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Twisted Love

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Love once bloomed 
like a fragrant flower
in eternal spring.

Through years of 
torrential summer tears, 
then droughts,

the scent faded.

All that seemingly remains
are scorched petals that drop 
like dead leaves in fall.

But, far beneath 
the frozen surface, 
intertwined roots run deep...

Making our twisted love 
hardy, to weather the 
toughest seasons.


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As libations enter my heart,

I feel nothing but cold dark space.

When I think of where we are now,

All I see is a tenantless void.

The only thing I crave is a thought;

Just a simple acknowledgement.

All I want is the hope that you’ll give yourself to me.

So prey upon my flesh

And consume it for your pleasure.

All I want is to wander

In this wonderland of hate.

I ne...

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She was the epicentre of his universe

as he was of hers

they were born to be one

their hearts beat in unison

they lived only for each other


Due to their condition

marriage was deemed inappropriate

they loved each other unconditionally

but never on a physical level

they knew not of such things


They were eventually united in death

only days apart


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