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It's Not In The Falling

I fell

For the feelings, the flowers, the fantasies. 


I fell

For you, for us, for all that we were.


Innocently thinking that was all love could be.

I confused the falling for the force.



Falling was all about me.


Loving is all about you.


Baby, I'm no longer falling

But to you I promise, 

I'll always be loving.


By Faith Olajuy...

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i was cotton yesterday 



see, i thought you were my magnet 






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Dreaming Like It's 2004

I had one of those dreams again, the ones where we were just friends. You had no idea you were my every heartbeat.

We were on a trip somewhere, back in high school or something. You had a crush on the foreign exchange student I was rooming with. I was barely tolerating her. You invited us to hang out though, and I couldn't deny any second spent near you. We stayed late in your room listening...

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The Game Changed

Walking down this endless road,

Never knowing which way to go.

Each path seems dark,

each breath

harder than the last,

constantly hiding from the past.


I try to find the strength to move on,

But each time I do, you still want to have

your fun. When will it sink in?

You will never win.

I’m done playing,

You might think you’re staying.

Truth is you’re as temp...

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a-level poetrycheatcutting tiesdeceitdisloyalgamesheart gameshurtlieslossloveno longer being an enablerold poempainpoem from collegereciprocated lovethe new generation's gamesthrowback to old poetrythrowback to old workunfaithfulyoung love

Please Come Back

















Please come back

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dyingemptyi love youi miss youplease come backpoetryyoung love

The depth of love

On the surface lies a smile,
A sparkle in one’s eye.
The feeling that in their company
Time just rushes by.

A little deeper and you’ll find
Butterflies a swarming
Concentration disappears
But thoughts of them are warming

Deeper still into one’s bones
A yearning and an ache,
A drug-like dependency
One simply can’t forsake.

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butterfliesLoveyoung love

The Young Lovers

Their voices harshly clash

and will not lie calmly

or rest in our ears

in peace


They rise loud over all else

and do not fall to our key

but strike out at us

in dissonance


Our song is raised joyously

and the harmonies sing

of the love we know

in concert


We have our air so their words

smash and fall to the ground

they do not stay in sight


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dissonanceharmonyloveparentsyoung love

views and all that

it might just be you

i don’t know when

i started thinking of this

can’t put a pin in where it all started 

over a year ago, i’d say

maybe you were a charmer and 

maybe i was easily charmed 


you’ve always had a spot 

with me 

a spot if you ever wanted it

can honestly say i would 

drop everything 

to just try us 

to just try what we could be

not majo...

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charmHeartbreaklovesoulmateviewsYoung Love

When We Were Seventeen

You asked if this was okay

But I didn't have the heart to tell you the truth

didn't possess the words to say 


this is so much more 

It just didn't seem to roll off my tongue the way mine rolled over yours

There wasn't enough time to explain the feeling of innocent euphoria I experienced with you 

No way to begin to illustrate how you made me unravel at the seams like lillie...

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loverelationshipsyoung loveyouth


We are not a metaphor. 


Although, we have met before

I was a shy girl with bright blue eyes and you were a brown haired boy who played guitar on the bus

We grew up and grew together, inseparable

Unaware of what to call what we were, what we had


This was back when childhood was innocent and we still weren't sure how to kiss


Lips, mouths, necks, hands

We figured t...

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childhoodgrowing uplovemetaphoryoung love

Do you see me, too?

Trevor, I saw you again—

I saw you sitting at the desk right beside me in Mr. Tracey’s seventh-grade homeroom,

Filled with twenty unhygienic twelve-year-old students. It smelled of strong coffee in a thermal.

A clock rests above the door. It ticks away the moments.


You were wearing that ratty brown zipper-up you liked so much.

The one that smelled as if it hadn’t seen the insid...

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friendsfriendshipmiddle schoolYoung Love

The First

Sometimes i wonder why we met now

why so young, with such a long road

stretched out before us 

How sad it makes me to know we wont last

I know he is my first love - I know it with every pulse


I know these short months

will set me flying

will open my eyes

I know i will never taste the world

without that flavour of love again 


His face

The smile - not even ...

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loveYoung Love

The boy

There is something about you 

Your eyes i think

Something I see when I look at them 

Or rather, into them


Like someone who who wants to say something 

But cant

Someone who is drowning 

But will not call for help

Someone who desires something

But long ago decided it was impossible


Something in your eyes makes me want to love you

And something makes me feel


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loveYoung Love


Without her I am nothing
Comparable to Christmas with a light dusting
I feel incomplete
I just need to hear her speak
To feel the brush of her skin,
To feel The warmth of her breath as our lips come to a close
I love her to an extent she'll never know
Young lovers caught in turmoil
Only finding hope in each other 
I pray to our God that we're together 


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lifeLovewinterYoung Love

Teenagers In Love

He climbed up a timid tree,
With his heart shaped guitar.
Tonight he's gonna make his move

He reached the top and he saw her there,
Sleeping in her bed
Alone with her magnificent beauty;
Her long brown hair hiding her blue eyes.

He moved toward the window,
Pulled out his guitar
And started to play a mellifluous song.

Every chord he strummed was like a sound of a heartbeat
Her eyes opene...

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sexteenagersYoung Love

Chapter 2:The Dynamic Duo

You just might be another waste of time 
Another phase that is just passing by 
But there is no one else in this town 
That I would rather waste my time with than you.

Look at us, we're such a mess 
Just two kids stupid and fearless
Like fire and gasoline 
We're ready to explode. 

If I'm going nowhere 
I'm going somewhere with you 
And when we leave this town 
We’re gonna leave it upsid...

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RebelsYoung Love

We Can Escape

The photo is the poem, and it is called we can escape. It is about love and adventure.

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The Forgotten Valentine





Valens, you are esteemed worthy,
at the Via Flaminia you lay:
Valentinus offered up in faith.
Your deeds aren't known in our day.

In this life you wed young couples;
an act the Emperor would not permit.
And though your grace the monarch received,
your execution he did transmit.

Alas, with clubs and stones they came,
challenged by your fortitude great;

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