

His Dad smiled which soon died

When Johnny added

" Because Daddy chose Mommy

And Mommy chose Daddy."

Now the tables were turned

And the giggling could be heard



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Also by Anmolpreet Kaur:

Slumber | First Impression | Smeared |



You wake me up sparrow,
Early in the morning.
With your clarion call,
Which comes out chirping.

Above bed's window panes,
You prepared your nest.
But you're never seen in it,
Taking some rest.

On the contrary you're seen,
Busy in bringing hay.
To make the nest strong,
All the whole day.

After some days,
You're seen feeding your littles.
With incessant Increase,

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Obtain the Face of Oversoul |

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