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Black Memory

entry picture

Harried by old-style buses

Wheezing to dirty destinations

A tarnished cafe in a spit-splashed square

Seats stocky knave with bushy brows, peg teeth

And two giggling harpies


Black guy enters in night-sky overalls

Orders food and coffee

Sits down, minding his own business

Suspecting indifference, daring acceptance

From ingrained urban habit


'I fucking hate his...

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Ribbons From Christ

You can call yourself 
I'm burning from the 2nd floor 
Can you hear me?
God is gone to a better place

Please don't hold the wave 
Please don't hold the wave
I am coming down 

I cut myself today 
I let the blood dry up 
Picked the crest just to see if I would bleed again

Something in the way you say you're okay 
Makes me want to end it
So cut the tie today

Please don't hold the...

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Letters to the prince, part 1

Strange life indeed-

It allows our lives to pass through it,

Sometimes it’s easy like breathing

With few letters to be sent home,

Soon everyone forget to remember us.

However at times-

Most times to some of us,

We go through the eye of the needle,

Extruded and shaped for purpose,

Conditioned for difficulties and life privation,

Where the weaker the process of preparin...

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The hero goes away | Many people are dying, dead |

Sudden Attack

The heart stops,
stomach drops,
and fear attacks
tearing and scraping the insides.
Stepping back, it’s not the right time.
It’s too delicate; my hands are tied.

I stall. I ruminate. I do all the things not to destroy this.
I dread that I will, gravely… to the point of not moving.
This is what it’s like when people become a ghost.
It’s too much to go forward.
So, I turn
in the opposite d...

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anxietymental healthmental illness


entry picture

The fox was hungry, so went to grapevine,

thinking, it will be, a feasty dine,

went there, and jumped and jumped,

and tried to catch till it was nine.

She failed and roared in thunder voice,

grapes were sour and full of noise,

not they but I am rejecting them,

as an eater its my choice.

And this story resounds with we all,

making excuses when we fall,

but what if it w...

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entry picture

Forget-me-not blue,
Blue like an Alaskan blueberry.
Endurance is a flower,
A bulb in winter’s depth,
A rare-repeated wonder:
A sin we must forget.

In this-world-of-my-creation
In this world-of-make-believe:
Cancer, the death of children,
Are fallen autumn leaves. 

 I see a road before me
A road I walk in vain
A road through Trawden Lancashire.
A road's that's not the same..


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Mid night blabbering

It's a lovely night I do feel, angels spread their wings as i sleep. Harmony and peace flowing here.  Darkness has a heart touching song to play. As i gently lay to sleep, i can here the symphony of love so deep. 

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Emerging from its claustrophobic

cocoon the caterpillar inhaled and

inflated itself, instinctively heading

for cover. It wasn’t a silkworm type

all glittery and twee, this one headed

for the safety of the nearest tree and


absorbing the atmosphere, paused

taking stock of its environment . It was

then a pub let out its customers who

idly trundled onto the front p...

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Also by Philipos:


Here Shines

Here shines

The dream that binds

The hopes

Given to you

That hears a voice

And runs to find

That shadows

Need love



Here sighs

The heart that tries

To look

For something new

Run to and fro

And back again

To find it all

In you


Here waits

The tender kiss


Veiled spirits cry

A whisper

Of a certain truth

That love ...

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Also by Josephine Underwood:

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Tread gently

Tread gently

through the graveyard.


Beneath your feet

a dreamland lies.


The fortunate who

dwell in it

are free of all

worldly pains and sufferings.


They bask in eternal rest.


Tread gently

through the graveyard.

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

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A love song in the time of pestilence.



I shall not ask for your hand in marriage without a mask on your face.

Surprises are like viruses that diminish the potencies of passions.

Do not touch my body when you brush pass me on a cool summer

evening of shaded trees and spotlighted cars rushing by who knows where.

Gather your feelings when your bloom flowers, when your jogging body

pass mine so close.  I can smell ...

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Also by vincent berquez:

A love song in the time of pestilence. |


The excitement for the young to be involved in a protest

With the belief that all these causes seem to make sense

Just remember to think of your future

Because good jobs are rare with a felony offense

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Also by Joe Marcello:


Before The Morning


Asked to provide an emblem for life
I opted for the restless sea.
I thought it important that it is not itself alive
yet its constant motion parallels
life in many ways.
Very good, they said. Tomorrow, bright and early,
you must tell us your emblem for love.
Sweet dreams.

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Standing in the Rain

entry picture

Standing in the rain
Watch as it falls
Fresh on your skin
Standing in the rain
Take a deep breath
Feel peace within
The feelings fresh
The feelings free
In that one moment
Where you want to be
There is no blame
All calm remains
When standing in the rain

Standing in the rain
Watching the world
Just pass you by
Standing in the rain
It wets your face
Hides tears you cry
You want ...

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The Walled Garden

I thought that in these trying times, when so much is doom and gloom, a little taste of something light and wholesome might be a good idea! I hope it comes across as quaint - and not sickly-sweet!


The Walled Garden


I played within a walled garden;

The sun shone on the honeysuckles and the lilacs and the tea roses.

And it shone on me.

I’d been dressed in my lemon organza dr...

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Little Dancey Feet!

(one for the bairns...and big bairns)

Came to the world

With Dancey feet! 

Danced off the bed

And down the street

Danced on a bus

And on a car

For such tiny feet

They danced so far!

Danced up a tree

And through the air

Through fluffy clouds

That tickled her!

Danced on the sun

(And, burnt her bum!)

But still she danced

With joyful fun

Her weary fee...

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Tofrary Today

This time I've been playing sick. vomiting. Gaslight flames of candles not lit. Haunting. 


Sincerity has qonseqences that might not play out.


Unlikeable I have been. Frail from vominting I rest in doing.


The rain outside with the cars sounds like waves on a beach.


Repeated panic attackes i use a cold shower to cope. Run icy cold water over my face while holding brea...

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Tin foiled hats on.

entry picture

Tin foiled hats on


I find my mind can’t be consoled

Its constant entrainment mind controlled

Cell towers transmitting microwaves

Smart meters your money will never save


Here we go, another tinfoil nutter

I hear again a few may mutter

Thinking they know more than scientific  facts

Their truths based on lies whilst mine on facts


My background is verifiable


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5GChemtrailsMicrowave saturation.


Essex has fallen,

Romford first then Chelmsford,

Dagenham dug in but was ravaged.

The spirit of malcontent came to a climax

and spilled over like the nightlife itself. 

Social media has been full of it,

online casinos offering odds on the outcome. 

Basildon Town hall is under siege

no police presence reported

though notable statues have been protected.



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Also by ray pool:


Old Clothes, a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


I only got

two sets of clothes

one for around the house

and one for going to Walmart


a lot of the times

they are one and the same


but who cares

have ya seen how people

dress these days


blue jeans

with fake holes in the knees

I got holes too in mine but

my holes are from actual work


my clothes feel good on me

they been with me so lo...

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The Phoenix Flame

In a little souvenir shop in Arizona

You wove your magic dreams into my soul

Stirring up a deeper sense of life

Ran the desert like a sea of ancient times


I bought a little handbook about dinosaurs

It hugged my inner child with earthly wonder

We walked across the dam and bridged the gap with long ago

You said: one day you'll need appreciation


The sun rose over the...

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The Truth In Hot Sudden Tears

Out of the blue they appeared

Composure broken, cast adrift

Lately she'd been evading me

My questions got short shrift


Nature can only take so much

Secrets discompose its skills

So long we had been at odds

Life an endless battle of wills


We had survived enough wars

Love adrift on waves of years

But nothing prepared me for

The truth in hot sudden tears


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Three Months Until You Know What!

What is it with all the Christmas talk

do they not know it's still September

I am thinking of starting a campaign

to just keep Christmas in December


The news fast forwards us into Spring 

but there was one other report today

As if the news couldn't get any worse

“it's three months until Christmas day”


The sofa adverts started a month ago

tubs of celebrations ar...

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just for fun

Rolling on

I tried counting 

my lucky stars tonight 

but i got smacked in the face 

with a meteorite. 

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Fools Rush In (Inner monologue of a childhood sexual abuse survivor cont'd)

I've been foolish

unguarded and exposed

vulnerable, ripe for the plucking 

how clearly he saw this

how oblivious I must have seemed

totally unheeding

trying to live the dream


Ruthlessly he burrowed into me

what he sought I do not know

one swift move, a hand, a pillow

I was no more

fear and shame soared


Rushing into everything 

brings forth nothing


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fear of attachmentsrapetherapy

My Crazy Diamond two

My Crazy Diamond


As these words cascade upon the page

I feel a hole inside

Sometimes I shine like you

My crazy diamond.

All my friends say its good to have you back

But I’m not there

I’ll spend another day

Just staring at these four walls.

Come crashing down,

I smash my flat up again.

Silence deafens now

As these words cascade upon the page

I feel that y...

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Lockdown in the Local

The pubs are shut
The grass aint cut
The pints not flowing
The lawn needs mowing
The pies are cold
The snacks are old
The crisps are stale
The lack of ale
The jukey's quiet
The waitress fired
The buzz is gone
The fire ain't on
The food disposed
The doors are closed
Goodbye my Local

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Corona virusLockdownPub


What is it about a cloud, a raindrop?

With the sky frowning gray and cold, 

casting a dim view for my mind to accept

that brighter days have past.


With this forecast, some energy is lost,

gone like the sun behind a wall of reasons.

The can'ts and won'ts sneaking-in to dampen the road,

making the journey long and lonely.


Can such power be in that small, cold drop?


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Consequences VII

Latest in the Consequences series that my writing workshop does at the end of each meet up where we take it in turns writing a line each. Thanks to Mike, Reggie, Antonia, Sarah and Amanda tonight for the laughs and loads of good writing.


The Zombie stopped at the edge of the town

and considered her options.

She'd been out causing chaos last night, didn't she deserve a night off, glas...

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entry picture

I am amused by conspiracy theories.  Well, not the theories themselves which are unsubstantiated bollocks but by conspiracy theorists.

My son-in-law-to-be is one.  Nothing passes him by – the moon landings, JFK’s assassination, crop circles and, of course, Covid 19.  At first it was 5G signal masts, now it’s lab-produced in China for the purpose of bankrupting the West.

And I love it.  I lik...

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Also by John Coopey:


Climate Change (and us?)


The planet turns, the planet turns;

The adults fiddle while Rome burns.

And children yet to be conceived

Have every right to feel aggrieved.


And us? We tiptoe through the mines

And join the back of frantic lines

In shirtsleeved January sales,

Pursued by ever-warming gales.


Exhausts and power stations spout

Unheeded warnings all about.

But politicians mu...

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Scribble shell

entry picture

Sew some tears into your sleeves
Save them for me later, please
Hanging like the sword of Damocles
Scratching at imagined fleas
Ignoring all the shouted pleas
Bodies cold like frozen peas
Sailing blindly in heavy seas
Dreaming of dry land and trees

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Fingermusic | Pholcidae | Mo |

A new look at life

Lying alone in my bed

I remeber my old life in my head

Sometimes it was the night I dread

 Had thoughts of emptiness

But I'm no longer

Carrying the heaviness

Don't know why I did the things I did

That life's over now

I sealed it with the lid

So many times

I've fallen down in the past

Leaving scars and memories

That Last

Don't have those thoughts anymore

I ...

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How Little


Life seems to have revealed itself to me in stages,
Presented its lessons at a time when I needed to learn them,
Laid itself bare and at the same time hidden its meanings,
And the one thing I’ve learned above all other things is how little I know,
And as we all step blindly forward on the crest of the ever passing moment,
And into the ever unfolding unknown,
The one lesson that has been...

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entry picture


Brought up on fish fingers

and church on Sunday.

A lawnmower land

of new beginnings.

Robin Hood and Batman

carried the day.


Not from here, nor there;

not middle-class or worker

and wrong accent

as my part-time pals

would remind me

and not much good at fighting

or football or maths.


Enamoured of the pen

from an early age,


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True Love

Beauty is something that I thought I knew until my eyes took yours in

Tenderness was just a thought until I felt your touch

I never knew how it felt to be complete until I held you in my arms

True love was just a wish until God brought you into my life


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first lovelovelove poemslove poetrytrue love

FIE THEE, inkanDESCENT with your rejection!!! This is... Well read on



Will know in September

Just heard today but it won't be long

Stare out above daylight passing

Will I always be there?

Covering back daring to face

Encroachment of night?

I watch the flying birds

Sense panic exert towards light

You keep staring towards

We must get back to house

The encroachment displayed receipts

You wrote a letter to ...

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Also by Aaron Murdoch:

People say "Ewww, you don't write like you come from the Wirral!" And yet I can't write a better metaphor than this! |



pestilence and fire,
grief and the things alike,
that which parasites feed on.

parasitic relations,
which taint our sanity,
is the bread of butter of this great nation.

the taughted evangelical,
the fascist saint,
and god's free land.

but yet this thing that stands,
falls because of selfishness,
and you think a war will fix that?

your hearts are black,
and the tar seeps from thin veins,
nothing but true concern...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Stolen Cold Daydreams | answers | obsolete rhetoric |

In Waves

That phrase,
That phrase you love to say
It has become overdone, cliché
No, it’s not a phase
Years, not days
And see
I will not change
Not this way or that way
Though I may grow,
I may expand in waves,
I will not change
To fit your phrase
I will only expand,
Expand in waves
Is that okay?
That I will stay?
That I won’t change?
That I can only expand,
Expand in waves?
Is th...

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acceptbisexualchangeempowerfreedomgaygrowidentitylearnlesbianlgbtqownpansexualqueerselfsexualitytake spacewaves

My Martello

Incredible views standing looking out to sea

Always though what a great home it might be

No1 and 2 both residentially converted long ago

No3 invitingly waiting for me to give it a go

Round Buildings work for me in an appealing way

Windmills, lighthouses, and it will happen some day

A Martello Tower in Folkestone all of my own

Who could possibly want any other kind of home?


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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Story Time

I wander in circles 

Lost among the vast reaches 

Of space 

Inside my own head

I search for the answers 

So many times 

Nearly finding a clue 

Some answer

That may point me 

To my next destination 

I fear I'll never find my way 

I know my purpose 

But without guidance 

How am I to know 

How best to serve 

And where I am needed?

I hear the lost souls ...

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Helping the medicine Will bring out the penicillin Cubbing the virus with its consequential order I refuse to join, in the carry of this dreadful queen called Queen Corona! But i've the basin which will contain all the basis of the queen's blood! Dear Queen Corona, I never knew, you were so wicked and heartless Because i came into the country newly. You fortified the efforts of our medicin...

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David Clarke ,while walking his dog was tragically killed by a herd of cows

David Clarke died earlier this week on the outskirts of town,

Tragically walking his dog,by a herd of cows was mowed down.

David taught at  Richmond School in Yorkshire for 23 years,

The community are devastated,shedding numerous tears.


A brilliant deputy head and simply a lovely leader

Enriched the life of everyone a true good deeder.

An amazing devoted teacher full of fun,


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only one way out

entry picture

only one way out 
just like you heard
down the mountain

don't think. 
follow the center
of your future river

pass the shed of your 

the country turns dead earth into wood
and i turn it further thus
snapped off in haste once
pegged for eager duty
and held up to the sun for 
those gathered to admire

a tree, a length of tree, a stout
handle to the living, 

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#poetry #NYC

Thoughtful Changes

Blaming others

backward thinking

positive turnaround

lies waiting

perhaps inside

thoughtful changes

ourselves can

make happen

if only

to show

certain people

it can.



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Others can change too


There's so much Fake activity

I'm just trying to make the most of what God has given me

They see im aware an try an get rid of me

If only they knew

They question why I look through

Transparent see through

When I look in your eyes i see truth

Not your own truth just the truth of what is

Your minds the stage your thoughts are showbiz

Its not your success though because its his

You see them...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


the good kind of sinking

It´s crazy
that I needed
a crisis
to remember
that I don´t want
to hate you
that I don´t have
to hate you
that it is
in my power
to leave the pain
of the past
back in these
fading memories
where it belongs
instead of
digging it out
and holding it
in front of my face
where it´s blurring my vision
every time
I see you

I don´t have to
fight you
because of it
I don´t have to

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Old House

Midnight eyes wide awake.

Curtains flicker in time with my fluttering heartbeat as

menacing wind moans round the window frame.

Floor creaks to nobody’s tread, and

There’s nothing under the bed

If I don’t look……

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

2021 | Ties That Bind |


entry picture


Many who had hiked through Canadian wilderness

[ A cenutry ago ] Took notice of a bird in flight


A rare one the Ojibwa called

Washa-quon-asin--He who flies by night


At once: a hunter, a guide, a trapper

A living made from the furs in his sight


A rare one the Ojibwa called

Washa-quon-asin--He who flies by night


Into his forest lair, he...

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Also by Dee Allen.:


Canadian historyEnglish historyGrey Owlprotecting the environment

The Crab

No matter your patience
Or how long you wait
You can't change his motion
Or alter his gait

He'll scamper and shuttle
He'll dodge and he’ll weave
And just why he does it
You cannot conceive

Watch with some wonder
While rolling your eyes
He'll veer side to side
While you swallow your sighs

He won't get embarrassed
He won't feel ashamed
He's doing it his way
He will not be blamed

For ...

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