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at times

life becomes 

that empty glass

fractured in the heat

waiting below a tap 

not connected

to a water source





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Also by Nitya Swaruba:

pity flower | coffee and me | the send-off |



entry picture

I enjoy bringing tough guys to their knees. I can make everyone in my path cry like babies. 

You think you can conquer me with drugs or alcohol? That’s a fool’s game. It will drive you insane. 

Your candy doesn’t keep me away anymore than the cross keeps away suffering. 

The only escape is to free me from the one place you fear to go, within. 

I reside deep within your mind. It’s the p...

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Also by Vautaw:

Healing Muses | Luminescent Humanity |

beliefsfaithmindsetPainquantum physicsreligion


Your love, my mind cannot fathom

Your embrace, no man can give

Your Spirit, my constant guide

Your wisdom, the key to a glorious life


Even with all this known to many

Why do they run from you?

Why do they not seek you?

You offer peace and rest

Restoration and mending

Joy unspeakable

Yet they still do not come to you


The price of ignorance is too high


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Also by Mocosy:

Tapestry | Life | Trust | Beyond eyes can see | Voices | Collateral Beauty |

An Antediluvian Rhyme

"There are pandas in the parlour,
   There are spiders in the sink,
There are polecats in the pantry,
   And a terrifying stink;
There are wombats in the wardrobe,
   There are penguins in the bath,
There are monkeys in the shower
   And they look at me and laugh.

"There are cheetahs in the study,
    There are dodos on the stairs,
There are rhinos on the landing
    And a pair of pol...

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Cornfields (Rewritten)

The morning solitude beckons me again, 

I rise with the sun and bathe in the depths of it’s rays.

With a yawn, 

I shuffle sleepy toes across the floor to an imaginary rhythm.

Down the hall I dance away the sleepless night.

On the porch I take a seat. 

My day starts with verses I’ve written a thousand times. 

I reach for the horizon as if it were asking for my hand.

Crisp ai...

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Also by Itsjustmedownhere:

Tad's Lemonade Stand. |


I wish to write 

But I can't 


I wish to think

But i can't 


I wish to reason 

But cant


I tried to smile

I couldn't 


I tried to regain my peace

I couldn't 


I tried to unlove

I just can't, couldn't and won't 

Cos I cant live if I unlove you

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Also by Moon.girl:

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The One Who Got Away

entry picture

Im suprised that people were reading let alone enjoying my poetry so I figure I'll post this one for y'all as well. This is a poem I wrote a few years back, when myself and the flower were still aquainted and I wanted to explain the way I saw things. Hope yall enjoy.


Hi, how are you? 

My life’s been lively

Even without you

The One Who Got Away


A snake from the past


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Also by josh:

The Flower |


How is this fair
I thought you said 
There was a happy ending
For people like us

If I never told you to go with your father
You'd be here in my arms
Two days from your 26th birthday
I'm giving into madness
I'm so lonely and depressed
Beating myself up for your death

How can I make it out today
When your ghost is absolutely killing me
I wish I couldn't just turn back time 
I'd tell...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

1-800-273-8255 | Love/Wait | Love |

Ear Nose & Throat

Destined for ICU via A & E

A cock-up sent me to ENT

Too weak to raise a shout

They took my bloody tonsils out

When I threatened to sue

They stuck 'em back with superglue

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Also by Brian Maryon:

Frankie |

Blank Paper

I start the day with little to no inspiration

Much like everyone else in the world

I also start this poem

With the repetitive voice of exasperation


The sirens are blazing late tonight

As souls are being set on fire

But because of some peoples' perseverence

Loved ones' bodies are also being set alight


Recreational parks are not essential

Travelling out of the wa...

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Also by Beth Abbott:

Acknowledgments |



When the bad germs have gone away

you can come to my house

hug me and hold my hand

laugh too closely in my ear

whisper Papa

I know a secret.


© Graham Sherwood 04/2020

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A satire: of sorts

As I force myself toward pleasure,
and I love this November life
where I run like a train
deeper and deeper
through the tunnels,
over the wind-swept bridges,
through the sedentary, school-less
villages of the old and unwise
Into the land of my enemies
where hostile witnesses abound
skilled at shaking fists, digging up dirt
spitting and being contemptible;
wizened faces study bank state...

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Also by John E Marks:

Ways of seeing | Ynys Môn | So, heavenly | STUTTERER | A lamentation | The wise fool | A northern sky | The Doors of Perception |



Is a strange little man taken to wearing a hat?

looking like a leprechaun.

He is a political chameleon who starts political parties

and abandon them if he is not getting votes.

He used to hate Israel and side with Palestine

lately, however, he is stifled about this


A terrific speaker, a twister of words I wouldn’t

like to meet him on a podium, and end up


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

short verses | the story of love | the shine | a flower | not the same | the long journey |


Here's to Soul- the delicate and dreamer
Here's to Body- the Intelligent and forgiving
Here's to Tear- the vast and nourishing
Here's to Heart- the constant and wise
Here's to Eyeball- the beauteous believer
Here's to Palm- the giver
Here's to Nose- the blind sear
Here's to Lips- the traitorous sugary Sirens
Here's to Tongue- the advocate of Brain and Ear
Here's to Ear- open minded though eclectic- surrend...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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NPMA: April 6th

Between the animals and the axe

A glittering rounded track

The glory of the weak

Where the tired find repose

And that which is simple

But so appreciated close


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Also by Collin Pulmano:

NPMA: April 5th | NPMA: April 4th | NPMA: April 3rd | NPMA: April 2nd | NPMA: April 1st |


Does it have to be this way

you living in your isolated

home out in the woods – dark

as Hades in the gloaming time

especially when the crickets

start their chirruping – it’s

almost as if a warm up for

a Hitchcock film – was it

‘The Birds’ or ‘Psycho’ I know

both scared the living daylights

out of me. Would you like me

to get some candles in as it’s

Halloween? A...

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Also by Philipos:



When I lived near the sea

I had a love/hate relationship with the seagulls.

I wanted to love them and I fed them.

In times gone by they were fed by the sailors who threw them fish

But the sailors left and all that changed

So they turned to human food.

Chicken burger, rye bread, with a splash of vitamin D.

Fish and chips if they were slumming it !


One day I gave the sea...

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Better alone by Atile (the bread queen)

When I’m not alone 
All I do is moan
I also groan
My companions say “Oh won’t you stop!”
But my only reply is “I’m going to the shop”

When I’m alone
I can play my trombone
Without somebody screaming “I would rather you moan!”
And I don’t always have to go to the shop
I just always watch TV non-stop

Once I was alone
And I was on my phone 
And I was shown 
A warning about a...

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The Warrior

Another battle fought towards the war that was won, 

    and marked the setting of a raging sun.

The winds that blew with her battle cry,

    now calm to a whisper but do not die.

The fire that burned so wild with fright,

    continues to burn through day and night.

The river of hope runs strong and true,

    it carries hope, faith and love back to you.

The earth beneath he...

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Also by SophieJPugsley:

Elemental | Into the Wild | The Overland Launch | I know you, Love. |

Days of Old

Days of Old

I remember the days of old,
when I crossed the fields alone.
When I ran the forests;
when I ran the trails,
in those days of youth,
in those days of sun.

I remember the color of life.
Everything seemed different.
There was a brightness to the light;
a shine, to everything.

I remember hopping those fences.
Going to those hidden places,
to see what I could see.
Those se...

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FreedomHappy placeMysticalRememberSpirit

Jack Knives!

The year I was eight

My family lived in a small cottage

On an island of the St. Lawrence River,

Near Kingston on Lake Ontario.

Our new home was under construction

In a government housing project:

'Building for the Boys'.

For war veterans, like my Daddy.


The island was connected to the mainland

With a long, narrow causeway,

The waters on both sides full of lilies...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Confrontation |

Tree Man

entry picture

Tree Man


In this place of the weird and bizarre

It was just one of those nights

Nothing out of the ordinary

In the garden of earthly delights

A place full of demons and monsters

A collection of unworldly sights

My rotting roots implanted in hell

Where nightmare and horror alights


The bagpipes fucked with my head

They almost drove me insane

Humans and demo...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Painting By Numbers | The Loop At The Edge Of Reason | Indebted | Overnight Stay | Marbles |

day 6garden of erthly delightshellhieronymous boschlost soulsnapowrimo20202tree man



wish i were a hurricane
that churns the ocean's floor
wish i were a rich coral reef
stretching from shore to shore
wish i were a tectonic plate
could move the earth around
wish i were a quake
that crevasses the ground
wish i were a drop
descending from a cloud
wish i were a thunderstorm
ferocious and loud
wish i were a streak of lightning
that brightens the sky
wish i ...

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POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Sun's Tease

Sun is teasing me,

Making its way through…


Cracks in the cloud,

Gaps between buildings.

As if it’s not allowed

To give all that it’s yielding


Yet still it finds me,

For just a few beats…


Over roofs, on my brow,

A little hope it can shed

Not for long but just now,

Warms the corner of the bed.

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in a thousand faces 

in a hundred places 

over the ages 

we find ourselves again 


names have changed 

feelings remain 

not so much as a do-over 

as a slight mutation  


dusting off strategies 

replacing batteries 

what was almost tragedy 

becomes a trite poem   

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

The Night Calls |


entry picture

When we are fast asleep...
In the world of dreams deep,
Do you descend on earth?
To see what kind of dreams we peep.

You don't seem to be an alien but
We often keep our brains shut.
With such a beautiful mind,
O Moon.Girl! That's a feeling from my gut.

We are mere idols of sand and dust
Without compassion but filled with greed n lust
The ripples run through our conscience

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Also by ai ou:

She is... She is... A Plastic Doll |

fairymoonyoung girl

Deleted User

entry picture

Deleted User


Some people come

And some people go

Why this does happen

I really don't know


Did they see something

Something on site

They thought was offensive

To them, was not right?


Maybe their muse

Had tripped off on hols

Leaving them lost-like

Writer-blocked on WOL


Maybe were embarrassed

To post on the screen

Thought them not good ...

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Also by Don Matthews:

Two Dealers in Death | I Will Get the USA Open By Easter | Waaaaaaaaaaa ! | Tradwives. A Mashup of Traditional Wives |

Art Of Being

To fathom all the depths

The art of being

Harmonious communication with every atom spiralling

The multi-dimensional way of truth

The river so to carry

Intuition intelligence

Emotional maturity

Existing beyond dimensions

Simultaneously exuding love

Living within love




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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Acting Upon a Dream |

#poetry #inpirational #quantum

Times of yore

entry picture

Inspired by 'Jason's wonderful poem  "Birdsong".

Which I was reading whilst the news was on the background reporting on 'domestic abuse' cases rising., as a result of COVID 19 quarantine’s rules.


Times Of Yore


Unison sings in this birdsong poem

to remind us of 'times of yore'

when the only chatter coming down the line

was the repetition of that old jackdaw.


Or t...

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Also by poemagraphic:

A poem for Moon.girl | Ramping it up | Bucket mouth |

Dawn corusincestInspired by Jasonlockdownmental sexual and physical abusePo


I sit and wait for the sunrise,
For todays virgin light to shine from its celestial height and warm me,
Because it’s true to say that the light of day will drive away this cold , endless night before me,
And it will shine bright,
Bright enough to shine a light on all my past mistakes and inform me,
How much I should give thanks for the light that warms me,
A chance to repay the kindness of t...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Balancing The Ledger | Needle Point | The Forge | Wingless Angels |

Palm Sunday

I lately watched your video, a Palm Sunday morning show of you and your wife.

Me, your mistress, now ashes of passionate fires, forbidden fires.

Intention of sin in your ideology.

And then this scene of an innoscent couple, the ones who try to pretent what they aren't.

More on:


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Also by Magical Whispers:

Fill me. |


There, there

My daughter tells me she’s picking up
more shifts than she normally would.
Her hands are raw and she’s running
out of sanitizer. I know she doesn’t
expect anyone to fix it but still I check
the expiry date of my aqueous cream.
Later, I place the tub in the garden
and watch over it from the window.
When she finally arrives she orders
me back inside. This time a hug
isn’t going to make thi...

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The unanswered question

I don't know how you feel because you never say, 

So lost in questions, it gives me anxiety to this very day

Will you ever open up to me or am i just wasting my time

Somedays you seem interested, other days you don't

God, can you just please give me a sign

Not knowing drives me crazy, i need reassurance, which you can't provide

I'm paranoid and uneasy that everything will just sh...

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entry picture

Keep two metres to be safe

Keep two metres to be safe

Keep two metres to be safe, nothing but space between us

Anything less is risking lives away.


You won’t want to meet St Peter

You would rather be a death cheater

Dying from this would be a lonely affair.


Keep two metres to be safe

That’s the way that you must behave

Keep two meters don’t invade the space tha...

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Also by John Coopey:


I Don't Get It


If you are coughed on, you get it

if you are sneezed on, you get it

if you are Chinese, you get it

if you dare travel, you get it

if you go out, you get it

if you don't wash hands, you get it

if you don't wear a mask, you get it

if you meet someone who had it, you get it

If you are in a high risk group, you get it

If you are in a low risk group, you could still get ...

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Also by d.knape:

Conspiracy Theories | Simple Pleasures | Don't Mind Me | STIFF |

The Epitome

Those shadows the epitome of time

let me bruise them so they cannot move,

make those pale moments clearer

in the light of the hurt-

a life no longer drenched

in shapes eclipsing the stopwatch,

now I can pause time when I want to

escaping the minutes for hours,

see the clouds in still shift,

alluding to an illusion

of some fading minute,

the hands of the clock skim ...

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Also by Hannnah:

The Pretender |


Sick dog

I’m a sick dog
with high bark hot tongue
matted fur not long
leave alone.
Grr grr

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Do something now You are the Boss

Two British nurses have sadly died,

Both a mother of three,their future denied.

Aimee O'Rourke and Areema Nasreen sadly passed away,

Two N.H.S.  Angels caring for their patients every single day.


One thirty six and one thirty nine,

Far to early to call time.

Two loving mothers no longer here,

Their passing spreads further fear.


Fear of what lies ahead,

Fear of ...

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Also by hugh:

The disease detectives must tackle the storm | Coronavirus ,I hope we never get it. |


With every shape we make

The sand keeps blowing through our fingertips

With every mistake we make

Chances, they take us by storm, begging for refuge 

And still...we change our minds


Acrylic, technicolor blues trickling down

Our perfect lines now

With paint thinner

We can still change our minds



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Sunday, April 5, 2020 12:16 AM

And suddenly, 

the outside world is so enticing. 



But instead, I'm going to bed 

after cutting my hair with crazy scissors 

and not brushing my teeth or washing my face.

I've tired out my body by swiping through bodies,

discarding them by swiping left on my dating app of choice. 

Tonight, they will seek phone sex with

another virtual woman

because I am...

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The Most Meaningful Poem Ever

I can’t do my homework right now


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Also by Robbie Christian:

The Eternal Lie |


Let it rain fire,







I become the flames.

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

That'll get the covid right out of me | The Fall of Constantinople (Happy Birthday) |

Get Outta Town


a midlands town where the roots prove thin
calloused thumbs casually point out
long dusty roads straight to the expanse
and sky over sea doesn't disappoint
here unbounded power could concentrate
in one bolt of lightening to the heart
knowledge inspiring yet not frightening 
horizons indistinct no inch closer
become much more familiar with staring
and somehow the inevitable falling of...

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there'll be four and twenty guys

Now, the world is very wide
(seven seas from side to side)
and it holds a million ways to tell a tale,

And you'll broaden your horizon
When the work you lay your eyes on
Isn't always European, straight, and male.

If you've ever been and gone
to a panel at a con
I'm assuming you're familiar with the sight:

There'll be four and twenty guys
Who are listed for the prize

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You are engulfing me

like fire in a forest,

sweeping everything on its path. 


And I keep running

Headed in your direction,

Towards the blazing heat that's you.



Although our story is not over,

we will burn this book to the ground. 

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Nightly Routine

Late at night 
Lying in bed
Headphones on
Listening to music
Or a few recorded poems
Reading the latest 
I attempt to craft a new one
Or brush up a draft not quite finished

It’s becoming routine
I’ve always been
An undercover poet
Now I’m sharing my words 
With my family’s support as an added bonus

Shared are the happenings,
The disappointments,
The contests never won,

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Picture of hope and dream

I beseech thee

Do not cruelly ask me

To compare the young man

Frozen in a fleeting moment

In that potrait

And the image reflected

In the mirror

That you hold in your hand


His is the ebonied face

In the potrait

Crowned with long flowing

Black hair

His eyes sparkle

With a thousand glints


Has a beaming smile

That would melt

The coldest h...

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

What's it called? |

Praising the lost medics

Their last thoughts must have been of caring for the infected

and of their families back at home

remembering as they most likely did each dying patients name

as death also claimed these warriors for its own

Dear God! must we endure more of their absences

these hero's falling one by one

the human barrier between us and covid-19

making sure the war will ever so bravely by them b...

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Moon River

Moon River


Leaving today’s non-contact shift,

We see a shadow and recoil.

Our home is daily grind and toil;

Elsewhere, like time, we feel adrift,


As though with wounds. We lie, infirm,

Procumbent in an unlit boat.

Our destination is remote;

Events this night may make us squirm.


Downstream, the show-off of a moon

Engulfs some twinkly passing star;


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entry picture

Poem 14 of 230: NIGHT OR DAY?!

In the far north of Sweden
(A "Land of the Midnight Sun”),
A strange thing chanced upon me -
And I’ll tell you, just for fun.

Got off a train late-morning
(Had to catch same one next day)
And trudged far to the Youth Hostel -
Paying for a one-night stay.

I spent the afternoon sightseeing,
Then, after a latish dinner,
Returned to my own small bedroom -

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