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My Voice


My Voice

I have been silenced for so long

I do not know my own voice

All I hear

Are your words. 

Your condemnations

Your judgements

Your lies. 

I see your glance


Better than everyone else.  


You aren’t.  

You are hiding behind fear

That controls you

And all you do

Keeping me in check 


In case I discover my voice

And us...

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Wake the Woke

It is always easy
to think that we could
do better than our parents,
until we are one.

It is always easy
to think that we would
be kinder than others were
without knowing their struggle.

It is always easy
to accept current propaganda
as certainty
until we have
identified with another culture.

It is always easy
to condemn our historical figures
with 20/20 vision
from the safe ...

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Wake up!

Creative pen

Creative pen

Saturday,27th February 2021


We are love-starved people

always search for and struggle

it is not the matter for an individual

but for all human beings


what shall happen?

if you are desperately driven

you are not attentively heard

and words go into oblivion


think of other means available

make your voice laudable

let people know about yo...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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No matter what you seek to say

Your eyes always give you away.

No matter how you play your role

Your eyes are the window to your soul.

Maybe you should avoid my gaze

When you involve me in your plays

Of make-believe and innocence -

In shadow-sway of sweet pretence.

Even when you lower your lashes

I seem to see those deceitful flashes;

So now sense says that we should ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Poem 113 of 230:  FOLLOWING THE SUN - SPRING 2000

Having moved, by buses, up the hill from Salford to Bury
    (To be within walk of new work, again),
These stimuli surround, between my abode and the factory,
    As I follow the sun - its wax, its wane:
Walking toward work and the rising sun, a morning chorus
    Rides the crisp breezy air of hill-farmland,
While gravel, of road and path, b...

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When My Heart Starts Dancing

Photographs can find lost connections instead I put my record player on.

Certain favourite songs

rhythm takes flight

full volume on

heart starts dancing

good times spinning

rocking rolling lovers

summers keep coming

past moments click

when needle lifts

records slot time

back into place

feelings stacked ready

to relive love

when music returns

me to somet...

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Also by Nigel Astell:

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Lets twist again

Losing It


I know of old people

who lose their hearing

and lose their bearings

who lose their glasses

and lose their car keys

who lose their balance

and lose their sharpness

and can't remember

half the time

I know of them

because I have heard stories

none of which applies to me

I just heard stories.


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Also by d.knape:

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Strange Old Day


I ate some strange old mushrooms

Got chased off a shark

It jumped outta my beer bottle

And began to bark


I ran through a dying mist

And into a wall

Then into the deepest sleep

I began to fall.


Into strawberry Fields

With lemon drizzle streams

And coconut shells

Full of incoherent dreams 



What a strange

Old day

Making conversations...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

The Misted Pane | The Unsettled Man | A Reflection | The Rhythm of My Heart |

Coming Home

she'd faded to a cipher

a silhouette on the wall,

I took shelter in dreams

in my sleep I can recall


the girl she used to be

afore time did us part,

the question I pose is;

oh where is her heart?


no love fills her veins

smile a vague smear

harder than me, she

exploits the old fear


that she will leave me

like a thief in the night

my poor spiri...

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Also by simon lucan:

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E Major

Elijah was walking back with iced tea he got from the store, 

But he “looked sketchy” so the police arrested him and threw him to the floor. 

They placed him in a carotid hold until he could not breathe anymore, 

Which led to his heart attack and he later died from all the suffering he endured.


So we played violins for him hoping he would play with us from heaven.  

Except it w...

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Also by Your Royal Poetess:

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Black Lives MatterElijah McCainEnd RacismViolin

Medicinal season

Gone, Winters all-white glaring mornings,

gone the cold instigated misted yawnings

every ledge hung ice jewelled pendants liquify and have descended to kiss the ground

not one frozen motionless stream, river, or expanse of water to be found


Natures untamed audiences applaud the coming  youth who will renew

his greening promise and banish the past chilled curfew.


From st...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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Never Enough

Never Enough


There is no ultimate height to be reached

No passion that can be fully satiated

We fly high once in a while then plunge

Down to the nest from which we flew

Satisfaction is a mediocre expression

It barely describes ambition least of all desire

Our arduous searching becomes circular

Round and round we go chasing our own tails

We seek sublime happenings in...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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It's over ! Roy's regret

He saw her giving him the once over,

She looked at him once,it was all over.

She said she was seeing another man,

Roy took her to the opticians in his van.


"I don't know what went wrong between me and her,

Or "Tubby "as I often lovingly did refer."

Roy a recovering alchoholic went through hell,

She took the bottle opener with her as well.


It broke Roy's heart in t...

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Also by hugh:

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set sail in the sunset

Set sail in the Sunset


When the world was big

and the ship I was onboard left Trinidad

sailed to the Panama Canal.

We crossed the Pacific Ocean, and we were alone

in a world so big.

Then the Indian Ocean, the world was endless

finding an island, a needle in a haystack.

It was long ago, long before Apollo made the world

into a small planet in the vast universe


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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We Were Kings

Born of poverty, to a working class that knew no favours, forged in the fire of our troubled teens,
We wanted to taste life in all of its variety of flavours, and we had the will, if not the means,
Set on such a wild path before we’d ever even met, rough under foot with the promise of these things,
Paupers in terms of material riches, and yet, you and I brother were destined to be, “kings,”

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

500 | This Too Shall Pass | Fame |

Otro día

Dust motes dance on a sunbeam
as I scribble down a memory, pot it like a plant:
bedazzled, bedraggled,
dazed by the sun’s gaze
I write romance

Sunlight slants
Where the winds’ forget-me-nots blow
summer days’ sway
into a dreamless sleep
dust motes gleam in the sunbeams
that I keep.

A primal scream seeps into these splintered recollections,
forming sharpened shards,
while meaning s...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Sasha & Daniel's Barbecue

He took white wine but drank Belgian lager.

Everyone was in couples. The talk was all about kids, cars and Ikea.

Fish out of water he decided to slip away.

On the way out he noticed the un-opened white wine.

So he took it home.

Blossom Hill. Tesco. 5.99

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Also by Chameleon:

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17 Listening to White Stripes on Repeat

I have an acorn in my hand

I am curious as to what it will be

Will I grind it into flour

Will I plant it in the ground

Will I throw it to be gathered

Will I keep it safe and sound

What does the acorn want?

Does the acorn even want?

How will I ever know?

It will not respond.

It is my choice, then

Use, grow, throw, keep

It's always my choice

My universal affect...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Can - Paperhouse (1971) | I |

The Absolute Emptiness Of Solidity



What would truth feel like if it were free? Perhaps it is? Perhaps I am?





I am realising deeply that I am the universe that you fear.





Guided meditations are like recipes for making bread.





Olivia Dresher:


"If I could see and know what people are like when they're alone, I'd never be lonely again."



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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Blindfolded | Animated By Decay |





The anxiety it kills me

Never letting up

I’m happy in my life 

More happy than I’ve been

I have everything you could ever want 

And a wonderful partner that I love too much

I’m wise beyond my years 

I’m healthy so to speak 

I’m writing less because I’m happy now 

And tragedy and sadness write and read the best

I have goals that I’m working towards 


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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

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Ignis Fatuus

A will-o'-the-wisp wields

too much power, phosphorescent

as it is evanescent, invites

the traveler to mistake 

the swamp for ground

to exalt. 


But the ignis fatuus caresses

those weary irises for

moments of reprieve, then

proves just as vacuous

as a midsummer night's


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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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Shocking surprises life can bring

Without giving a chance to sing

Some good ones and some sad

Making you happy or really mad


Some people may come and go

Similar to the stream of river flow

You continue searching for them

Only if they were a priceless gem


Anything can happen at anytime

But sometimes it feels like a crime

When you don’t know what is coming


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Also by Aisha Suleman:

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Chasing perfection is imperfect

Chasing perfection is imperfect he thought

Pursuing perfection leads to unrealised idealism

He pondered as he watched the waterproof shoe just float below the waterline not making progress, an enigma, ironical, surreal, no just a misplaced destiny,

Like a fish out of water, like a shoe suspended with no motion,

His life was out of time and space, his thoughts of destiny out of synch wi...

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Once He Saw Himself


Once he saw himself
a shaman from a vanished world.
World in perpetual motion;
no patience for how the photograph lies.
Two-dimensional people of today,
snapped and shot, could not stand in his heart.
But she! He saw how she powered forth 
from a pre-linguistic world. Her magic
brought joy with instantaneous engagement.
That's not to say she wouldn't speak.
Speech is yoked with brea...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Pleasantly Shocked

drawn to the wrong things

in and out of curiosity

peering over the ledge

late to dates with death


dreaming of the wrong things

embracing my body

I want this experience

as days lose meaning


we’re pleasantly shocked

by all we see

as once again 

we learn how to feel


we’re pleasantly shocked

as we read 

someone else’s

life unraveling



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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Splitting doors and crashing walls

Create a path to a place that few can venture to

Heavenly hosts emerge

Carrying red pillows to welcome a new life.


The mood is set

People and nymphs gather

With nature singing and praising

The day goes on


Marshmallow clouds fill the sky

Forging a bond between the eternal plains

The fields and the doors merge

Leaving the ...

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Also by Blue Raven:

Fading dreams |      A new normal | Circle of Life |

You're my sunshine

I've broken the silence once again


Trying to be me again


Hoping for a future beautiful to see


From the moon i dive into the sea


Open your arms and await to hold me


As my lingering feel is desperate for thee


So the moon shall gaze at the unison of free


The hearts are melting and so is silence


Words waves in tapestry of love and care


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Also by Moon.girl:

Exploration | Beneath these | Heavenly treasures | After your going away |

Overrated pearls 🔹

whats the point to be that rare-

when uh can't be used anywhere 

but, as a sign of richness.

I'll rather wind the rusted wire around my finger,

nd watch other embroideries linger.

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Also by Nazia Khan:

Free in captivity | Ending of gloomy days | Reprimand from beyond | Anomaly | Red flood | Isle | Astray | Escapism of soul |

Out Of Reach

Tangled in the branches 
In awe of the view 
My goal was to meet with the sky 
Longing to be closer to where I find comfort 
How much longer will I wander alone, remaining hidden from your sight?
I've strayed so far that my footprints have faded into the soil. 
The light used to guide me 
Now it's disappeared behind dark clouds 
It seems like so long ago when I used to sit in anticipated s...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Your Time Will Come | Temporary Fool. | The Most Perfect Dream |

Real is better

Keep your conscience clear

And intentions right without fear

For a deed is more by intent

Than by work done

Wear honesty and loyalty on your sleeve

Even if you have to be true for  fraction of minute

And no matter what your relationships 

Be a loyal friend, an honest lover, a true partner, a caring parent, a neighbour, a child and even a stranger

Never let lies and cheating...

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Also by Hope Ray:

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Consequences XVII

I don't believe in Zombies he said misunderstanding what she said completely
Oh, it was a misunderstanding. You said Zumba. You're here for the Zumba class?
No, sorry, I wanted to exchange my Roomba, Is this Currys?
Change your Rhubarb?  I think you want the place next door mate.  We don't stock those here.
Rhubarb? no I said leotard isn't this the leotardis, the incredibly niche lyrca and doc...

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Also by Andy N:

Consequences XVI |


After I was made redundant from 20 years in the coalmining industry I embarked on a second 20 year career as a self-employed management consultant.  And what a life it was too!  Getting paid three, sometimes four, times the going rate for advising executives of the bleeding obvious; the joke being that they could have heard my thoughts down the pub at night for free!  And if it went wrong?  Well, ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Napoleon Crossing the Alps*

Hannibal and Charlemagne, they’re all the same --- 
they came, they saw, they conquered, then died. 
Those who pushed your wagons, remember their names? 

 The wind seems furious with your horse’s mane. 
Such power! Great men like you can never be denied, 
though I’ll sit this one out if it’s all the same. 

 And others would, given the choice, have stayed at home, 
preferring their stars...

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Also by Tony Hill:


Old Trousers


In sunny times outdoors,

They will drag down the tone;

But when the weather’s foul,

They come into their own.


They keep at bay the mud

And swallow up the rain;

They fight the bitter wind

And, best, they don’t complain.


(From "The Shape of the Trees"). For all gluttons for punishment, this book is available free on kindle (Amazon) from Friday 26 -Sunday 28 Feb...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Vacuum cleaners at twenty paces | Spring | Listening to Tippett | The Red Marriage | In the woods | Essex |


The day started out great

Had so many things planned,

A quick trip to the beach

For much needed sun and sand.


Not a thought of you that morning 

But checked my feed on the way

And IG just had to remind me

Of a memory 3 years ago today.


A happy photo of us, all smiles

That day had been surreal and fun.

Then my brain went on overdrive

Suddenly, I was back t...

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Also by Scattered Sun:

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El Sol

El Sol


El sol con furor

acaba de alcanzar

su máximo esplendor.

El gitano al sol

pasa mucho calor,

grita hasta callar

sudando está.


Vuelve loco al matón

robale el corazón,

cortale la respiración

cantale con valor,

bailale alrededor,

cuando el sol con furor

alcanzó su esplendor.


Tu corazón al sol

acabo con su palpitar,

cuando el sol c...

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Also by Luis Francisco Hernandez Martin:

Los Cinco Jinetes | Peliculas | The World is Glass | My Partner | Metro Station | Nightmare | Shadows | Se Murió El Amor (in advance this is one of my poems written in spanish my natural language) | Beautiful Power | Nightmare | Temple Encounters (Funny poem) |



Lincoln Bill crowned you Queen of all around you,

insisting that he who played King for a day would

kill for a second: the honour so high and

rich with all your bounty –

no mere paper gain, it came laden with the

trappings of a full-hearted love, say it

twice, three times, whatever helps to emphasise.


Now, about that love, I knew from the start –

no need even to r...

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letter to spring

letter to spring / michael kwack



in a wind

there's a scent of spring


i've passed the winter away

in a far place alone


but only hours of emptiness

and got to write letters now


the last confessions

to me and others


then to meet the spring

in complete quietness

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About Magic

To deeply love someone
That gives purpose

To unmistakably be loved by someone

But to be passionately in love with each other
That's where the magic is!


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Also by Dewald:

How to lose valentine’s day |

Finding Faith

Searching for any redemption. 

Longing for new perception. 

A faithless man walks through the double door.

He’s greeted with smiles and handshakes like they are welcoming the poor.

He feels guilt and shame like it’s written on his face. 

Finds a pew in the back of the unfamiliar place. 

Religion is his last resort, he’s spiritually broken. 

He’s watching the congregation worsh...

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Also by Rebel Elaine:

Hypochondriac’s Prescription | Snow Daze | Sunflowers are People too | A Kitten for your Troubles | Morning of Mourning | Blurred Reality | Work Affairs Part II | Work Affairs Part I | Seeking a Soulmate | One of those Nights | Innocent Romance | Cupcake Phase | Shot Heard 'Round the School | When Cancer Takes | Sister's Graduation | Break Up | Thoughts of a Toy | Anchor from College | My Covid Story | Stuck in a Dream | Sane in a Psych Ward | Daddy's Beautiful Mess |


My core, shook and rumbled 

Me being, awakened, humbled

My psyche, aligned, revives

My flesh, survived and thrives


This moment. The presence. A gift. 

Breathe. Smile. Be happy. Exist. 

Exhale. Relax. Surrender. Inspire.

Inhale. Trust. Love. Respire

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Also by Connie Walter:

Love freely |

Way of life

You say I am a good person,
They say I am a bad one,
Forgetting that I am just a human being,
Just being what I am now.

Change is unstoppable, just like the flow of water,
People change, so does life,
Making sad almost all the time.
They say you are the one with wisdom,
I can only see you as the one with regret.

"Life is beautiful" as you state,
So why it becomes so hard living like ...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

The patient | Acceptance |


Cats Know what love is

                 Cats know what love is                GLA       2021-02-24


Cats know what love is, I’ve seen it with my eyes, If you’re feeling lonely, to them It’s no suprise. They’ll sit and purr upon your lap, until you push them down. By which time you’ve forgotten the reason for your frown.

They are clued in from the start, as kittens seem to know, their only vocation is to be the...

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Also by Grant Aspinall:

Grim Reaper | The Wind | Melted Cheese | dignity within | naked |

A Preview ?

There's a land in my dreams I often go.
There's no left or right, no high no low.
People listen, respect and understand.
All warm and bright, yet a sunless land.

A place like time has been put on hold.
All around I hear love stories being told.
I also hear music, but see nobody play.
I don't want to awake, as I want to stay.

Is this place a preview of what's to be?
When time on Earth ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Sophie Scholl (White Rose) | Stanley Park (21/2/21) | Tir Na Nog (Land of the Young) | Elisa Lam (The Hotel Cecil) | No Barriers (Happy Valentines Day) | Orpheus and Eurydice | Puddle Jumping (For Cancer Research) | Adrift | Key To The Door! | Stadt Moers Park | Pine Cone Cottage |


You, the fire, intent on burning it all
with the heat of a blue-white flame
aimed at my kindling heart

There is no comfort for me here
Where love was sought
I found wolves at the door

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Guests, of a Sort | The Little Things |

Deliver me from this

Return me 
to my darkness,
my own darkness 
not yours.
Deliver me 
from your fears,
to my own fears
not yours.
Bring me 
stumbling back
to my nightmares
that held me close
like familiar friends.
(Michael Martinez 2021)

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For a long time you felt that you were weak

For a long time you felt that you weren't loved, that you didn't belong

Too emotional, too many feelings, 

How could anyone or anything ever love the broken human you'ved become

How could anyone see the beautiful you trying to emerge from the dark

For a long time you felt that you were weak

Too emotional, too many feelings, you deserved...

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Also by Jacqueline L Elias:

Healing | Light |


To love me

It's so simple to love me; 

just being beside me,

feeling the warmth of your hands,

your kisses melting on my lips

such as my letters melt

between ink and paper 


To love me is to share the prelude of my longings, 

your feverish caresses between kisses and dew, 

to see my dreams reflected in your eyes;

to hand me a rose, 

to whisper an I love you


To love m...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

How much I loved you | Remember me! | How much I loved you | I don't know... | Scream... |


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