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Yorkshire Day

The summer sunrise breaks the dawn   
whilst horses graze on dewy grass
An enchanting scene from Yorkshire 
through a veiled mist like opaque glass

Famous for rolling countryside 
wildlife and wonderful coastline
The people are kind and friendly 
the local cuisine is divine

Not forgetting the peaks and dales
to explore, climb, ramble and roam 
Some folk call it Gods own country 

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Tears of the Moon


The legend speaks of a healing reflection,

light that preserves inward perfection.

Luminous sap in moonshine elixir,

eternal womb sustainity in a tear.


Silent voice shape shifting flow,

water of mercy and compassion beau.

Providence sphere in radiant shape,

endurance not knowing to be afraid.


Beyond all withered conception,

drifting along virtues convictio...

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willful mausers

Willful mousers


After a month of rain, sunshine and clear sky

I have removed the plastic sheet to keep winter wood dry.

A cat sits on the top of the wood pall and hisses if dogs come near.

A smart cat has noticed the village dogs are cowards when met with resistance.

The felines around here feed themselves catching rats and mice

They eat the food you set out for them but wil...

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On the Milk

5.30am until 7am

Monday to Friday before school,

up at 4am on Sundays 

finished by lunchtime,

If you drop and break anything

clean it up and never lie to me,


such a scant induction as a

sixteen-year old village milk boy

in 1967, the Summer of Love,

the hippy anthem ‘ San Francisco’

scrolling through my head,


in the rain, I wore a floor-length cape


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One more time

O life let me fall in love with you

Let me share the feelings true 

I have so much within to give

Holding back is killing me


O life let me breathe anew

Fresh air of emotions

And things that lends happiness

Joy of living with people I love 


O life let me hear your music true 

Lyrics of songs romantic that gets me kicking too

Into the realms of Neverending lov...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Breathing anew |


Teaming of cold angles,

Yellow in its breaming,

Dying early at night.


Guttered rat,

Which teals the ground,

Broken edges at the banquet.


Hollowing the precious thin,

A serpentine tincture of handy men,

Because a stream struck a chord between.


Beneath a creep,

The kingdom come,

Rotting hearts of deathly grace.


It streaks the blue,

A red in ...

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The Moon in Reply

My darling, it

Could never be 

For you would eventually 

Devour me

And so we sit

Eons away

Space staring us 

This place to stay.   


Copyright Donna R Hedges 2021

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Amidst the clouds of ego and selfdom,

Olly found a falcon out of the world,

who surprisingly was kind and humane,

making Olly hurled and swirled.

Falcon stopped his journey abruptly,

making nest on a banyan tree,

sudden wining and dining together,

gave Olly million reasons to glee.

Years passed in this gambol,

making them forget the truth,

the world works on some norm...

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Wars gestate in the wombs of Mothers

who will cry at the folding of a flag,

Yet cheer the burning of another.

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July goes out with a bang

walls collapse inward

port-a-loo effluence falls as rain


The sniper eats his breakfast

a fine dust of asbestos layers his tongue

his fingernails split by ricochet’d brick


Waking with his door like a coffin lid atop him

the room disappears into a falling sky

neighbours stagger blind like ghosts looking for shoes


And still the ...

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