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Machined Futurology

Ultimately perfected

Earths advanced future inhabitants

destined to endlessly exist far beyond the Sun's demise


Killers of deaths authenticity


When we are finally exiled

to non-existence

and returned to being just another failed experiment

in the mind of some enigmatic creator who gave us life


then, so much more wondrous will be the strucures 

rising from ...

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A verdurous bed

Lying with her in this deep grassed hollow

I, her much beloved youth

upon no more a beautiful bosom did I repose

blessed with the purity of loves flowing truth


came this Summer nights tenebrous cloaking

of all surrounding hills and vales

I prayed Moon and Stars  to prolong their stay

O! how sweetest peace prevailed!


Forget did we all unworthy dominances

other m...

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Metaphorical food

Love is an edibility for the heart

as freedom is for the spirit

as eternity is for the soul.

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When the years and I were younger

and I laughed in the face of age

believing my youthful days would last forever

I could keep time imprisoned in a doorless cage


But then, they gathered about me

the stooped, the frail, the grey

voicing of their liives futile journeys

having travelled this well worn and oft torturous way


we were once as you are now they muttered


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Human remains must surely inhabit

much of what is beneath their surfaces


but not

our memories, pities, regrets, stupidities, ignorances, frustrations,

small mindnesses, unwarranted hatreds


these factors that go on polluting our minds

brought on by those who make enforcing and warring decisions

on behalf of the innocent masses

in order to impossibly achieve a perma...

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Mismatch reparations

Sometimes and innocently so

you are the same brick wall I am talking to


there is no door in it that could just allow me to get through to you


but you didn't purposely build that wall

or intentionally leave out that neccessary door


because your unfortunante upbringing had failed

to provide you with the tools of spiritual or educational understanding


so day b...

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Remembering Windrush

The benevolent sea's new high tide

kindly, aided and abetted

arrivals of our Caribbean brothers and sisters


# coming for to carry them home # 


My Jamaican friend old Benjamin recalls

how along that bow to stern length of quayside

now overlooked by luxury apartment blocks

was in his time of arriving here

crowded with ever so grateful and warmly welcoming

well wi...

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