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A red pomegranate seed
Vibrant oranges
The desire for the return of a loved one.

Holder of ancient powers
Spirituality purple
Valuable than money.

Pale blue lake
Reawaken love
The spark in the eyes.

Brilliant colors
Lighting speed
Everlasting love.

Sweet spring garden
Eternal youth
Wisdom and patience.

Moonlight dragon...

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L is for limitless.
For our limitless love
that will continue to grow.

O is for only you.
For you're the only one
I adore to see.

V is for voice.
For your voice that speaks
of an angel.

E is for extraordinary.
For our extraordinary love
for another, that is so rare.

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one day I will be a collectors item,

copies rarer than rocking horse droppings,

but still changing hands for the merest pence

on stalls, in halls, at car boot sales,

maybe even as far afield as Stoke

or Wales

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