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Happy Thoughts

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Splashing in the paints in outfits and masks in the devil’s house,

Basking in the strength to salvage the scraps of her mental health,

Strap it on a bison when they’re laughing at a lion as the rooms shake the posts a bit,

Stranded on an island and the planet of the tyrant where the moons make the most of it,

Smite the weak and we will mind, the water’s loam and Heaven’s goods,


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Die a Little More

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The willows whip the cross with twigs as weather kissed the

Devil’s penance’s better sex with presidents,


Then build a bridge across the Styx and ever since the

evanescence never left the residence,


Testing winds and treading bends with weapon skins when

better dead than laughing though,


Pressing ends and blessing friends with Heaven’s hymns and

never let th...

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bitternessdenialholorimepayback is a bitchrebel thoughtVerisimilitude: Volume 1

The Denial of an Ageing Disgrace

Where's the fucking rizlas man?
I just need a fucking smoke
to take the edge of
starting with just one almighty toke
this week's been shit. I have to say
today's been much the same
let's smoke 'til I can't see her face
and can't recall their names
she said that I'm an addict yeah
what does she fucking know?
A few pills every weekend
and a little bit of blow
a spliff for breakfast every...

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The clover is blooming

Like blood in the hills

Hungry beauty of summer

Its early impatient pace

I have the thought

That these routines are breaking

That not so far from now I'll have 

a different best time

Because this early sweet

Late lazy spring

Will have drastic changes

No borders between extremes

I want this forever yet that is insane

This forward movemen...

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How To Be A Denier

Claim yourself to be a fount of knowledge.
Claim that every scientist's a liar.
If you've done a course at any college 
you can be a certified denier.

Gather up those inconvenient facts
and twist them like they're bendy bits of wire.
Disseminating data needs great tact
but any fool can thrive as a denier.

Lobby for a mega corporation 
to push emission targets ever higher.
Easy work, ...

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climateclimate changeclimate change deniersdenial

Red Wine Devine

Red wine, devine - gush great Niagra!

Rose blush my lips, the female viagra

Pink screen my vision and grape stain my teeth,

Crush days to hours and press days to weeks.


Red wine, sublime - course through my veins

Make white my black, make barren my frames

Hide red with rouge and slur a fake smile

Extract the poison, inject the denial.

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I'd Do That for Love

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I feel weird today. And it’s pissing me off.
And sure - I could blame beef stroganoff
But this felt like I hadn't eaten at all.
Wouldn’t stop - despite paracetamol.

And I - didn’t feel - that I could adopt the
Bravery needed for seeing a doctor
And Google basically forecast my death
On the offchance that there was any hope left

And I must admit, it did take a while

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