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I love the cool simplicity of you

that you're not complicated,

that I know how to please you

and the shape of happiness today

will be the same in a year.


I love the way you wake and stretch

towards the promise of morning,

that neither unkindness nor injustice

have tainted or diminished you.


You are spring dawn perfume

the suggestion of distant c...

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Also by john short:



Stranded on this figmentation of reality 

Deciding between light and dark

Overshadowed by our failures 

Head kept afloat by all that is good

In the arms of the great abyss 

You have two options 

To give oneself up

or to tread the seamless glass



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Also by Cody Roach:

Woman | Dream a dream | (untitled) |


After the cremation service the fresh air.

"I never forget a mask,"

I said to someone i'd never met,

an attempt at grim humour.


The embarrassing marquee behind us

pallbearers upright in their black masks,

so long in the waiting. 

Truth is I had felt disconnected


but grief can spread like ripples

from a stone cast into water

at the downcast head of one

I k...

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Also by ray pool:


Used To

My heart loved like a racecar

But my anxieties never let me switch lanes

I saw you from afar, I admit

Though I believed your curious eyes

Were a figment of my imagination


Then we collided,

And you left me cold, frozen in the snow


My heart still loves like a racecar

But the collisions don't hurt as bad as they

Used to

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Juice Wrld Tribute

Lufituaeb er’uoy


let your index finger 

gently lift towards her

in one smooth motion


keep your eyes

fixed on hers

let your jitters simmer


open your hand

thumb pointing at your chin

fingers pointing up


roll your fingers across

the front of your face 

in clockwise fashion


like a carousel 

lightly turning

shadows to glimmers


end with your fing...

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Also by Candice Reineke:

Pink Lady | Overthinker | Drive |


As Kamasi Blew

I was out walking today

Trying to clear my head

After a morning of too much study, Twitter

And coffee.

On the way to town, listening to jazz

I tried to slow down my mind

Counting flat, fallen autumn leaves

Making words from number plates

Avoiding kids on their bikes.

I came out of Boots with

My blue sweets for the weekend

And stopped for a double espresso.


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egolifepenny drop

Country Life

"Hello, little boy, could I speak to your father?"

  -Father's in the dairy milking the cows.

"Okay, little boy, could I speak to your mother?"

  -Mother's in the meadow shearing the sheep.

"All right, little boy, could I speak to your brother?"

  -Brother's in the hen house collecting the eggs.

"Well then, little boy, could I speak to your sister?"

   -Sister's in her bedroom...

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The mind is full of them of course

the passageways of thought which

brought us to this conversation - I

have shuttered now my receiver on

the phone, having spoken at length

to my grandaughter for our catch up

conversation - about the Inns of Court


and grand Metropolis - where on the

foggier nights, wraiths go drifting by,

bringing those yesterdays into presence


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Also by Philipos:


field of screens

Lets take a walk through the field of screens,
And the laden angles,
Besides dirt carved with plyers.

Being the grass,
May wave in wind,
But I know the sun burns holes into dark rock.

Stepping forward,
And feet laden,
Heavy with my blood.

But don't waiver,
Because it can tell,
To not tip in the sea because fascism is still alive.

The rats that burrow beneath lands of steel,
And arrows that lay laden by the dea...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Slimy Hands | Dead Dreams | waiting | mine | It's all the same | selfishness | winter fell cold |

Not Not Not

Life may not be perfect
But sadness isn’t worth it,
And no matter how bad it gets,
Or whatever the world may expect
I’m not done hoping yet.

I could weep, I could cry
But what would that buy?
Another moment of misery?
Or instead I could smile
And then at least I’d be lifted.

And life may not be great
But happiness shouldn’t wait
So no matter what
I’ll enjoy what I’ve got
I’m not ...

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

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determinationHappinesshopelifemeditationself esteem

Winter Solstice

Inspired by: The Land is Fallow  by keith jeffries


The Winter Solstice 21st December 2020


On this the shortest day, our year shall die

And echo down centuries humankind’s cry

People singing and dancing to drive away the dark

Lighted candles, the smell of pine needles and crackling bark


Hung in corners with evergreen hues

Holly berries so red that birds have not...

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Winter Solstice

Helping The Poor

Helping the poor

Is on my list for sure

They are still one of us

Without money and shelter thus

My duty is to look after them

Being a beautiful gem

With a generous heart and soul

That has always been my goal

Giving some of my earning

Without betrayal or turning

Hoping to put a smile on their face

Showing them my love and grace

Probably not their fault

That th...

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The Land is Fallow

The Land is Fallow


The land is fallow, the virus has struck

the grass weeps and the fields sleep

Trees stand bare as onlookers stare

the land is fallow for a while, a year


The land is pock marked with tangled weeds

no longer is it time to sow the seeds

People retreat to the warmth of their hearth

nothing is achieved on inertia's path


Clouds and rain no lon...

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Past pain learned
Burned within our hearts
Anything related
We set flames 
Our inner demons
Slowly seeming
That anything that provokes
The insecurity 
Fixated on the remote 
Event that occurred
Reliving the feeling
The heart's been concealing
We push away
The one we think is causing the pain
When it's our own projection
A reflection 
That we need to heal
Slowly start to ...

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Learningnew experiencesold ways

Two-Stroke Counsel

After checking the oil for the chain
and a quick pull on the starter rope
my father’s chainsaw cuts through the branches
Stainless steel teeth offer no quarter

The quickly turning blade suggests danger in unsure hands
regardless, his grip is firm and confident
Swift and experienced strokes 
make short work of the green and sap-filled wood

Fine powder sawdust drifts across my arms
We s...

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dream about turning it off

think about getting up


fantasies become elaborate

as the mirror moves away


sweat you know nothing about

dreaming in the supermarket


words in advertisements

start to call your name


adventure adventure

waiting for you


giving up security

is all you have to do


adventure adventure

embracing your fears



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I don't like the word Diversity

all it means now is

someone is not allowed to speak

because they are not

the right color

the right sex

the right race

the right minority

diversity now means silence


no one can have a different opinion

if so they are shouted down

and barred from speaking

as strange as that sounds

it is what is going on today


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Fantasy unveiled

As I sit back and look at life in front of me.

I see mostly shades of gray of what could be.

Out of focus paths to take each with their own rewards and of course pain.

What’s the cost going to be it’s a gamble in all honesty,We play the odds at best we guess.

The reason is because we don’t know all the facts about anything in life or death.

Can you be sure any of this is reality, I ...

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butchery cuts it for Ruby,

well known for her brisket,

who gave men a wide berth

for she didn't like to risk it


offal unresponsive, so she

fondled the odd carcase,

pined for sheep's eyes to

tenderize her pining ass


Ted sold her pork products,

poor Ruby was easy meat,

his pies and sweetbreads

just swept her off her feet


his pig's trotters stumbling


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On a visit to the Morrison’s I took a bloke to task -

The dozy twat had no idea of how to wear his mask;

He wore it underneath his nose; I asked him in the shop

If he wore his underpants with his prick flopped out the top.

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Also by John Coopey:


The Arkles Lane Daydreamer!

I notice something while I wait at a red light.
It happens most days when I look to my right.
I just happened to idly look around as you do.
The sort of thing you do in long traffic queue.

I see a man standing by a large window bay.
I see the same man standing there every day.
He's about 3 floors up in house standing tall.
An Arkles Lane house with a red bricked wall.

The man looks imm...

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The Grimstone Vampire




The Grimstone Vampire


Granny’s Slugshaw was sat watchin’ t’telly

When something rattled her windowpane

She thought.. What the chuff is all that noise

It wasn’t forecasted to rain


So she got up and pulled her curtains back

And saw Vlad… just hanging there

Upside-down.. by his feet… like a bat

With his cloak, and his raven-black hair


“You soft...

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Also by kJ Walker:

The Man Who Could See Behind Himsen | The People I Never Have Met |

What Does It Take?

What does it take to be able to regard yourself as a good person, hmm?
What does it take? 
Is it that you always give to charity? 
Or have the clarity to never make a mistake? 
What does it take? 
Maybe you tithe, give money to God and think it odd that others don’t,
Or won’t, is that their mistake?
To want to have and eat every single slice of the cake?
And if all of their professed notio...

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stop sitting in that Paris street

you know I hate it when you crash

through all the flags that people wear

and all the chords are played by shoes

in the music of the crowds


with melodies of rushing by

while you sip coffee graciously

the whole wide world will brush your arm

and stirring won’t control the flow

your thoughts are slowly leaking


eventually the da...

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Also by Clive Culverhouse:

Myre’s Mire |

The hook

Because I am what I am.

And I do what I do.

I leave hooks in the water,  for people like you.

My bait is different,  a curiosity you see.

I fish the bottom waters also.

That is where I knew you would be.

I put it out there,  this is true.

Everything about me you already knew.

While I play with your women.

And have them freely,  as my toy.

You bit the hook also.


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Redemption song


I can hardly speak but I try:
my brain falls silent, still
it is the dying of the day
when a ferment of tenses
leads me up many cold-cut cul de sacs..

I linger on a moonlight-figure
palely mirroring the sparkling frost,
she’s gone but never lost.

Suspicious of the silences within
outside is wild, the colour of blood
soaks into the sky.
A barge meanders down the river
on a ...

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When I read your poems,

I fall in love with you. 

But then I read his poems, 

and fall in love with him too.

I admit it,

I can’t quit it.

I’m a PoHo, 

like Phoebe Snow! 



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Also by Vautaw:

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Poem 199 of 230:  BEDE’S WORLD - WINTER 2002/3

During Advent, I returned to Bede’s World,
    Where I, already read, was further schooled,
Via walks through the museum, the farm,
    The ruins, and the church with its old arm,
Plus the herb garden - raised beds, kept with care:
    Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme all there.
With gifts, I left, after some four hours,
    To round off, at ...

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The Figure


I thought the fog was thinning
walking along a country lane.
I thought a figure, just like me,
walked ahead along the country lane.
I thought the figure seemed suspended
puppet-like, on a cord
feet just happening to brush the ground.
I can tell you now that later
I would practise the same technique
when I needed to raise my game.
Discerning no features to the figure
I provided my o...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Poetry For Health | Poor Lives Matter |

The homeless man

Evicted from his house

    In a dark and cold night

    He walked down the deserted alley

    A bright light slowly showed the way

    The path of hope that was crossed by shadows

    Is this really the right path?

    The wind whispered

    The dead leaves were creaking

    An owl hooted

    What was the hidden message?

    His stomach was growling

    His body wa...

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Also by oussama elmanar:

The cold war |

#sad #pain #death #society #politics


At the end of his life

in ignorance

he became a man of letters


On the bed

above his head

the letters DNR

(he's better off dead)

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Blind Date

I’m late, I’m late

For a very important date

I don’t mind you see

If it’s a blind date or three

‘Cos I prefer not to know

What she looks like and so

I just turn up, give her a sultry look

and then hope for the best

(you can imagine the rest)


Now in my mind’s eye

She’s a looker, that’s why

I always prefer, to buy 

flowers for her 

But I’ve had too many sh...

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Also by Rick Varden:

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Bukowski, Bluebirds and my Blue World

On blue moons,
between barstools
and broken beds -
I have moments
where my
beer-battered brain
opens the cage,
brave enough
to let my own bluebird
fly across a blank page.

My caged bird sings
in tweets of pain,
my life-sentenced
ball and chain
the telephone lined terrain
of purgatories page.

Painting the space
in hues of blue,
birthed by ballpointed dissection

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Tall trees stand to attention

Still and silent in the chilly air

A dusky scene in late Autumn 

Of a road that leads nowhere


On parade like proud soldiers

Bare branches reach up high

The evening moon shines bright

In a blue grey November sky

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You are infinite light

Do you know that the biggest star that belongs to the night dares every day to keep you warm?

And we love the sun’s warm, but what would the sky look like without the moon’s bright?

Don’t you know that you must need to go dark before you can truly shine?

Otherwise, how would we be able to see the best stars if it wouldn’t be for the nightfall?

Don’t you realize?

You are the biggest ...

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Also by Raquel Lacayo:

They say |


So when are we all going to grasp the divide and conquer mantra?

When will we all unite and let love show us the answer?


A brother in Uganda, he’s resents the common white man 

He knows this world has not been kind to the people of his land 

Still he falls for the divide and conquer trap 

Believing women are inferior and men have something that they lack 


A Jewish siste...

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capitalismconnectionconsumerdivide and conquerearthfearHumanityinequalitylandproducersavedunite

You're So Sentimental

he says as it relates 
to a date 
of another first 
we’ve had. 

It reminds me of things 
I shouldn’t hold onto. 

It shouldn’t matter 
when I first noticed 
the way light hits his beard, 
or how his colors blend 
as in a Monet, 
only that I see them. 

It shouldn’t matter 
when those butterflies first flew 
from our insides; 
only that they fly every time. 

It shouldn’t matter 
the ...

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Magellans Straight....

Magellan Straight Chile.


I was sailing on the water

Looking down I could see my face

I imagined me down in a cool dark place.

My boots chafed my blistered feet.

It was just like yesterday 

A fathomless bottomless canned repeat.

Staring in that cool dark place.


I stumbled to my cabin 

It was just a mess.

I decided I had to clear the deck!

My feet still hur...

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The Soul of the Moon

I stole the soul of the moon,

Kept it unclothed to illume

Dark, deserted manor rooms 

And fireflies that forever loom 

Above fifty forsaken tombs.


I secured that piece for me,

Kept it between creases deep 

And verses of revered poetries 

Written on the tattered leaves 

Of my hands rickety.


But then came a shooting star,

Its hands stocked with bits of its ...

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friendmoonneonPoetryshooting startemporary

The Unsettled Man



I came upon a man, unsettled

Wandering a barren land

He'd lost his hope and joy somewhere

So, I took his trembling hand


I told him I had lost my heart

And my soul had flown away

But, together, perhaps, we could find

A better place to stray


We came across a weeping girl

With skin of obsidian black

Her flesh was torn & gaping red

Where the whip ha...

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I Ache In The Places That I Used To Play

Feudal power ravages the petals of the rose with chlorophyll schemes of machiavellian ferocity.


Sometimes witing comes from inspiration and/or inspiration comes from writing. A before and after one can be certain of. 


Pornography does nothing for me but disappoint so I'm glad I have a good imagination. 


When just to type is the most enjoyable thing one can imagine doing. 


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Wonder Boy


In grainy films of black and white

The weather’s always dull and cold.

The people, overcoated, hunched,

Appear, before their time, too old.


A mother, barely thirty-one,

Seems far advanced in middle age,

While flat-cap dad who spits and coughs

Has lost all sparkle and all rage.


It must have been a heady mix,

The wartime rations, fags and booze.


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Black Friday

Could I be too cynical

In being so critical

Of a world political

And thus paralytical

It is unforgivable

Far too many imbeciles

Whose acts are despicable

Yet sadly predictable

Are held unaccountable

Such crimes insurmountable

And never rescindable

Have we reached the pinnacle

The answer equivocal

Is apocalyptical




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Wonder Woman

I know this woman and I have seen the rest

I can go overboard and say she’s the best

She can take all the pain and then the stress

Will not show on her face, any sign of duress

There is a smile always that lays all at rest

Even when there is daunting task at behest

To me that’s the hallmark of a great human

Who lives for her loved ones, a life selfless

Let God bestow her wi...

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Gods Portrait ( Dedicated to Mount Fuji ... Japan ) | Distant Thoughts |

The Old Straight Track

The greenest valley spread far and wide

Slowly settlement starts on either side

Bronze age people, eventually two villages grew

Looking from a distance at one another, what next to do?

Great plans are conceived, as elders confer to discuss

To be better able to trade, a track we’ll make between us

The Dodman by description, early surveyor of the land

Making sure the track was s...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

A Small and Simple Song

A Small and Simple Song


I'm of the easy, the gentler kind,

No counter of time as old Earth turns,

No twister of fate for the willfully blind;

My path's clear where the fair light burns.


I sing a small and simple song,

Lifted high by humble meter;

Largo textures, placid and strong:

A steady beat's all the sweeter.


The rhythm of my waking days

Is the song...

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Your eyes are on backwards, you're speaking in tongues
Expelling rancid breath from corrupted, rotting lungs
Breaking all the rungs on your plummet down the mineshaft
Rehearse, react, try to quote fact to the faceless
Spaceless outside brain, watching rain stain window
Bend low and embrace me, or mace me, debase me
Give it time and time will erase me, and thee

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They arrive on warm waves, 
rising and falling with the swell, 
jostling among themselves 
accommodatingly, as if happy 
to be undulating thus on a whim, 
whichever current takes their fancy. 
They move by convulsions, 
as if suddenly repulsed by where they’ve been. 
Today the sea is full of them, 
thousands of floating umbels, 
medusas that bring the gulls swooping down. 
So many, as i...

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La Vida Loca (for D.A.M;)

Small agile grinning implike being

a whirlwind with magic feet

streetkid's eye for an opening

sphere stolen with incredible dexterity.

It must have seemed  to him

redress for youthful hardship

from penury to affluence.

Excesses of every kind

his many women forgiving

except the white lady,

who held him in thrall.

Generous on the pitch and in life,

greatly missed,...

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