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I'd never heard the saying until we visited some years ago.


The chanting in the cloister

The pealing of the bell,

As sure as God’s in Gloucester

So all with Gloucester’s well.


It’s said that God in Heaven

Benignly chose this place

This city by the Severn

To domicile his grace.


So many towers skywards tilt

As to the clouds they’ve clawed

So many seats...

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You learn something every day, it seems, and a word previously unknown to me - coined by an American

philosopher - entered my existence the other day, chiming with much of what I note around me these days.

That word is "emotivism".  It describes a state of mind that views things when a need or wish to see them a

certain way takes precedence of fact.  The personal moral choice of what an i...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Motherly feeling

Motherly feeling

Thursday,6th May 2021


The children are loved by all

the first arrival of a child is always called lucky

the first baby girl is called a sign of prosperity

this is deliberately chosen by an almighty


mother feels the happiest moment

and proudly presents its existence

in public or private

she has only to count dates


some hidden joy is prev...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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Sir Read.

People are too afraid of their mistakes

Too afraid of the honesty of error

Too blinded by their heroes to see they are just men

Dedicated to the cause at the detriment of their clan

Our errors are just tasks

Ways to learn from actions past

Be not afraid of your imperfection

It is your commonality with man

Strive for what is noble and beautiful

And know that it is a goal ...

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Silly Rabbit


One hot summer night beneath a rabbit-eared moon,
they walked hand in hand.  
They were engaged in candid thoughts,
dreams and visions of life adjusted
to the highest good of each.

They sat on a River Run park bench
head to head, attuned to the speechless earth-songs
harmonizing in balance.
Can anything be better than this?
You seek me as I am unknown to even myself.
I have seen m...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

A Tale of Two | Excellent for Weight Loss | Hope | May 2007 Dream | May Day |

fast romancelovelust

Old Crow


An old black bird

hops among the cars

in the parking lot

one leg tucked in

a pirate without peg

maneuvering among the tires

and scrambling for scraps

it does the best it can

with that one good leg

yet even in its crippled state

its eyes still have that fire

that haughty look

so sure of itself

it knows it is still the smartest bird

with an eye toward m...

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Also by d.knape:

Morning Moon | Short Poem | The Little Things I Do | Not As Young As We Used To Be | Cowboy Blues |

Long lost noon

Where are the days 

When life was sweet 

Though a maddening rush 

The hours were seconds 

And sleep was luxury enjoyed. 


Where have those days gone 

When we planned weekends  

Booking flights and hotels 

Hot romances and beaches bare 

Snowfall with springtime stroll 


Where has that life disappeared 

That had no sadness and despair 

Nights were lovely a...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Morning delight | Afternoon memories | Article 2: Dreams | Article 1 | Heaven on earth | Unblocked | At the front | Sound of love | So to say | Beautiful journey |



(For Michael Collins – Astronaut 1930-2021)


The fourth person to spacewalk

And the second

To orbit the moon alone

While fellow crew members

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

Walked on the lunar surface


Sometimes glory is shared unevenly

But greatness often depends

On those backstage

Silently pulling levers

And watching instruments


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David Subacchi.Welsh PoetrypoetryspaceWelsh Poets.David Subacchi

Derik and Floyd

Derik and Floyd


Is an American tragedy unmasked?

Both were victims of America´s flawed system of justice.

Floyd died; his life was not angelic

but he did not deserve death in the street.

Derik ended up in prison (rightly so)

but the court case was a farce.

The procedural system was ignored, the justice was not blind.

The veritas had wide-open eyes in haste to find Deri...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

what happens to Facebook | the fear | the abbess | elderliness | what few see | love unseen |

You mean me

You call me on the other side,
you mean me
you give me your little finger,
and I gather dew and cobblestones,
to make a bench,
to stumble,
to catch you for a moment,
because the hope in me
dies twice a day,
and the third time he is resurrected.
You mean me
at this time and that is enough.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

Poisonous flowers | Crazy rhythm | Alone |


nothing's certain anymore,

I dont know what matters,

confusion paints my head,

my inhibitions lie in tatters


I've found that special one

for whom I'd long yearned

to make up for those times

I'd had my fingers burned


always terrified of women,

felt they were over-sexed,

averse to the physical side,

passion left me perplexed


seemed safer to keep awa...

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Also by simon lucan:

Grassland |

angelsfinal daysintensive caremorphinesextubeswings

Reasons To Be Grateful Week One

A task set to capture the moment
When I felt grateful in any way
I reflect on this week gone by
With a photograph taken every day

An evening walk along the river
The heron graceful and low in flight
The gift of a beautiful orchid
A favourite view comes into sight

Sunday dinner cooked just for me
A freshly made bed and a good nights rest
An appointment at the hairdressers
The result ...

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Also by julie callaghan:

Little Robin | The Fourth Of May | Dawn Chorus | The Covid-19 Memorial Wall | Old, New And Incomplete |

Meeting The Day


Wondering sometime about time and space
the sages would make a world of
they couldn't make a man of Lego, nor an ant.

It was the vastness of the range
from atoms to interstellar wastes
that oppressed their feeling.

They would conceive by wit 
a more economical design,
a step closer to the quintessence.

And all their cousins, in the aftermath:
what pattern to follow, whose ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Lanterns In The Trees | Only The Relevant | Appearances |



Nick was agile - oh so smart

perfectionist in human art - one

day a clergyman had called and

Nick was badgered in the hall,

until Nick's tuneful inner parts


took time out to shame the arts.

Oh how the clergyman, full pelt,

dashed down the street and held

to his nose a handkerchief to quell

the cause. He called no more at


Nick's address, it caused the Vi...

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Also by Philipos:


Wordsworth's Shroud

Spring's herald hangs voiceless, faceless, silent.

Now the trumpet beckons a new season,

Its first flush of life so soon sadly spent,

Energies engaged for other reasons.


Dried tobacco ponytails tumble out,

Like clay-coloured flowing rivers in flood,

Elephant hide desiccated by drought,

Parched vessels now carrying no lifeblood.


Former golden glories display no mor...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Myopsida Palmatum Atropurpureum |

Real Lows And Artificial Highs

There reaches that point
                 When you reach for the pills.

The things that you won't
                 The world thinks that you will.

The waiting for freedom
                 Is not soon enough.

The paying for wisdom
                 Is costing too much.

                             And there's nothing left.

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

War Of The Sexes | The Hardest Tears | End Of The Road | Dream On | Buried Treasure |

depressionlove's tempestvaginismus

Language of Love

When words fail...
The eyes speak...
When the eyes are blurred...
The tears roll...
When tears stop flowing...
The smile conveys...
When the smile stalls...
The fingers communicate...
When the fingers are entangled...
The skin sings...
When the skin is silent...
The heart beats...
When the hum of the heart lightens....
The toes tap...
When the tapping turns to a curl....
The body em...

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On first looking into Popōcatepētl

“The movements of some more little red birds in the garden, like animated rosebuds, appeared unbearably jittery and thievish. It was as though the creatures were attached by sensitive wires to his nerves.”
― Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano


The extenuation of time into rhyme
Devil’s in the detail, in time
A confusion of contusion, a microbial illusion,
Stretches out meaning so that

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Also by John E Marks:

The last Byzantine | Genocide | SPRING SNOW |

Heaven is evil

Heaven is evil without you,

any place you stray,

becomes  heaven itself

I remain with the scary elf.

I should be with you 

where no disease can hurt you

now, you are free

of all the medicines 

we are getting punished

for our sins,

now you're gone up in the clouds. 

your voice resonates in me out loud. 






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National Poetry Writing Month 2021

NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. It coincides with the National Poetry Month in the United States of America and Canada. Usually it would form part of my Texas Tour, but this year, as with 2020, due to it being cancelled, I did it as a standalone project, using my tim...

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The truth

From the dream 
Across the sand 
From the sea
Between the Land

From the laughter 
Twinned with the tear 
From the distance 
That resides so near 

From the pain 
That tastes so sweet
From the broken wings
Of all flights so deceit 

Calypso seeks exoneration...
A sleep in concealment 
And an eternal separation 
From her deceiving heart.. 

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Also by Shruti:

Melancholy | Forever Spring | A Robotic Life | Into the Past |


Lethal combat before

A Theban wailing wall.

Brother versus brother.

Polynices and his six

Against usurping Eteocles. 

A double fratricide. 

Not even zero-sum.

Mutual assured destruction

No longer a safety valve, 

But a cold, blooded fact.


The jigsaw of hubris

Won't be complete

Until noble Antigone

Clashes with the crown

Of Creon, and marches

To her...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Pharisaic | Kafka's Door |

Another Condition

Another Condition


With the white ring of confidence

around his neck

With a dog collar dressed

in a black suit

He said that homosexuality 

was a condition

High blood pressure is a condition

Alopecia is a condition

Psoriasis is a condition

Water retention is a condition

Tinitus is a condition

According to the man in a dog collar

I have a condition

My co...

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The smell of that stuff
they use to wash the water clean
it gets up your nose
when tired from swimming

Me and my friend
he teaches me all these things
Like how to keep a secret 

It’s a drink inside a flask
you don’t tell, even if they ask
and I never said no
but I never said yes

Why does everything here
smell clean
but me...

Busy bare ankles glimpsed
In the gap bel...

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Mirror Lies

Through it I saw the real me

Turns out, it’s the figure I wanted

It reflected the brave me

Well, it’s the character I lacked


I got satisfaction in my reflection

The world saw a different image

I fine-tunned looks to my perfection

To my people it’s an ordinary picture


Foolishly I’ve lived, now I’ve learned

To carry load on my shoulder

My chest is not nearly s...

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The Roaring Rain Outside


roaring rain


     the distant duckpond




angry clouds

          sit low



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Also by The Chessplayer:

The Void |

dubito ergo sumRain

Diarrhoea !!

Dirk was havting a problem with diarrhoea at work,

Going to the loo every 40 mins was a worry for Dirk.

A doctor asked ,"Have you had any problems with diarrhoea in the past?"

"Only once when  at school and to spell it I was asked ."

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Also by hugh:

Dog thefts | Sad Saturday sewer story |

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When your heart is aching 

And you stop believing

When there are no tears left to cry

And hope has run dry

When the pain has dulled

And your will has died

When life has lost meaning

And nothing is worth doing

When you run out of time 

And can’t get what you want

When you have lost the battle

And realize the dream is impossible



That When is my N...

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Also by Scattered Sun:

Enabler |

The fury of Hell inside

I hear the hounds whine. The dust rises as they stomp and claw the dirt before me. Eyes made of moonlight and their breath, the stench of pain. I am no longer their mistress. Forsaken them for a heart. Oh wretched beasts forgive me. Allow me one more day's light above the shadows.

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Also by Stephanie S:

On the Edge of Lust |

guiltlost lovepain

A Sea of Bright Stars

Strewn across the shady woodland

A sea of silver-white anemones

Each pale flower tucked within a snug nest

Set against sap green, musk scented leaves

Standing proud, above rosette-fashioned foliage

Gently tilting its star-like, thimbleweed head

At each sunrise growing brighter, as soft light

Penetrates delicate, diaphanous petals

Which tremble, twinkle, sparkle and shine


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Star Wars

For those who love their science fiction,
Star Wars holds the most conviction.
Set long ago and far away,
We love to watch them to this day.

We watch and see the Jedi Knights
Take on the dark side in light saber fights.
All are determined upon their course,
As some possess a power called The Force!

Luke Skywalker leads as young crusader
Against evil Emperor and Darth Vader.
His siste...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Pubs |

science fictionStar WarsStuart Vanner

The Accidental Best Friend

She came into my life,  when the loneliness was so bad

I felt as if I could end it all swiftly,  with a kitchen knife

While in a frame of mind best described as desperately sad

In which I had given up on the friendliness of mankind

And empty socializing,  enough of,  I have had

So... I took phone in hand 

And called the shadiest "Hook-up" Dating line. To take a stand

And find ...

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Detective Stories


The college master lurks behind the screen;

The innocent young student is his prey.

‘My experiment!’, he cries, triumphant.

Inside a church, remorseful priests clench hands;

Dog-tired wives can stand their fate no more.

Jealousy tears the fabric of their dreams.


Slow-witted boys are beaten to the punch;

An old man’s lust awakens from the dead.

Ambitious workers sl...

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"Cancel Couture"

Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture


Walking down the street as clean as can be

Though you know your character lacks such hygiene

Carefully avoiding anything that will dirty your all-white attire

Your outfit is custom made of course


But yet the inevitable happens

The same way you ruined the previous ensemble

Destroys any hope for salvage

And w...

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cancel-culturefashionnew poet

Forever and forged,

The great mind,

Of mine.


It comes in bouts,

Of gout,

Needles in my eyes.


The feeling of dull death,

Streaking from the center heart,

And it does not fade.


To walk in day burns,

The soles of my feet,

Summer’s beaches reek of dead pleasures.


Breaking bones,

Pressure of life,

Death besides me.


It didn't help at ...

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No title needed.

Can you read between the lines

emotions on one's fingertips

does red interact with my mind

like most of the time

Fill the gaps with warmth of human skin

How deep does it cut

Space and time bend over the lines

all across but it never felt to kind.

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A Crimson Trap

The bright red dress

Fits perfectly with 

The blood soaked wine 

On the cherry red table


Like a perfectly tied bow 

It comes together 

To form a union 

Unique to the wearer


Standing in stillness

A melting pleasure emerges

As the sun stares down

With a perverted gaze


Setting this crimson 

Tinted world

Ablaze once more.

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Wild Places

He had a love of wild places,

high places, open spaces,

where the sun would warm your back,

but the wind would skin you.

Mountain tops with no one there,

and air so fresh and free

you’d want to breathe it forever.

At first I fought the treks,

defiant, stubborn as he

until sights became landscapes

worthy of old masters,

outweighed the slog.

I went when he could n...

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Sword or Pen


What is mightier...the sword or pen?
If words fall on deaf ears, what then?
If the written word is always ignored.
Can you justify the use of the sword?
What is more effective, blood or ink?
What makes people sit up and think?
When to every word you get no reply.
Is the threat of the sword worth a try?
Can you win battles with pen in hand?
Or is it just the sword they understand.

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Inside the garden pot the ants

had been busy behind plastic

confined in their imprinted circuitry

patterns of labour, tunnels of itch

now suddenly disturbed by my wrenching

of the Christmas tree,


enough years serving its purpose

of annual celebration,

dressed with solar bulbs and red leaves,

lately abandoned

starved of nutrition but stubbornly surviving. 



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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter

Stop the shatter

And the violent scatter

The feeling of gutter

With disgust and batter

No praise and flatter

We should know better

This poem is a letter

To avoid the bitter

Brightening hearts with glitter

Black lives are not litter

I am not a quitter

Find me on Instagram and Twitter

Similar to a transmitter

I am a peace fitter

And a h...

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Beyond this realm

Beyond the sea

Beyond this frail reality


Beyond the blue

Beyond the air

Beyond the things no longer there


Beyond the dusk

Beyond the dawn

Beyond the Twilight's sleepy yawn


Beyond the dark

Beyond the light

Beyond the tapestry of life


Beyond the planets 

Beyond the stars

Beyond the galaxy's vibrant scars



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#life#the universeWonder




why do we have to write poetry

why do we have to watch this

do I have to write about about my feelings

I’m playing Roblox instead


yes because yes because

we have to live before we die

we have to try to kiss the sky

to discover what’s inside you


more than you can see touch taste

measure dissect or calculate

we have to try to find our humani...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Writing for non-readers | Ufos | Let it happen to you |

Devil's Advocate

Forgive your enemy. 

Forgive yourself.

You may find,


that there is only one

person to forgive.


Sometimes one must pray to satan,

to maintain balance in the conversation.

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Witches’ Thimbles

at the kerbside bluebells smudge

a pallid watercolour cobalt wash, 

a haphazard swathe of beautiful inky milk,

that mists the eye, 

don’t stare at bluebells

their colour crystallizes and the vague effect

dissipates becominng real, hard, solid

and in losing their otherworldliness

they shrink and parch, submitting meekly

to the sturdy custard primroses.


© Graham Sh...

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England in My Head

I was made in England

And charged with English blood


In England born and bred

I’ve got England in my head


I’ve walked on English lanes

And breathed in English air


It’s English ground I tread

And I’ll be English until I’m dead


I speak the language of England

The same as Shelley and Keats


For the English words we speak

Are the words that make...

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Freedom and Fitness

I traded pints for press ups, 


Mad mess ups for sit ups,


Traded Cocaine and shame, for a better perspective of life’s game,


Drug running to running Miles,


Now running and lifting for no other reason than for this feeling of freedom,


Traded mistakes for nights in with protein shakes,


A hang over and hanging my head, for ownership of my own head space ...

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Waking at three again and still no promise of dawn. 
As if to tame them we apportion names, this one 
Jorge, though it’s all the same to those who looked out 
from cave, from hovel, from blasted heath --- rain 
and wind bringing havoc to this or some other night. 

A slow start, a few drops against the window pane, 
as if initialising, as if uncertain, and then 
the wind picking up, the ra...

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For anyone who is missing a loved one, especially a beloved pet x


I hope there’s a heaven for horses, 
where the meadows are deep, lush and sweet,
with a shady spot under the oak trees, 
for old friends to nuzzle and meet.

The nights will always be balmy,   
with star-studded dark moleskin skies,
and mornings wake cool, still and gentle,
‘til the sun rises soft by and ...

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