Confessions of the Night Sky: unhate

'Watch and see how Turkey is going to conquer the entire region'- anonymous person


They seem proud to identify with a New Empire,

after years of stigmatization, demonization, marginalization

discrimination, RACISM, RACISM, RACISM.


Then I'm not proud that I'm not like that. 

But you should be very proud of yourself if you are


If you are more polar than the poles;


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confessions of the night sky

Ruler of Man

You have a phone meeting at noon,

address the issue head-on and soon.

Lobbyists are clawing at the doors.

I set up a press conference at four.

Jerry wrote you a speech

he typed it with his feet.

Suppose, he would have used his hands.

But, they were amputated per your demand.



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Also by Sasha Logan:

The Fall | Sunburn | wayward seasons | the wanderer and the gas | organic satanic tea | cheese weed | Fat Bottom Betty | leaf | Grandpa's Checkerboard | chariot race | slingshot | Molten Rivers | elk-horn bear |


the Silence of the Sea

there’s a saying that I've heard,

something about ‘the silence of the sea.’

but I can’t figure out what it means.


the sea is not silent

as the waves crash onto the shore.

it rages and fumes as it batters down

the door.


the sea is as loud as thunder,

as deafening as a plane’s engine.

it is anything but silent,

its presence always known.


but maybe ‘th...

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the seasea themed poemsunderstandingteenage bullshit

Just take another pill


Sat down in the GP room ,hoping if I told him everything straight they’d help me soon . Pain management is the place I need to be but instead they insist another pill or three . I’m not wanting to be off on the sick line , I just want to manage my pain and finally feel fine .  

Just take this one and you’ll feel brand new , it’ll take the pain away and you’ll love everything you do . Come ...

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chronic illnesseschronic paininvisible illnesses

Oh wait! You haven't read my new stuff!

Last entry from 2020! Yikes... Stuff written since. This is from March this year. Naturally it's been rejected for publication. Clearly that's destroyed me as a writing individual. Didn't tailor it. Just thought "You want this?". And they didn't. Wish I'd posted more stuff on here. But we'll instead rock on with...



New Subliminal Album

That proletariat act of choice
Put aside what...

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record collecting

Anger + me

Anger and are old friends his a flame that's been burning a long time. 

You see for the most part am a smiling sort of soul a happy go lucky or at least that's what I want you think 

See I have care for people cared to much to say my piece care to much to what others think to go after my dreams

So I remain stuck in my nightmares and a tid bit lonely that's we my pal anger comes in. 


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they're cold but they don't judge
blue lights respond to everyone
even her, so small, hiding
in a wardrobe
tree lights are other lights
sparkling joyously, festively
it was difficult watching my own play
after her, so small, smoke filled,
never getting to play with whatever
she got under those other lights

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A Life of Rhyme

They rhymed them right
They rhymed them wrong
They rhymed in poetry and song
And when they saw things were not fair
They’d rhyme and oft times even swear

They rhymed them left
They rhymed them right
They rhymed them up
They rhymed them down
They rhymed by day
They rhymed by night
They rhymed the flat cap and the crown

Yes, rhymed of princes
Rhymed of kings
And rhymed of more impo...

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Earth and Sky

I worried my way through life

until I learned to dance

in the skies.

Come, take my hand,

show me a little smile,

let's fly to the clouds

and glide across the heavens.

Oh how beautiful

is the blue-green earth

and the blue-blue sky

when we join the angelic choir and sing praises from afar.

Don't be too earth bound

my friends,

it's crazy down here,

fly fly fl...

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Also by Hélène:

Colors Created By Light |


Her words mostly gave me comfort and cure,

And often gave me pain that I couldn't endure.


Her words mostly tasted like the first sip of wine, 

And often sent the coldest chill down the spine. 


Her words mostly provided feelings to my pen, 

And often haunted me until I reached my den. 


Her words mostly left the colours of the butterflies, 

And often burnt like th...

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I saw an archbishop at Waterloo:

Looking for a sandwich

And spoiling for some action

With his usual cassock crew.

I suppose that this is what they do.


I once saw Lord Longford

Swapping yarns with a Tory,

But that, as they say,

Is another story.

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As excited as the winds during a hurricane, Happy like the sun, no one can steal my joy, Equanimity came natural to me, The calm before the storm, I'm either hyper dancing and laughing or I'm somewhere reading a book, Not to gasconade but I love my life so much, Mom and Dad with the clutch lessons, Just cause I accomplished so much don't mean start resting, That feeling of good thoughts on a bad d...

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Everything Ends

I'm sure they took our photos off the fridge.
I'm sure the framed pictures of us that scattered her walls are gone.
I'm sure I left some things lying around here and there.
I'm sure my presence,
and every existence of who I was,
is erased from their homes.

I'm sure they talk about us.
The words and rumors never leave their mouths.

But I wonder if they sit and reminisce.
And miss who I...

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They say every day is a new beginning

The start of something new and fresh

Despite how we may be feeling, let us

therefore be optimistic.


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Also by Rick Varden:

Homes | People |

Stoptober -quit smoking

A child was born in Blackburn early on Christmas day,

She became a passive smoker as in her cot she lay.

Her lungs the size of plums filled up with cruel smoke,

When her mother heard her coughing it really made her choke.


Smoking makes the stairs seem steeper,

As your chest runs out of breath,

It fills the air with darkness,

And leads to certain death.


Smoking in ...

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A Recreation

The majesty of dogs impresses us –
their solitary solidarity –
above their grey horizons
there is the promise, lingering…
of continuing.

These days an ending is assumed
that glorifies the story of our lives:
making children, seeing things,
listening to waves wash the pebbles.
overhearing our hearts’ desires.

Yesterday the sky darkened at noon
seas spewed forth strange shapes

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Keep Football Out of The Bedroom

A tense game played out at top volume.

Weeds three feet high,

make tidy play almost impossible.


A pass back short, away from the defender.

A collective lunge,

the ball skids high over our keeper.


Next thing I know I’m flat on the floor, 

water flying, books, electronics, 

in upended uproar. 


My desperate kick to save one for the team, 

caused me to cras...

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There are similarities between oysters and humans,

They both lose value when the belongings they owned are taken away.

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Also by shan shan:

"ONCE UPON A TIME" | I Wonder |


The DREAM never keeps your word
If you play with it,
A tree produces a thousand seeds
Into fruits,
Numberless lives in sleep can be stirred
At anytime.
The tree drops the mature fruits
Upon the ground,
The wind leads them to sleep and
To stand up like the newborn babies,
If the tree had a hand keeping the fruit
In the sun and not dropped it,
The seed couldn't get a new journey.
Do wor...

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By a new-found rage

Fuelled by a hatred 

For all that he had come to understand 

About humans

And this place, once called home,

Corrupted long ago

Tainted by the foulest souls

Who had long since lost their way

Too far gone to be saved

He took to the skies 

And unleashed his fury 

Unable to control himself

He would destroy it all

But just before he ...

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... as if


I breathed

her name against

her neck


She turned and

mouthed inquisitively



I asked

of her the



she checked the

non existing 



I smiled

and went to

put on

my still damp



Words & Image

Tommy Carroll



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we know everything we’ve done nothing 
we don’t even know 
who we are 

we’ve seen a vision 
perfect life we’re wanting 
even pornography doesn’t go that far

I’m here 
you’re there 
we’re everywhere all at once 

I’d just like 
to be 
somewhere with you all alone 

my tomorrows could come undone 
they could all 
roll on the floor 

I wouldn’t care 
if they get ...

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Oddballs of Hicklegate

The North Yorkshire tourist town of Hicklegate blooms in the afternoon sun,
as people flock to Buncies, its famous Cafe Parlour, for tea and an expensive bun.

While I, hiding under a rhododendron bush, which had provided a nocturnal refuge, while excellent washing facilities were provided by the river Flick, spy Marie, whom I’ve befriended (or was it the other way around?).

She acts very co...

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The wishing well conceals

all the lessons of pain

begging to be learned, 

just as the marvel 

knows to mesmerize, 

but the cadaver

hides all the while


A tableau vivant has 

the erratic pseudo-

frozen as static,

in a world demanding

precarious symbiosis

of supine and lupine,

in the strangest

of feedback loops


No real resolution, just

some ra...

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What is a poetry?
Is it a tree full of poets?
Not sure, but I know it's 
Gotta be more than that 
More proverbially fat
With some literary girth
Apt to give birth
To words and birds and
Herds of ideas
That run across a page
Perhaps even a stage
To make people do things
To act and be things
Make someone feel things
When one moves and sings
Based on abstract concepts 
Strung together...

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Robin or Feather


Every time I see a feather, if it's pure white.
I think it's Mum, making sure that I'm alright.
So I look down at the feather and say 'hello'
And I tell my Mum, where I am about to go.

Because I know my Mum is watching over me.
From Heaven, she can see all there is to see.
Or Mum could be a Robin, from Heaven flown.
But I think she's a feather, into my path blown.

I've seen white ...

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I do think it right to let Justice prevail

And offer him chance of release upon bail

With full explanation he should avoid jail

So for what he did to that tree

I'd saw him off at the knee.

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Watching a boy Learn

A stem clutched in a chubby fist:

at mercy and ready to teach.

Atop is a sweet, sun-fed kiss, perfumed

and extending to reach:

the son inspects the specimen

and the father beams, knowing

that science lives.  

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I used to look at him, 

fear for him, as

my new world flashed by his

astonished eyes, 

like black and white

fast-forward cine film,

leaving me wondering 

how could he possibly navigate 

the vivid colours of change

as man’s relentless advancements

spilled from the machine like

projectile techno-vomit,

he wore a curious limpid expression

a resigned realisation ...

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ReMember The Night

ReMember the Night


How can you go meekly into the night 

When your world no longer gently goes around?

How can you go meekly into the night

When lives of who you cherish depend on you being wise?

Do you forget that in the beginning time started?

And yet this time has an end as so do you.

For if you have, forget not that all times have their moments besides one Holy one


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Also by Charlie Stuart Gay:

Faith - a poem |

inspirationalpoetryclimate changefuture worldNelson MandelaChristJesusmothers. children

All the best

For the future ahead, all thr best

No decision is right nor wrong

So whatever you've decided is good

Go ahead and live your life 

Make the most of what you still have

Forget about what isn't or could've been

Now it's easy to keep going on

It's been years since new leaf turned on

Past was just a glimpse in life's history

What's present should be important 

Cheers to li...

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